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“Undressing Steve” (No 6) – Episode 1:03

Wow, this is going to be a difficult one. The episode was really colourful and beautiful to watch, but the camera shots did not give much Steve (clothing) viewing pleasure. But life is a challenge and we don’t back down easily. Because this is the first of countless episodes where we see Steve in blue, we decided to make it about the accessories. Every Superhero needs his ‘tools’ of the trade – let us introduce you to Steve’s! And because we are just silly fangirls, let’s see how much fun we can squeeze out of this one!

Time Frame:

We have no idea what the time span of this episode was. I would guess at least 3 days or more.


  • The team having some ‘time out’ at the football
  • The team´s timeout interrupted by assassins
  • The normal, chasing, shooting, breaking doors down and other police stuff
  • Going undercover as high rollers


Carol Barbee – She was consulting producer of all 23 episodes of S1 after the Pilot and she wrote 4 of them. (She was also the creator/producer of Three Rivers and wrote 10 of the episodes)

Kyle Harimoto – Co-producer of 7 episodes and he wrote 9.  He was also the executive story editor of 15 episodes.


Paul A. Edwards – This was his first of 2 episodes as director (interesting that Steve uses the surname Edwards, when they go undercover :grin:)

Accessory #1 – Da Teeth:


LaHagela: did he have his veneers done again after this? They don’t seem nearly as large as they did in 2.10……oh wait…..he was 20 lbs thinner in 2.10.

FOYeur: Interestingly enough one might think so but no, it is the same gorgeous smile. (Whoever did these veneers for him, did a great job – not that I am complaining about his natural teeth, since the “Red Door” knocked these out in January 2012) There is actually not much difference in the way he looked in 1:03 and 2:10, although there is a 16 month difference in time (June 2010 – October 2011).


FOYeur (the investigator): The big difference in the veneer teeth was actually before this, between the Pilot episode (filmed in March 2010) and episode 1:02 (filmed in June 2010). (All the footage and picture available for the months March – May 2010, show the veneers  that were a bit larger than these) Let’s have a look at the comparison:


FOYeur: (the investigator): Can you see the difference? The original veneers were a bit wider, shorter and more flat at the bottom. The new ones looked more natural! 🙂 (The bigger ones can be seen on the photos from ‘The Back-Up Plan premieres in April and also the CBS Upfront in May 2010)

Accessory #2 & 3 – Da Neck Vein and the wink:


LaHagela: Ewwwww, no no no. Thats just ewwww…..it’s to, urgh. That’s a vampires wet dream right there!!

FOYeur: I think this has all to do with the angle and the closeness of the shot. I do agree that sometimes the Veinp0rn seems to much. But for me it is like even the neck vein participates in his acting skills arsenal….. okay, I am weird! 😛

Accessory #4 – Da Phone:


LaHagela: An intricate accessory to both McG and Alex……I think he carries a spare and charges 3 times a day.

FOYeur: Some of us “older” girls here, might still remember days before mobile (or Cellphones). People normally talk about ‘the good old days’, but I must say having a phone ready everywhere, has really made life easier for me!

Accessory #5 – Da Gun(s)


LaHagela: Hehehehe….which one? Big hands, he must have a big gun!

FOYeur: So I have gun-envy – and before anybody thinks it is something like penis-envy – no it is not!. The envy is for the gun being held so tightly (Look at those forearm muscles straining to hold it tight …..sigh…..! ) And of course that “trigger” finger is always so close at hand, ready to do its job. 😛

Accessory #6 – Da Tongue:


LaHagela: Why is it that he can’t keep it in his mouth? It’s like it has a little brain of it’s own, and wants to peek out and see the sunshine all the time.

FOYeur: Must say, “seeing the sunshine” is the last thing I dream off when I think of what that tongue wants to do……..SIGH…… 😛

Accessory #7 – Da pose:


LaHagela: Not his most masculine pose, almost looks like he should be wearing tights at a ballet bar practicing his moves.

FOYeur: I wonder if they do some  pirouettes in movements studies, as part of the training at NIDA?

Accessory #8 – Da Attitude:


LaHagela: Again, yep, not the most masculine screencap, looks like he’s ready to do jazz hands, all he needs are pom poms, and to shout a cheer. (will the foreign coalition here get that reference?)

FOYeur: I think ‘pom poms’ and ‘cheers’, most of us foreigners know about (if you have watched enough American movies or TV). I however had to google ‘jazz hands’ and I still don’t know what it means – everybody seems to have their own opinion about it or meaning for it. 😀

Accessory #9 & 10 – Dat Ass and the forbidden Tattoo:

LaHagela: I love watching and waiting for a glimpse of that freaking thing! I wonder how many times in editing they caught it and said “oh screw it, no one will catch it!”……hello!!! We will!!! I love the way he bounces on that guy, still makes me laugh! Boing boing boing!

Hey over here!! I volunteer!!

FOYeur: I can’t believe you only talk about the “forbidden” tattoo and nothing at all about that fine ass?! (Where is LaHagela and what have you done to her?) 

BTW I think we saw him bounce on Cath in that way as well in ……. 😛


Accessory # 11 – Da Eye Roll (with closed lids):


LaHagela: Ahhhh, I admit I am myself a master of this move…..I can practically see the inside of my head when I do it…….I love how he takes a moment to gather himself, and reign in his tongue and temper.

FOYeur: I am afraid this can’t be taught in acting school……you can either do it or not. It however is a very effective way of communicating. That little gesture to Chin, was worth more that a thousand words could ever say.

Accessory #12 – Da Key that opens every door:


LaHagela: The Key? it’s not moving? does he kick the door in? McG should kick in a door in every episode, it’s sexy as hell, and shows off his ass and thigh muscles…..and really isn’t that what show is all about


FOYeur: Here he at least used some sort of tool (a key to open all locks) to break in…… Most of the times it is as you say, only the boot and the strength of that thigh muscle that does the job! 😀

Accessory #13 – Da Strut:


LaHagela: I have taken to calling this TFAW “The FOY Accommodation Walk”….due to the monstrous size of his appendage it causes him to walk kinda gap legged, therefore allowing The FOY the room it needs to breathe (and not be squashed by his massive manly masculine muscular thighs)

FOYeur: And look he is bringing his own (packed) lunch in a box. 😛

Accessory # 14 – Da Bote:


LaHagela: Da BOAT! Men look sexy driving big sleek speed boats…..my first TV crush….Don Johnson and his speed boat.

FOYeur: When you are in the Navy you life is about boats….. Steve is definitely a boat man! Look at that smile…. 😀

Accessory #15 & 16 – Da Suit and da Car:

LaHagela: He rocked this suit, score one for wardrobe! Nothing sexier than a man in a well fitted black suit…..the Ferrari does nothing for me. We have a saying where I’m from that the more expensive and fast a man’s car the smaller his package…..so that not being the case I would have liked to see them roll up in a classic car (God, I’m picky!)

FOYeur: For us it is more about the size of the car (like those big monster trucks with extra big tractor size tyres fitted to them). So as far as that goes, the Ferrari works out okay in this scenario. And in any case, when you go undercover, you have to hide some of your personal “assets” to fool the enemy. 😀

Accessory #17 – Da Slap:


LaHagela: I’ve never been into S&M but he can slap me around anytime…..our safe word? “MORE”. I’m KIDDING!!
Well maybe not really, but sorta.

FOYeur: Sounds like you are in to two minds here. Is it just him doing it to you or does it happen often? 🙂

I wonder what Danny of season 3′ s reaction would be, if he did this to him now? 😀

Accessory #18 – Dat Smile:


LaHagela: The smile that melts our collective fangirl hearts…..hmmmmm. Imagine waking up to that every morning? I like to think in my head that he’s really not so perfect, like he’s got chronic gas and stinks up the house all the time…..it’s these thoughts that keep me sane and from going full fledged stalker. I can just picture the goofball dutch ovening his girl for laughs.

FOYeur: Mmmmmm, so are we talking Steve or Alex here?

Accessory #19 –  The finger


LaHagela: I love his use of the finger…Lt. Comm McGarrett is very commanding when he points and says “here, now”, I’ve seen Alex do it to Dusty to, she’s a smart girl, she stops in her tracks and rolls over to get belly rubs

FOYeur: Oh yes the finger has been a useful tool in commanding his troops…….

And oh yeh……the life of a dog (especially his dog) must be just great! (Lucky Bitch) 🙂

Accessory #20 – The Team:


LaHagela: Oh the Core Four…….I know it’s mean,but to me the other 3 really are just pretty accessories. I’m there for 1 reason, and 1 reason only Alex F. O’Loughlin (FYI the F stands for F******).

FOYeur: Yes, do love them all dearly…….but also mostly because they are “his” team!

Accessory # 21 – Da Name – Five-O (All the important THINGS in life have names) 😛



LaHagela: Well I sure as hell can think of 50 things I’d like to do to him!

FOYeur: ………sorry………what was it you were saying…….50 things to do to him……

This is goodbye for now and we hope that you have enjoyed our little different approach to “Undressing Steve” this time. Hopefully there will be some better clothing shots for the next episode to ‘take off’……or look at or whatever! Because all this is just us, having some fun…….


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