#H50 9.22 – Steve Knows Compassion

Hi Everyone, FOYeur here.

As usual Paula made this post with these beautiful screencaps of the latest episode. I always enjoy them very much, because she’s got this gift of catching the best of Steve – EVERY TIME!

I haven’t said much about Hawaii Five-0 this season, mainly because I caught up with most of it only halfway through the season. Apart from Alex doing his thing as Steve, and doing it well, I feel kind of disconnected from the show.

Not always sure if it is just my personal life or the show itself causing it? Wondering, if somewhere along the line, the loss of any continuity in the real personal Story of Steve McGarrett, made me ambivalent …..

As and Alex fan, I am really glad and happy for him that the show is successful and made it to Season 9 – and most probably beyond. According to what they said at Paley last month, Hawaii Five-0 is already the most successful reboot ever, in as far as number of episode it got to. That is no small task and it shows the dedication and hard work of cast and crew over the years.

For me the episode was yet again just another episode in the Hawaii Five-0 mold. Mindless action entertainment for the fans to enjoy, coming from the well oiled conveyor belt, producing episode number 215 of the show. A good quality production, watched and adored by millions!

Not much to fault it with, other than a few massive plot holes as usual – but that of course is part of this type of entertainment. But even with the success, I still feel disconnected to the show …..

And then you get to this part at the end of the episode – and reminds me why I am still here, watching the show and following Alex’s career as an actor – as a GREAT ACTOR! Still hoping that there will be something new, something beyond this show. Something that will show that he is so much more than the great action actor we already know he is.

And I hope somewhere along the line, he will feel the passion for acting again, and not just feel that he need to move beyond that, to directing or other ways of story telling, to get fulfilment.

Thank you Alex!

Not only did your performance during this scene, together with a great performance from  Kimee Balmilero, touch my heart, but some of Steve’s words here, delivered with great truth from Alex as an actor, also resonated with the truth of my own personal life … and isn’t that what connects us to the subtlety of true art?

Steve: …. just like you could never have saved her. You know that, right?



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14 responses to “#H50 9.22 – Steve Knows Compassion

  1. Claudia

    At least Alex looks better now than he did in season 8.
    The hairstyle there was so terrible and made him much older.
    Yes, he definitely did something with his hair. Color and even more. And why not? His appearance is his capital.


  2. mamayorkie

    I understand what you are saying. I have felt disconnected from the show for some time but I put that down to just show fatigue. I mean, how many kidnappings do we endure before we say enough. Still, AOL does a fine job conveying what McGarrett is feeling although I suspect he has no idea how good a job he does. But if we, as viewers, have show fatigue then what about the actors? Maybe the disconnect that some of us feel is because we are sensing it in them and their desire to stretch and take on other challenges. Still, it’s a job and the working conditions in Hawaii can’t get much better, so unless the network cancels the series, ( and I truly believe there is at least going to be a Season 10) most (perhaps not all) of the cast will likely return and then use their time to consider what other options they have when the day comes that we find out it is all over.

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  3. H50 has become a regular cop show, with too many “flat” epis. It’s like a dreary marriage. If your partner doesn’t surprise you with new and exciting stuff from time to time, you get bored. And I feel Alex is getting bored. Writers, wake up and challenge him! He deserves it!

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  4. kathysr

    Splitting the episodes among two or three different storylines dilutes their emotional power and intrigue. The team’s not working as a unified group anymore. It was always exciting to see the whole team engage the bad guys. Sigh. Reminds me of the good old days when Hawaii Five-O gave us great episodes with lots of Steve storylines.

    There are still lots of emotional storylines to explore. Where the heck is Steve’s mom? She’s fallen off the face of the earth. Doris, where are you? And, this year Greer alluded to some really bad things that she and Steve did, long ago, under military orders of course. How about pursuing that storyline?

    Alex’s looking really handsome again. They let his gorgeous hair grow back, I love the style, and they finally found a color that matches his natural hair color. For years they were dying it reddish brown. Alex has ash brown hair. The reddish hue didn’t match his hair or skin tone.

    Alex always gives us the best that he can give. He never phones it in, and he adds subtle reactions and surprises to enrich our enjoyment of the character of Steve McGarrett. That’s incredibly hard to do after playing the same character for nine years.

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  5. lindae5o

    HF-O began as an action show, but hasn’t been for a long time. I think that’s what attracted a lot of viewers in the beginning. The first few seasons the show had demos between 4 and 5, and viewership of 15 to 16 million when Live+7 was tabulated. HF-O had good demographics after that, but dropped a lot after Season 7. (Maybe people missed Chin and Kono more than we knew.) Season 9 is the first time the show has been fractional demographically in same-day viewership, (below 1) but it has managed to reach 1.5 once when Live+7 was calculated.
    The numbers seem bad, but obviously the show is still making a ton of money for CBS. In the world of broadcast television, it’s still doing comparatively well.
    I really hope they don’t try to make it to twelve seasons. Poor Alex will be in a rocking chair by then. Peter Lenkov is just interested in accumulating episodes, IMO.
    They are lucky to have Alex. He still gives everything he has, and he’s my only reason for watching.

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    • kathysr

      I think the reason we haven’t heard renewal yet is that Alex is still not on board. Negotiations are still going on.I believe he won’t go beyond Season 10, if he manages to commit to one more year. He’s tired. That was really obvious at the Paley Fest. He wants to do something else. And the show is so formulaic now that it must be boring for him. The newbies are having fun, but Alex may be done. We’ll see. It’s getting really late. All the other CBS shows are being renewed, Blue Bloods and NCIS LA. McGuyver hasn’t been renewed yet either. Interesting. Peter may lose two of his three shows. And Magnum PI has the lowest ratings of all three shows.


      • Claudia

        Es kann ja auch sein, dass Scott nicht mehr will. Und bei aller Liebe zu Alex, ohne Scott ist H50 auch tot.


        • I don’t think so. Danny already isn’t in the show anymore actually. He’s absent so many times and even if he is in one episode he isn’t really there. For me, and a lot of people I know and watch with, he does not make the show. Episodes like this one or even better #10 are wonderful, and for me it is such a relief not to hear his constant whining and bitching. So many people around the magic table by now, but the show would run with Steve, Junior, Chi, Jerry and of course Eddie pretty well.

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          • kathysr

            There is a mob around that table now, isn’t there?! Sometimes up to seven people. It’s getting crowded.


  6. It’s why the show keeps running. The crazy talented actors!


  7. I don’t feel disconnected from the show, but I feel disconnected from three members of this Elite (!) Task Force. Because they are (d)annoying, or because they simply don’t belong there. Or both.
    This episode was a good one in my eyes, not great, not amazing, just good.
    But the ending, oh the ending. I’ve seen you, FOYeur, saw my post about it and already know how much I loved it! It was stellar acting. Kimee and Alex made this episode one to remember.
    Perfect pics as always, Paula. I could get lost in the last one. 😉

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  8. Lulu

    I also feel that the show has turned into a typical cop show. I want to see more of their personal lives, like in the earlier seasons. How about a love interest for Steve? I will continue to watch the show because of Alex. Thanks, Paula, for the wonderful pictures. I love him in the blue shirt (or no shirt, for that matter!). The last picture is the best! I could look at it all day.


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