More about #AlexOLoughlin with @ensoninoue and #destinyforever

After yesterday’s post, there was a discussion about Alex’s involvement in designing a bracelet for Destiny Forever. (#AlexOLoughlin and @ensoninoue )

Bee reminded me of the time when Enson posted the pictures of Alex’s visits to the Destiny Forever stall in 2015. (Thank you B!)

  • Posted by Enson on 15 February 2015.
Enson Inoue  Alex getting serious and designing his own bracelet.
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  • The result
Enson Inoue  I made the bracelet Alex lined up for himself and it came out pimp! Good job Alex!
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  • And just for fun some other pictures posted by Enson that day.
Enson Inoue Ha!!! Look what I got for Stalker Lau! Yeah!!!
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  • Alex with Enson and Mike Fowler (16 Feb 2015)
Enson Inoue The Three Amigos together again! Alex sporting his new Destiny Forever bracelet and Mike sporting his new old face!
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Enson Inoue Stalker Lau was stoked with his autographed pic.This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is uncle-lau-with-alexs-autographed-picture.jpg
  • Alex as part of the Destiny Forever collection:


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The Professor is a Black belt Jiu-Jitsu bracelet designed by Alex O’Loughlin.

The bracelet consists of Black and White Onyx, Hematite and Red Agate – with the center bead engraved in gold with the kanji for Ju-jutsu : 柔術
Onyx provides strength, stamina and power and promote the fighting Samurai spirit.
It is also great for negating negative energy, enhancing self-control and encourages wise decision making.
Agate is good for cleansing and stabilizing the aura, transforming and eliminating negativity.
Hematite to close the bracelet which is good for body aches and pains, balance, focus and concentration.
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Alex, Sarah & Enson (8 Sept 2014)


  • But who is Enson, apart from being an MMA champion fighter, a friend of Alex, and brother of BJJ Master Egan?
An accomplished fighter, businessman, and humanitarian, Enson Inoue founded DESTINY FOREVER LLC in 2011 with one clear vision in mind – to help those that are less fortunate.
After some close encounters of his own, Enson quickly learned the healing and intimate nature that crystals give to the wearer. In Japanese tradition, if these bracelets break while worn – it is actually a good thing – as the healing and protective nature of the crystals are said to absorb the negative events or energy that would have otherwise harmed the person.
He made them for close friends and family and was constantly asked where he “purchased” them from. This was something that resonated within him for a while – how could this opportunity be grasped to assist others. In light of these questions and the fact he could use funds to help people he decided to set up the business, uniting people under a common goal – compassion.
DESTINY FOREVER LLC is operated on core values such as Honesty, Integrity, Family, helping others and Trust and this is an integral part of the way business is conducted.
Enson’s efforts are currently focused on delivering essential supplies to the people in the North of Japan. He uses both personal funds and those raised through DESTINY FOREVER LLC to purchase such things as water, rice, toiletries, and other things that will help improve the quality of life for those affected by the March 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami. To date, he has completed over 23 missions, and vows to continue them until the people of the North can continue living a “normal” life.
Enson also works towards helping foster better relationships between groups of people involved in the welfare of animals, this includes his drives down to Taiji to meet with parties that have an interest in the activities around the treatment of dolphins there.
To help him live the values and Yamatodamashii way, Enson regularly walks the Shikoku pilgrimage in the south of Japan. For him it is a way of gaining inner peace and perspective on the life we live, bringing patience, humbleness and gratitude among other things.  Many people from around the world complete this pilgrimage and Enson is one pilgrim that returns to do it in order to exercise his mind, body and soul.
You can follow Enson on his journeys through his Facebook fan page, TwitterBlog or Japanese blog. 
  • Enson’s Tweet about The Professor bracelet in 2018

Always great to see Alex being friends with those who care for others …

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is enson-alex-destiny.jpg

My hula hoop instructor Alex stopped by today. Yeah!

— Alex & Enson

at Shirokiya Ala Moana Center, Hawaii

(2 Dec 2014)

“People who care about people inspire me”

– Alex O’Loughlin,

Oct 2009 during the CBS Live chat



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9 responses to “More about #AlexOLoughlin with @ensoninoue and #destinyforever

  1. Thank you for reposting this. This answered some of my questions about the bracelets and also gives some informations about Enson Inoue. It´s really nice to see two good, caring people together, forming a friendship. All the best to them.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Yesterday I showed hubby the shop link to the Professor (Thank you, B!) with a little, decent, really coy, so not pushy cough. He looked at the price and said something like:
    ‘it isn’t even your birthday’
    me: ‘Valenti-…’
    he: ‘you’re telling me for years now that you think that day is totally stupid… what happened’
    me *whispering*: ‘ok, birthday?’
    He *petting the dog*: ‘you’re cute and just happy being around me, let’s go for a walk’.
    On their way out I heard him say to Pinsel: ‘Should have called you Professor.’

    Liked by 4 people

  3. Cindy

    Is it wrong that I want to purchase the professor? Ok. That didn’t sound right. Lol. Does it matter that i want the bracelet. Can a girl wear this? I don’t do martial arts or jujitsu.? But I really like the fact that it negates negative energy. The cost is hard to swallow but it does go to charity and I would be helping thosein need. I’m trying to justify the cost when I am going to oahu in October. I guess I could give up the cage dive with sharks??


  4. Cassiopea 1000

    Alex and Enson, two men who care about people… It’s really a case of birds of a feather flock together!

    Alex’s design is beautiful. I love the mix of colours, though I guess Alex’s main concern was the meaning of each of the stones. But beautiful it is.

    And Cindy, pay attention to FOYeur’s wise words. Forget the bracelet and take a tour with Trident Adventures. You might -oh, it’s just a tiny, very itsy-bitsy possibility- but you might have the immense pleasure to dive with Alex in person!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Cindy

      Cassiopea, that would make my trip the very best. Trident is definitely on my list. Of course the likelihood like you said is very tiny itsy bitsy. But oh one can dream. Regardless if I was going to do a diving excursion it would hands down be with these guys. They are experts and trained others so I would feel completely safe. They are seals after all. 😉


  5. Cathy Bush

    Absolutely beautiful


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