#H50 10.13 late treats – more McPlaid



by | January 15, 2020 · 11:33

28 responses to “#H50 10.13 late treats – more McPlaid

  1. stevemcgarrettlover

    Loooove McPlaid!!!! Thank you!


  2. D. Havard

    McYUM! (You always have the best pics.)


  3. Sunflower

    Ladies I’ve just noticed. Is Alex’s forearm tattoo back or has it not been covered up or am I just seeing things ?


    • Hi Sunflower
      In our very first research post 7 years ago we used these words:
      “The Faded Tattoos – In the past, he used to have two more tattoos that have been removed and are now faded. Sometimes glimpses of their existence are still there to be seen. There used to be one on each of his forearms as seen in these pictures.”

      Most of the time his arms look clear, but normally in bright sunlight, the shadows of the tattoo on the right arm can be seen. And also the hair on his forearms are quite dark and they sometimes make clusters that let it look darker and more visible.


    • I also just want to add that I also thought it would be less visible by now.


  4. Thanks for the pictures! Steve is beautiful as always!


  5. CassG

    Plaid never looked so good!! Really loving that first McPlaid!!😍😘 Thanks much Paula.😊

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  6. Steve out’plaid’ everyone!

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  7. lindae5o

    Steve is stunningly gorgeous, as usual. Even that little peek at his bare ankles is cute!!!

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  8. Alexoloughlinlover

    Alex looks so damn good in plaid

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  9. Kathysr

    lol, posted to the wrong place so I’ll post twice. Steve looks extra gorgeous in this outfit. Love the shirt, jeans, rolled up cuffs, and a hint of bare ankles. Very sexy. Love that casual pose, too, resting on the wall. Perfection.

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  10. Dq

    In the Instagram post, from the first espidode, changing his shirt, his pec tats or shown. Why did they ever started covering them with that awful orange makeup?


  11. Sunflower

    Ladies I was watching an old episode this weekend with the white pants !! Have you exhausted all your investigations into those pants or might there be another post lurking with treats ?


  12. Sunflower

    Thank you ! I shall wait patiently for more posts !


  13. Cassiopea 1000

    I’m catching up with you ladies, and I’ve watched all of S9 and up to epi 11 of S10. What is the latest epi you have had in the States?


    • D. Havard

      This Friday S10, episode 14 will be shown. It’s a Danny.


      • Dq

        The Danny episode is to be about a “new life of his life”. We never found about Melissa. I guess he didn’t made up with Rachael. I was wishing they would get back together and go back to NJ. Danny isn’t in many episodes and it you can almost taste that Scott doesn’t want to be there. Also, the episode after that, is about Grovers niece having something about the Yakaso! Small world. Wonder how Adam will handle this.


  14. buttercup4u

    The leaning in #5&6 is killing me everytime!
    He mastered leaning above and beyond 😉

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  15. Thank you, D. Havard. Enjoy your Danny. That is, if you can.


    • D. Havard

      Never said I’d Enjoy it. But according to what I read it’s about Danny and his new love. Yikes. (I would prefer it to be about Steve and his new love!)

      Steve need to get a life outside the office!


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