Alex O’Loughlin – You searched for him and got us ….. (Part 4)

It is once again time to entertain you with the search terms that got people to land at our site. For me there are some endless fun in seeing what people look for. We do not know what it is about Sunday afternoons and evenings, but that is normally the time when all the searches for nudity come in. 😛

Here are the searches, with some comments from our site:

  • interesting facts about alex o’loughlin

We always hope that we have some interesting facts about Alex to share with you everywhere on our site! 😀

  • alex oloughlin toupee

  • why does alex o’loughlin wear a wig


For those of you who do not know yet, Alex needed a buzz cut for flash-back scenes during the filming of Episode 3:20 of Hawaii Five-0. For parts of that episode and also the next one (3:21) they dressed him with a red shaded wig (or some animal of sorts 😀 )

We think the buzz cut is pretty awesome!

Alex O'Loughlin as Steve McGarrett

 And here is our answer to the wig question:

 Alex O’Loughlin – It is a piece about hair, but is definitely NOT a hairpiece?

  • alex o’loughlin man thing


Boys will be boys (It’s a man-thing)!

We actually did a post on Man-Thing and you can find it here.

  • alex o’loughlin cock


And fangirls will be naughty 😛

  • alex o’loughlin sugar man

  • alex o’loughlin totally nude

  • alex o’loughlin jack and pearl

  • omg alex o’loughlin naked and exposed

  • alex o’loughlin an intimate study

Maybe this will help with all of these searches

Alex O’Loughlin – A special report on why ‘Oyster Farmer’ is my p0rn

  • does alex o’loughlin read

I surely hope so, maybe he can write too? 😀

  • alex o’loughlin photos

    Alex O'Loughlin as Mick (epi 3)


On this site you will find many pictures of Alex and most of them are animated gifs. You can however also find even more photos on our Facebook page, Twitter and Pinterest

(There are lots of links to them on our site)

  • when is alex o’loughlin going to take his shirt off again on five-0

We would also like to know – Episode 3:04 really happened a long time ago. And in our humble opinion there would have been a lot less fighting in the fandom, if we got to see more shirtless Steve (And Danny & Chin) 😛


  • john loughlin naked penis

  • chris evans in boxers

  • jack johnson shirtless

Boy, what a surprise these people must have had landing on our site. 😀

But here is shirtless Steve for you!

  • will moonlight with alex oloughlin air in 2013

  • alex o’loughlin moonlight season 2

This is the interview during the filming of Three Rivers in 2009, where Alex waves goodbye to Moonlight. Moonlight of course had only one season of 16 episodes. Moonlight reruns does air somewhere every now and again though – keep an eye out for it in your region! We also plan to have some fun with Moonlight during the Hawaii Five-0 hiatus period! 🙂

  • alex o’loughlin magazine articles

We do have some old magazine article here on the blog – you will find it on the right hand side of the page under “Written Articles

  • alex o’loughlin doesn’t seem to be packing in the crotch

We are not sure (you page through all our posts, and judge for yourself! But he does seem to pack a lot of stuff in his pockets! 😀

  • does alex o’loughlin have a twitter account

NO, NO, NO……! You do understand the meaning of the word NO?!

  • steve mcgarrett angry


  • alex o’loughlin first girlfriend

Now that would be an interesting person to meet. Does she even know that she was his first girlfriend. Does she ever think, “Boy I really let that one slip through my fingers” ? 😛

  • has alex o loughlin gained a lot of weight 2013


Of course Alex gained some weight in 2012 during his recovery and break in March of that year. In our opinion he looks great and it also seemed that he gained a little bit of extra weight after baby Lion was born and during the holiday break in December. However the latest pictures hot of the press, shows a lean mean fighting machine! YUMMY 😛


  •  what is alex o’loughlin doing on his vacation??

  • is alex o’loughlin working on any other projects

We think Alex’s project seems to be working on keeping himself in shape (See picture above 😀 – and thank you Egan for all the pictures and shaping our boy!)

  • alex o’loughlin intense study say goodbye

Well, this is us just saying goodbye for now…..till we find something else to study! 🙂

 Update 14 May 2013: For those of you who are reading the comments, we include the picture of the Moonlight writer Harry Werksman, describing “the Moose” (Thank you Emerald for posting it on twitter):

Harry Werksman




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60 responses to “Alex O’Loughlin – You searched for him and got us ….. (Part 4)

  1. I am laughing so hard I can barely comment right now! Especially the “alex o’loughlin doesn’t seem to be packing in the crotch” line… Poor visually impaired person.

    I need to do better tags because I swear we get nothing anywhere near this good! Lol!!


    • 😆 Like I said to somebody on twitter that visually impaired person must have been a first time visitor, that got a HUGE surprise!
      Most of the times we forget to use tags….and there are so many more good searches that is difficult to use and variations of what we already have. (The human race is truly made up of some funny people and I love it!) 🙂


    • I never use tags! I should learn to use them, but after I finally get a post done with tons of gifs, I just want to hit that publish and can´t be bothered with such details…oops 😉 Maybe it is our blog name, too hard to remember and they remember part of the post they´ve seen here…
      Ps FOYeur thinks it is Justine, that´s to blame for the “not packing in the crotch”, who ever it was, TY for giving us a good laugh 😀


    • Who knows? Lol! When I look at my stats every day someone has searched for your blog by name and ended up on H50BAMF. lol.

      Paula I’m with you! these posts are a lot of work! I just want to put the basics down and hit that publish button!

      Still laughing at the poor blind person…I wonder who typed for them??


  2. Well this was SO much fun. Love you FOYeur MWAH !!!!


  3. THE MOOOOOOSE!!!!!!! DYING!!!!!!


    • Emerald

      You do of course realising there was a Moose Hunting Guide, written by the Moonlight VampSisters in 2008. It details types of food to lure said Moose, provisions that are necessary to carry, such as large nets and poise pads (for the inevitable embarrassment of pissing yourself laughing as you attempt to chase down Alex O’Loughlin whilst waving a bowl of strawberries). Following on from the Moose Hunting Guide, there came the Squirrel Hunters Handbook (Squirrel being Jason Dohring), also courtesy of the ML VampSisters (actually I wrote it myself). Unfortunately I’m not sure if either of them are still in existence, because we had to pull a lot of stuff off the board when our host found out we had content on our forum that wasn’t allowed under the TOS.

      BTW any Moonlight fans out there, feel free to drop on by. Things are a bit slow on the board from time to time, but we do have a shout box for chatting and a tonne of other stuff. We’re also the oldest, continuously running Moonlight fanboard still in existence.

      Once you’ve signed up I would direct you to read the FAQ. 🙂


  4. That was brilliant, girls…Loved it and laughed all the way through it! But u scared me in the end with your…”alex o’loughlin intense study say goodbye”. That was mean!!


  5. Thank you. We don’t know if that search was a hint from somebody that we should say goodbye 🙂 But as long as we are having fun here, you won’t get rid of us that easily!


  6. Maria Joaoi

    These are just Great and funny. It is true, one day in FB in a search for Alex’s pages I found this wonderful place where we can chat and have fun, and above all, a place where there is respect for all kind of opinions. I love coming here, read the posts and share my comments and sometimes my silly thoughts about this Man. Thanks again for this place,


  7. Karen

    I don’t know which comment had me laughing harder, the moose or the not packing in the crotch one!! Thanks for always putting a smile on my face!!


  8. Awesome place .I enjoy every time i visit.These girls have talent for entertaining us with Alex Ohhhhhh!!!


  9. Ontlls

    The Moose and “alex o’loughlin doesn’t seem to be packing in the crotch” Oh my.. LOL!!


  10. marnov2205

    FOYeur, thx for what is one of my fav kinds of posts!! The searches are funny, but your comments on them even more so!! A shame you didn’t actually call your site AOL INTIMATE Study 😉 Thx again. Hope to see Part 5 when other fun search terms accumulate.


  11. leiCa

    Please never ever stop studying!!!! Intense, intimate, incentive, inquiring, incredibly funny – THAT!
    (I would neve use the word innocent in this context, that would be incoherent…)


  12. Emerald

    For anyone who doesn’t yet get, or know about the ‘Moose’ reference. Allow me to present….

    The Legend of Moose

    (Or how a Moonlight script writer ended up three sheets to the wind at a fan convention and couldn’t keep his mouth shut ~ Discretion? What discretion?)

    Picture it, if you will. The year is 2008, the date is May 24th. Hundreds of Moonlight fans gather for what is to be known as ‘MoonlightCon’, the Moonlight Fandom’s first annual convention (well, yeah, okay so there’s only been one other official Moonlight convention after this one, but who’s counting….)

    They froliced, they squee’d, they cavorted and caroused. They fanned like some giant kind of fanning thing. Every so often they listened to guest speakers, one of whom just happened to be Mr Harry Werksman, writer of several ML episodes, including Fated to Pretend. Dear Harry had a little bit too much to drink (we’ll just call that an understatement) and proceeded to reveal to a bunch of equally drunk, and horny fan girls that Alex O’Loughlin had insisted on doing a Freezer scene completely nude and that he was (exact quote here) “Hung like a Moose”. Harry then completed the picture by using his hands to display an oversized, graphic representation of the size of said Moose. At that point the entire Moonlight fandom fell into the gutter.

    Some boards frowned on the whole Moose thing, fearing it was disrespectful to Alex and banning all discussions of it, no matter how harmless or lighthearted. Others had a little bit of a relaxed attitude towards what had happened. Several groups popped up to celebrate the glory that was Moose – The Gutter Gals, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Smut, and the Moosehunt Brigade, which later became the Moonlight VampSisters.

    It was the VS (Vamp Sisters) who kicked things up a notch, bringing in other critters such as Squirrel (Jason/Josef), Beaver (Sophia/Beth) and Vixen (Shannyn/Coraline). The VS also invented the Moosehunt, which was a nightly event on the official CBS forum for Moonlight fans, ‘The Blood Bank’. Long story short, it was at the height of the ‘Save our Show’ campaign, many of us were working ourselves into the ground (I mean that quite literally, we were working sometimes up to 72 hours straight, several of us ended up collapsing and getting pretty ill at one point). So it was decided we needed to pace ourselves and let off a bit of steam every now and then, so the Moosehunt was born. Basically it was just a bunch of crazy Moonlight fans posting pictures of Mick St John and other associated Moonlight cast members, making tongue in cheek comments about McNibbles and chasing Moose with large nets and strawberries, whilst catching Squirrel with jars of nutella. It was madcap fun, totally tongue in cheek, and never, ever conducted in a way that would be offensive to Alex.

    As a side note, the board that banned all discussions of Moose just happened to be run by a professional con artist who fleeced the fandom out of around $30,000. And she was trying to tell the rest of us we were bad for having a bit of fun with one Moonlight writer’s drunken commentary.

    So there you have it, the Legend of Moose in a nutshell. ❤


  13. Sonja

    I love this site so much! Thank you for studying our Alex so intensely and sharing your highly scientific observations with us!!! *LOL*
    And you scared me with your “saying goodbye” … that was NOT nice!! 😉


  14. FarkSpark

    Much fun and chuckling here, hard to explain to the taxi driver why I am laughing at moose jokes lol! Thanks girls for the levity and chuckles amidst the madness of crazy work times for me pre hols, your work as ever is respectful and hilarious!


  15. Pam

    Although imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, we think you should come up with your own ideas. Carol and I work hard to come up with unique ideas, not expecting them to be “stolen” by anyone else in the fandom. It’s just plain rude, ladies.


  16. Good memories! I was at the Moonlight Con on that fateful night in May 2008 when Harry “spilled the beans”… I remember thinking to myself that he is SO going to get in trouble for that comment! I wonder if he did! And I recall that his wife kept calling him wanting to know when he was coming home. He was in NO condition to drive. Almost five years now – – what a great ride we’ve all had!


    • You all make us ‘newer’ fans jealous of the good old days that we missed out on! A long history of memories that nobody can take away from you. Thank you for sharing it. 🙂


    • Emerald

      *waves* Hello there, I don’t think I’ve seen you around the ML fandom lately, or maybe we’re just hanging in different areas (or maybe my brain is just mushy right now and I’m having a blank moment). I remember the mayhem on the boards back then for those of us who weren’t able to attend the convention. Harry also referring to Josef & Mick as the ambiguously gay couple set a few cats among the pigeons (it still does). Ahhh, memories.


  17. Pam

    Using others ideas without their permission is not trivial. I’m not instigating a fight, just expressing myself. And your response was sarcastic and childish. We don’t need this kind of attitude in the fandom, either. You should have stopped after the second sentence. The rest was just snarky and disrespectful. Respect is the key in any fandom.


    • Did you even read or bother to read the link that I posted!?


      • LaHagela

        Probably not, but I just went and looked at her link, not a single comment on it.

        Go start drama on your own page Pam, it’s not welcome here.


    • Emerald

      And this is the point where I am going to walk away and would advise you to do the same. Unless you want me to start talking about stuff I really don’t think you want bought up.


      • LaHagela

        Well now………that got my attention!! Do tell…….Come whisper in my ear Claire!


        • Emerald

          I won’t bring any more drama to this blog than what has already been bought up. Let’s just leave it at that.

          Btw, what’s your email address, I’ve been meaning to ask for ages. I always enjoy your commentary on this blog, it’d be nice to chat privately with you from time to time if you’d like. Share some gossip time. 🙂


  18. Alex has a toupee, even when his hair is cut short, he hardly has any hair that is why he wears a toupee or a wig. At the blessing with his short hair we can spot his toupee right away, I know I used to be a hairdresser so I can spot it anytime.


    • LaHagela

      I think if Alex had a hair piece they would have done a much better job of covering his hairline where it’s receding. He has super fine hair, and it’s receding slowly….oh well. It’s a good thing he’s still so damn hot even with a receding hairline.


    • Sorry Nadia, but if that is true, why did they then cut his hair for the flashback episode 3:20 and then dress him it a very bad toupee for the next episode. Kind of ridiculous I would say! 🙂
      No logic there?!
      And please show me the toupee in this picture from yesterday!


    • If that was a toupee, that´s the world´s best toupee ever! I have yet to see a natural wig or toupee. I have never ever seen a toupee that shows the skalp through. Nope, not buying your claim….


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