#H50 6.07 – #SteveMcGarrett got to know Lynn

This episode is so far my favorite from this season. Finally a bit more of Steve having fun, though of course he ended up in some trouble on his “get to know” date. At least it was just 2 baddies that pretty much gave themselves up  to sweaty McGarrett. I thought Sarah played her part very well, and she was fit for the part (actually super fit, nice muscle tone all over). Still irked over the shirt Steve wore on the island, couldn´t they just have put it in his backpack, for easy access to bandage material?  Anyway, don´t want to nitpick too much, there was plenty of juicy McG to enjoy 🙂

Off to a good start, with Lou´s blessing 🙂


Hello sailor!


Getting wet (most of us anyway 😉 )



Sweet McSweat and Gecko peek 😀


Nurse McG


Well, she survived it. That´s a good date with Steve 😉

See you next Saturday for coffee and malasadas!



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21 responses to “#H50 6.07 – #SteveMcGarrett got to know Lynn

  1. It was nice to see that McG recovered from his encounter with Dr. Frankenstein last week. Fit and handsome! McG’s way of getting to know people, women, anyone, everyone, is a bit too intensely dangerous for me. I would have passed out seeing him in his board shorts, and would have needed to stay on the boat. 😀


    • gracenotpark

      Woulda been lucky for you…the boat mighta been safer. 😉

      And btw, I felt the tank was too loose fitting, but whatevs. We got swimming McG and BadAss McG and a respite from Danno so 🙂 .

      Also I often felt we were seeing Alex more than McG w/Lynn last nite…at least in the not-fight scenes. He’s adorable, in a completely different way than McG, so I didn’t care, but he just seemed to be Alex part of the time.

      Seeing several peeps on Twitter upset with Chin’s behavior last night. I get that, but McG has sorta set that example so I give Chin a pass, myself.


      • Also saw some Alex there at times. Maybe dating Steve is more like Alex than working Steve 😀
        It is interesting how men’s leasure clothes got bigger and bigger over the years, while women’s got smaller……. 🙂


  2. Agree with you Paula! My favorite too! Loved it!
    Love that Lynn is no wonderwoman but a ‘normal’ woman with a normal reaction to such trouble without being a damsel in distress. Could have done without the COTW, I was eager to get back to McLynn ;-).
    And I absolutly loved playfull Steve at the end. On to next saturday…
    I knew we would get a gif feast from you, I never tire of seeing this beautiful scenery. And I am not talking about Hawaii. 😀


  3. Oh btw, I just KNEW we would get the gecko peek!!! I appreciate.


  4. Leah

    Really enjoyed seeing more of Steve’s personal side too and him seeming to have a good time! Not to mention all of the goodie shots we got of that hot bod! Great gifs Paula! I have a question though, if someone can reply please. I noticed on social medias last night that there was a link titled “Go Behind The Scenes Of McGarrett’s First Date”, but every time I tried to view it today, it said no longer available? Ideas?


    • I saw that clip and it was the same video we have posted as 6.07 promo a few days ago. ET exclusive, with Alex and Sarah talking about the date and then there were the short clips from the epi. At least I didn´t spot anything else or different in that video.


  5. vanduyn

    I agree!! Favorite episode this season for me too. Thanks so much for that little Gecko peek 🙂


  6. My favourite of S6 too 🙂 I loved the episode and the interaction between Steve and Lynn. It was fun. And yes, the playful side of Steve is back, which is always good. Alex looked great in this episode both in cheeky/sweet and in Navy seal mode.


  7. lindae5o

    I liked this episode a lot. With Steve showing off his awesome skills, looking that hot, what’s not to like. I like Lynn too, and I hope she hangs around.


    • dq

      My favorite shot was when Steve got a wistful look seeing that there is another woman in his selfies.I hope he gets some happiness in his life now. He deserves it.


  8. dcjank

    LOVED IT! I must say tho, they could have ditched the COTW, I really didn’t care! I also felt like we were seeing Alex some of the time, instead of McG, which was fine with me. ‘Lynn’ does seem to be a good fit for McG, I hope we see a lot more of her. THX for the gifs and the Gecko peak.


  9. I love Lynn and really think that she will be a good fit as really wished Steve could had a bit more fun with Catherine we never got to see. Lynn hopefully will be more about fun and teaching our favorite Commander what fun is. So far so good.


  10. This is the McGarrett I fell for. It reminded me of the 1st episode I ever watched, the camping trip with Grace when Lucy and McG were kidnapped. I love super seal Steve and tender, protective Steve. I hope we get more of this. 🙂


  11. kalola1061

    I loved this episode too. But I would have preferred that it was Catherine. They never had a fun date like this where we could see them having some quality time together.


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