#AlexOLoughlin in Man -Thing

Spoiler warning: If you haven’t seen  Man-Thing yet, this article might contain major spoilers about the story for you:


This is the first full length movie a very young-looking Alex starred in, as one of the minor actors of the main cast.

Also the first time he worked with Director Brett Leonard and the actors Jack  & Patrick Thompson and also Matthew Le Nevez – They all worked together on Feed again.

We add this photo of Alex and Matthew taken on 17 June 2009 (6 years after Man-Thing was shot) at the premiere / screening of Matthew’s movie ‘Tender Hook‘, because a lot of people always post this as a fan picture.

Alex & Matthew at the premiere of Tender Hook

Alex & Matthew at the screening of Tender Hook (Jun 2009)

Although Man-Thing was only released in 2005 (after some of his other movies) it was filmed in 2003 before Alex did any of his other films.

Alex mentioned in an interview that he met Jack Thompson, who he regards as his mentor who “potty trained” him as an actor, on the set of Man-Thing. (Jack also appeared with him in Oyster Farmer and Feed )

In 2011 Jack presented Alex with his GQ Australia Actor of the year award in Sydney. At the same event Rachael Taylor, who played the main female character in Man-Thing, also received the GQ Australia Woman of the year award that day – must have been an interesting reunion after 8 years.

Actor of the yearAlex & Rachael

In this movie Man-Thing, Alex plays the role of small town deputy Eric Fraser. For me this is one of the roles which are the least like Alex in real life, I think. Therefore to me he delivers a great performance by becoming this innocent like cop, trying to deal with the duties of his sometimes scary job.

If you think the corpses that Max has to deal with in this season of Hawaii Five-0 are gross, you might want to avoid the ones you get to see in this movie.

It must have been the first time Alex had to do a different accent for a role in a film – quite interesting to hear his, I think, Mid-Western American voice.


It is not really my type of movie, but I ended up enjoying the story and watched to see the ending, even after Alex’s character came to it’s awful demise. You can also see the Director Brett Leonard in one of the few movies he contributed in as an actor and also maybe a good example that directors might not always be good actors 😀

Please click on the pictures for better viewing, some are gifs.

As we showed you in one of our previous articles, Alex O’Loughlin – It’s time to say goodbye, Alex’s character that he portray, kicks the bucket quite a few times and this is one of those times


Great background info by FOYeur thanks partner 🙂 , pics – me.


(PS I added this bit of video simply because the screaming sounded so hilarious to me, I do hope it was Alex´s voicePaula)

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is manthing2.gif

(Sorry the video with sound got lost somewhere during the years – but  this is what happens with some screeming involved)



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24 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin in Man -Thing

  1. always sweet and complete…. you are quite the investigator!


    • FOYeur

      Thanks. I think there is so much more to say. A pity Alex’s first role got lost in a genre that is not that popular to the general public.
      He definitely showed skills of all the emotions with his little role in it.


  2. VickiSue

    Are you sure that is at some movie premier? That is the outfit he wears in The Back-Up Plan after he finds out that they are having twins????


    • FOYeur

      You have a very good eye VickiSue. I always wondered why he looked so casual.
      It was during the time The Back-Up Plan was filmed, so I guess Alex must have gone staight to the event from filming.
      I found the photo listed as such on AOLR a while ago – and because the site is gone now, could not find the article about it again….
      I think it was more like the first American screening of the film, because I think it was already released in Australian the year before and as far as I know not something really big. (I will change my wording in the article)


    • FOYeur

      Vicki Sue, I went back to my original note from AOLR and the picture was marked as just a screening – must have made a mistake when I named the photo – Thanks again for noticing 🙂


  3. SueB

    I agree, I think that was Alex screaming! I only watched the movie until Alex went bye bye. I may have to watch again. And LOVE the last gif. 😉


  4. Emerald

    This movie is hilarious, classic B grade schlock horror. I was disappointed with the lack of gore though, I thought they could have stepped things up a notch in that department, although I did appreciate the random corpse dropping out of nowhere. Alex’s death scene? Sooo disappointed with that. I mean okay he got ripped apart, but there was no close up, no detail, no splatter – and hello, they’re in a swamp filled with these trees and vines that can move, if it was me doing the FX my brain would have gone straight to ‘hey, let’s do a Cannibal Holocaust style tree limb impalement’. I mean if you’re gonna die in a horror flick you should die spectacularly.

    Alex did an american accent in the movie Feed, both Feed and Man Thing were released around the same year, but I’m not sure which one was filmed first.


    • FOYeur

      As I mentioned above:
      “Alex mentioned in an interview that he met Jack Thompson, who he regards as his mentor who “potty trained” him as an actor, on the set of Man-Thing”.

      By the time FEED was filmed they (Alex & JacK) already made ‘Oyster Farmer’ together and also formed a production company ‘Honour Bright Productions’ that parcially financed the making of FEED..


  5. canadagirl66

    I have this movie in my “Alex Collection”. I haven’t watched it yet though…I’m not a fan of the genre AT ALL! A part of me really, really wants to watch it just to see Alex…and the other part of me fears that I’m going to hate it…and I don’t want to hate anything he’s in….silly I know!!! Oh, I’m sure I’ll watch it one of these days…after seeing these pics (he looks adorable)….I may just have to work up the nerve to watch it sooner rather than later!
    Question: Does Alex have a lot of scenes in the movie or just a few? It will help to know how much fast-forwarding I’ll have to do 🙂


    • He is in it till the 50 min mark, but some forwarding can be done to skip the parts he is not in. I think you see him relatively “often” until he dies. He was actually quite sweet as a deputy, very sensitive with the corpses LOL


  6. My thoughts:
    *I’d like to play with Alex’s “man thing” LOL!!!!
    *I think Dep. Fraser’s accent was “supposed” to be Southern U.S., but I don’t think it was very authentic. (I live in the Midwestern U.S., and his accent definitely wasn’t Midwestern.) I thought that this movie was set in the swamps in the southern states, maybe Louisiana? Georgia? Florida?


    • P.S. I’m not faulting Alex for his attempt at a Southern U.S. accent, it is a notoriously difficult one to imitate. I’m thinking of Dan Aykroyd’s terrible Southern accent in “Driving Miss Daisy,” or Olympia Dukakis in “Steel Magnolias.” If it hurts my midwestern ears, I’m sure that folks in the southern U.S. cringe too.


      • joyfuljaj

        wow, i just found this post. i’m learning more and more about our Alex constantly. I listened to a clip and heard an attempt at a southern accent. It is definitely country southern. It hurts my ears, but there is an actor(ncis new orleans) from from near where I live in Alabama who sounds pretty much just like Alex’s character in this movie.


    • FOYeur

      Thanks Andr3a, I knew somebody would come to my resque. I am really tone deaf or something when it comes to accents. And with all the different once in America I really get confused…..everybody just sounds English to me. 😀
      And I must convess I did not know where swamps could be found…..


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  8. BlueEyedMonster

    At lest Alex kept his accent for the whole of the movie unlike most of the other actors. They thought saying y’all with an Australian accent would fool everyone into thinking they were American.

    Alex did look cute in the sheriff coat and hat. And of course his big swinging …… sorry lost my train of thought.


  9. Andrea_Briz

    I haven’t seen Man-Thing but I’m quite intrigued by it even though it’s not really my kind of movie.

    Just to plug another Aussie actor, Matthew Le Nevez has done some really good stuff here in Australia. He’s currently in an Australian drama series called Offspring which I love and faithfully watch every week.


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