They Say …. #AlexOLoughlin is Passionate.

Kimee Balmilero who plays Dr. Noelani Cunha, on #H50 and Magnum PI, did a live interview with Amy Bakari this week. During the interview, Amy asked Kimee to describe her fellow workers in one word.

The first colleague Amy asked Kimee about, was Alex O’Loughlin and she quickly answered:


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For me one of the best examples of Alex’s creative passion during his career, is the dedication of writing, directing, and acting in Hawaii Five-0, Episode 10:07.

There are so many other examples of Alex’s passion for things over the years. His dedication to BJJ, his way of approaching a photoshoot like the one for Watch. His passion when choosing the ring for Mick St John in Moonlight. His preparation for Three Rivers and going all out into organ donation. His love for his wife and kids and their home in Hawaii.

What else can you think of that shows his passion?

Whether I was working on a building site or auditioning or moving to the US, I’ve always done it with all of my heart. I don’t know how to do it any other way.

– Alex O’Loughlin, GQ Australia, November 2011


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34 responses to “They Say …. #AlexOLoughlin is Passionate.

  1. Jessi

    I draw inspiration from Alex. His passion and integrity is infectious in positive way. Thank you for being so genuine.💓

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  2. Thank you for finding that interview for us. I must admit, I never cared for Dr. Noelani in H5O but listening to that interview, I have to say, I begin to like Kimee Balmilero. She seems to be smart and what she said about the filimg industrie in Hawai and other things are interesting.
    Her words triggered a couple of thoughts in regard of Alex:
    – She talked about the difference between live theater and film and since
    Alex is a classical trained actor, I thought, how it would be to see him in a
    play onstage. I, of course, have never had the opportunity to see him on
    stage and I´m sure he is good. But I would miss his skills to act with his
    face and eyes which makes the characters he plaies complex and unique
    because in a big theater this wouldn´t be visible.
    – She talked about how the film industrie in Hawaii has developed over the
    years and this also might be a chance for Alex to work in Hawaii
    and maybe be able to do his own projects and also since he loves the
    islands so much and said that you can point the camera everywhere and
    have a beautiful shot (I´m paraphrasing here) I´m sure watching that and
    the stories he might come up with would be awesome.
    – And about Alex being passionate: You already pinpointed it. When he
    says: “….. I’ve always done it with all of my heart. I don’t know how to do it
    any other way.” – and he said that often, it speaks volumes.
    And another example about him being passionate, or better said: compassionate: Do you remember the last day of filming when everybody told how much they liked the show and each other? I remember a video where Kimee Balmilero talked to a group of people on set saying “thank you” and telling them how much she liked the experience and she was was standing there alone in the middle of those people who were standing or sitting around her and when she had finished talking, Alex was the one who came up to her and hugged her. And I was like “How beautiful. What a lovely man.”. I often read that Alex cared for the people on set and this was a beautiful example. So he also was passoinate about the well being of them (and also about the people of Hawaii keeping them imployed, as he said often.) ❤

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  3. Cassiopea 1000

    What else can we think of that shows his passion? An interesting question. We know a lot about Alex, and yet we really know so little.

    For the past ten years, every time he has been interviewed, he has been asked the same kind of questions, all related to H50 and being McG after Jack Lord. Granted that many interviews had a promotion purpose, but even so… On a few glorious exceptions, there have been interviews where we could discover a little more about Alex-Alex, not Alex-McG. I am thinking of the PacBleu or the Inferno interviews, though there may be others I can’t remember now.

    That he is averse to sharing his political or religious ideas I can understand. This is very private and it’s none of our business. But that I know of, nobody has ever asked him what he liked to read and why, what would he have liked to do had he not decided to be an actor, what was the deep creative process that had driven him to write and direct the Doris’ death epi the exact way he did, or stuff like that.

    So how can we know what he is passionate about?

    Though I think that he is passionate about every single thing he does or thinks. This positiveness he exudes (that the right word?) at all times can only come from an intrinsically passionate person. In fact, he says it himself: he always does things with all of his heart.

    I’m sure he eats his infernal Kyoto food passionately! 😂😂😂

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    • In interviews, he mentioned some of the books he has been reading over the years, the music he listens to, and the stuff he would have done if he was not an actor. He seems private, but in some instances, he revealed a lot sometimes. Many of those passions or interests can be found in the interviews.

      “Though I think that he is passionate about every single thing he does or thinks.” << I think that is true. It is all or nothing for him I guess.

      One of the things the PacBlue boys mentioned to us, is that Alex is a very positive guy. They described him as "Super positive and nice"

      "I’m sure he eats his infernal Kyoto food passionately!" << True.

      And it was quite natural that when Malia was once asked in an interview in 2015, how they celebrated their 1st wedding anniversary, she said "passionately". It is a pity that, that online interview with her is now lost. I have wanted to quote it many times.

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      • Cassiopea 1000

        “In interviews, he mentioned some of the books he has been reading over the years, the music he listens to, and the stuff he would have done if he was not an actor”.

        Then I’ll have to check the archives. A lot of work but a very pleasant one!


        • I never worried about trying something different or having a go at something.
          I have always believed that if you want to do something you usually can.- (A B Facey. A Fortunate Life) << That's one of the books he talked very passionate about. I remember it because I'd never heard about it, looked into it (didn't read the whole book -not yet, just glimpses) and found this quote and I think it fits AOL perfectly.
          Still wondering about Moby Dick. I don't think he 'used' it without a meaning…

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          • I think, he used Moby Dick because it´s about a relentless obsession with something (in this case a whale) which caused a fatal ending. And the Steve McGarrett relationship with his mother was also kind of disastrous for Steve because it caused him to be severely wounded mentally again and again but because it was his mother who did it to him, he couldn´t let go.

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  4. Can you be passionate without being compassionate?
    In Alex case he is both.
    And because we talked about Moby Dick and the meaning of this book in ‘DNA’ here’s what I said after watching the epiCsode for the first time. And because esp. this episode is a perfect example for Alex’ passion (I mean writing 60 pages of script just for the opening scene? WOW).
    So here’s my thoughts about Alex’ choices, he did with a passion:
    – The dream Steve talked about was so well crafted.
    He couldn’t hear his mother. Of course not. She wasn’t there for 30 years of his life. She was not only not physically available, even after she was back for a short time, she wasn’t emotionally available as Alex described it so wonderful in an interview.
    And she didn’t hear him. Because she obviously never listened. Her decisions have never been about her family. That was just an excuse. It was always about herself. She manipulated and used others.
    What leads us to the book she read. Moby Dick. That was so fitting! Read it if you haven’t. It was one of the few books I loved to read in English classes. (Oh boy how I hated “Death of a Salesman”. Ugh) Doris talked about life being black and white. No. Most of the time it is not. There is always a middle way, sometimes it is gray. If you don’t find it, if you want to “get life on your terms and not life on life terms” you don’t get it at all. And sometimes it leads to obsession. And obsession makes you blind.
    Captain Ahab destroyed a lot of people, a lot of fates because of his obsession with the whale, the whale who he thought destroyed his life. He didn’t see that the whale had nothing to do with it. He did that all to himself. But he felt like he had to strike back at the world in the guise of the whale.
    The Agency didn’t destroy Doris life. She did. Her decisions did. Leaving her family. Getting her husband killed. Preferring a horrible murderer over her own flesh and blood, her own DNA. That was on her. She didn’t see it. Till the end she didn’t see it. So she stroke back at the world, soothing her conscience deluding herself it’s for her kids. It wasn’t.
    Alex wrote this all in such a wonderful way that I can honestly say about Doris now: I loved to hate her and hated to love her.-
    I hope this isn’t too much off topic, FOYeur, but I think 10.07 is the best example showing Alex’ passion for his craft.

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    • I really love what you wrote and I too think, you hit the nail right on the head.


      • But I don´t agree with: “Preferring a horrible murderer over her own flesh and blood, her own DNA.” How I understand that episode, it was Steve who thought, she did all this because of the informations he had and because that´sb what he thought to see, when Doris was present whren Carmen Luzia (spelling?) murdered the man at the harbour. In the end, at the airport, it turned out she stayed on target. She was serious with her mission to stop Camen Luzia. She made the wrong decisions and she did wrong with what she did to her family and, as you wrote, she tried to strike back to the world. But in my opinion, Steve´s actions caused her death in the end. The German version, we watched on tv last week, left an important part out. Because when Danny showed up in the end to get Steve back to Hawaii, Steve said (paraphrasing) that you can only deal with the information you have, And you can see his reaction at the airport scene when he was told, Doris staied true to her mission. So I think, this was also about guilt and responsibility.
        LOL: I think, that episode caught many of us. It did catch me. I really love it. And I think, you are absolutelly right: Putting so much time, effort, thoughts and dedication into writing, acting and directing this episode absolutelly showed Alex`passion
        My apology for getting off topic, Foyer. If this was too much off topic, please feel free to delete my post.


    • Talking about Alex and his passion for Episode 10:07 can NEVER be off-topic. According to me, that was for him the most important thing happening in 10 years on H50!

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      • Cassiopea 1000

        How right you are! After so many dull scripts to work with, offering little or no creative challenge at all to him as an actor, he must have felt like a bird freed from its cage.

        The freedom to write how his twisted-minded mother had to meet her final fate, which could be no other than violent death, and to build the epi frame to frame, this freedom must have unleashed his long-restricted creativity and been glory to him, no matter if he turned psycho in the process.

        It was a most un-H50 epi, only to be understood by those who have followed the show season after season. But it is one hell of a good, intelligent epi, and Alex was brilliant in all those aspects he took a part in.

        When I think of this epi, I feel that maybe he should focus his career on writing and directing stories, though I want him in front of the camera, not behind. Or not always behind.

        Can you imagine his talent for writing and telling stories coupled with his intelligence, artistic sensitivity and passionate nature? It could lead to some awesome works!


        • He always talks about his dream of his “Braveheart” – and to me, that means taking a brilliant script and direct and star in it as well. If he can come up with such a script on his own, it would be an added bonus.
          He showed us in 10:07 that he can direct himself very well. His portrayal of Steve in it was as good as any of the other episodes.
          Stars like Mel, Clint, and Kevin Costner, and a number of others, showed us that they can still do their best acting under their own direction. No reason why Alex can’t do the same.

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  5. @ Foyer: No, I didn´t know Brett Leonard was part of the “gang”. I just knew about the rest. Thank you for that information.


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