Once More, Shooting #AlexOLoughlin

The other day came across this video of the photoshoot of Alex with Christopher Morris again and decided to re-do a collage.

As I´ve mentioned before, I love to watch him pose for the camera.

Luckily FOYeur had saved the finished photos of the shoot from AOLRs’ gallery before it closed down.


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And here´s the video in case you want to watch the action.


Link to the transcript of this video:

#AlexOLoughlin, Behind the Scenes – Christopher Morris Photoshoot – 14 January 2010

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Read the Sunday Magazine Article transcript:

#AlexOLoughlin: ‘Australia’s Next Big Thing’ – May 2010




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31 responses to “Once More, Shooting #AlexOLoughlin

  1. Karen

    Such perfection! That face, that smile…. Ty!! Oh love all the video clips!


  2. Sonja

    Alex is such a gorgeous, sexy man! I could stare forever at his beautiful face and hot body!
    It’s about time for a new photo shooting … someone hear me out there!!!???
    The cameras love him and we love the outcome of it!


  3. Maria Joaoi

    Maybe we will have another one for the new season.


  4. fever (switzerland)

    thanks for bring this up again.. i love this Shooting so much.


  5. leiCa

    Oh! This is the photoshoot I love the most! I mean, I love every photoshoot don’t get me wrong, but this one is special. Maybe because the vid creates such a lazy sunday afternoon atmosphere or maybe because Alex sounds a little bit sad (I remember the written part of the interview as well) or maybe because of his famous words about fame and the people around you changing, which is so wise and so pensive that I think he had a hard time dealing with that.
    And btw he is damned sexy in this, I love the ‘catching fly and saving you from being stung now I’m your hero’ gif. Goof!


  6. KIWI

    first time I see these thank you for sharing.


  7. Funny the one where he grabs something in the air then looks at his hand, in slow mo looks like he’s on mushrooms. Just made me laugh. Thank you Paula.


  8. Vixhen

    So cute…it should be against the law


  9. Marta

    Girls, can you answer me, this photoshoot took place after the cancellation of Three Rivers, right? Alex looks a little sad but always honest in his speech. Thank you for sharing the interview, photos and gifs. Enjoy your weekend.


    • Hi Marta.
      Yes the last day of shooting Three Rivers was 15 Dec 2009 ( a month before this photoshoot on 14 January 2010)
      But on the other hand Alex was most probably already offered the part of Steve McGarrett at this time and it was made public in February (a month after the shoot)


    • I forgot to actually mention that on 30 November 2009, Alex made an entry on his old MySpace blog, to inform the fans that the plug was pulled on Three Rivers.


  10. Emerald

    I had a friend, who I haven’t spoken to in ages (*momentary sad face*), who is a modern dancer and dance instructor/professor, and she got to speak to Alex one time about his movement work in NIDA. You can tell he’s very aware of his body. 🙂


    • He certainly seems to know how to pose to make us go alsdjflasdkjfa 😉
      He seems a bit shy in the interviews, but as soon as he´s posing, he becomes a model. It is just so amazing to watch.


  11. Manu

    The first two gifs and the video do things to me that i shouldn’t talk about in public 😉
    He was super-adorable and sexy in this video


  12. lurxgirl

    He is so sexy in all of these! His laugh/smile in the one where he is sitting and leaning against the wall is my favorite! I agree with Emerald that he knows how to use his body movements! I believe he could tell a whole story without even speaking. His talents are so overlooked and I hope that we get to see him on the big screen again so he can shine. Don’t put him in a movie as just eye candy, really let his acting prowess speak for itself.
    But you know I have to admit I love his eye candy!! I’d like to see him in an action/thriller, maybe playing the nemesis for a change. I, of course, wouldn’t object to a tasteful steamy love scene where we get to see that hot body in all its glory! 😛


    • marnov2205

      TPTB, hear hear! I’d love Alex playing the nemesis, it never occurred to me before but I think this would satisfy my weird taste for bad guys 😉 I’m not very happy with roles when he plays THE perfect man, like in The Back-Up Plan…Too sweet to be true.


    • Emerald

      Yes, his talent IS overlooked. It annoys me when people refer to him as being the ideal ‘action hero’, like all he’s good for his being some meat head action guy on screen (I mean when people say it in a bad way). The guy is a classically trained, amazing character actor. I never get into an actor if he can’t act, I don’t care about looks or anything else. Alex can act!


  13. marnov2205

    Paula, TY, this is a great job you did! Personally I feel awkward about photoshoots – maybe coz I’m a shy person and it looks weird to me, anyone posing for pics – but: the resulting pics are gorgeous. Except maybe the beard, which hurts my lady parts, as the saying goes. Literally and figuratively.


  14. vanduyn

    Paula, Paula, Paula!! I’m going to have to ask you to marry me! You make me soooo happy!! I love this video/shoot and now I can just stare at these gifs all day. Thanks so much!! 😀


    • So happy to see there are fans enjoying his poses as much as I am 🙂 If only there were more videos of his photo shoots out there for us to enjoy!


  15. Ontlls

    *thud*.. *gets back up on to couch* can’t get past #8.. WOW!! Love it, Love it.
    Should watch the vid.. Maybe when it’s safer 😉


  16. Thanks Paula, This is spectacular!!


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