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Goodbye 2020 – Hello 2021

WOW, what is there to say …..?

At first, I thought to write something about the past 8 years on the blog, but in the end, I decided to just add some old /new year’s thoughts from each year.

 I also thought to write a long story about how this year brought out the best and the worst in people. How those who take from others and exploit the vulnerable, just went on and looted even more. And those who care and take care of others stepped up a gear and did even more than before. But lucky for you, I was too lazy to put all that in writing

This year has been tough, and the one to come might, in some ways, be even tougher. But one of the most wonderful abilities of us as humans is that we can adapt and grow even stronger through whatever the world and life throw at us.

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Looking back at our end of year messages over the past 8 years:

(you can click on the links in the titles of each year to see what it was about.)


Let the good times roll…….

  • These words from that post still remain true ….

We appreciate each and every one of you who participate here, by perving and commenting on our posts – We love it and you make it all worth while!!



Happy New Year!

  • The lovely banner which Paula made for that year.

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Looking back at our ‘tortured’ past – High Five for Hawaii Five-0, Season 5?

  • Having some fun with things that happened that year.

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Some Shirtless Treats to end the Old Year of 2015 with a Big Bang

  • These words still remain true ….

It has been a pleasure enjoying Alex with you throughout this past year.

None of us know what this new year will bring, but making the best of it one day at a time, is all we can really do.


Thank you #2016

  • And yes, 2016 still remains the worst year for me; even more than this pandemic year …

I have seen universally how people curse this year for being such a bad year. My feeling is that it is not the years fault  – It was just another year and maybe what it taught many of us, is that life happens when we make other plans.

Without going into much detail, I can say that in most instances, 2016 has been the worst year of my life thus far. But I do not see it as a bad year. It was just a year on the calendar, just as 2017 will be another year on the calendar. It was and it will be what me make of it, regardless of what happens with and around us, and in the world out there.

Little did I know that these words, “life happens when we make other plans.” , would also be the last words that I wrote in a message to an old love who passed away this past year.


#AlexOLoughlin – our gorgeous escape

  • Another one of Paula’s beautiful banners, made for the post that year.

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Happy New Year

  • Did Paula’s wish of that year, came true this past year? Did the planet and nature get healthier this year, while the human race stayed home?

We wish everyone a very happy 2019. And we wish our little planet gets the help it needs, to get healthier.  Cheers to another new year, bring us plenty good news 🙂


*** Happy 2020!! ***

  • And I want to repeat my words from last year ….

However the one thing that these past few years made clear to me, is that a year is not good or bad, because during that one year you might experience something horrible, but something else can also make that specific year wonderful and happy.

Therefor my wishes for my friends these day read more in the line of hopes of experiencing happy and wonderful moments along the line, because wishing for a whole year of only happiness is just not always feasible. And most of the time it is the small pleasures that last longer.

One thing is for sure, the moments spent here with Paula and other Alex fans, have been some of the happiest times for me during the past few years.


  • I want to finish 2020, and start 2021, with a few words from Alex over the years:

Essentially in life, love is everything, whether it’s love for a woman, or love for your kids, your family … at the end of the day, that’s the stuff that’s the most important.

Alex O’Loughlin, April 2010

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  • I think this year told many of us again, that it is those closest to us, who are what is most important in life. And that we need to treasure every moment with our loved ones. I am grateful for those around me, in life, and here online, who were there for me during this year!

“People who care about people inspire me”

Alex O’Loughlin, Oct 2009 during the CBS Live chat

  • For me, the heroes of this year, have been those who took care of the vulnerable and sick. And I am also grateful that I still had the means and ability to be there for others in their time of need.

Every night I lay in bed, and I go “Okay, what can I do differently tomorrow?”. You know, …….. as a husband, as a father, as a friend, as a brother, or as a son. There’s always adjustments that need to be made, you know.

Alex O’Loughlin, Inferno cast, May 2020

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Rather than to complain about what we might have lost, or how others acted wrong during this year, let us maybe reflect on what to do differently to make things better for ourselves and for others.

I recently read somewhere that we should not think that one person cannot make a difference in the world. Why?  Because look what happened when one person made an unfortunate mistake that unleashed something horrible. Something that ended up spreading around the world and influencing all of us. Something that will forever change the history of the world.

Maybe we as individuals, can by consciously doing something good for those around us, change the world to be a better place. Not only today and at this moment, but also tomorrow and for the years to come. Something that will have a ripple effect and influence the world to be a better place.

My wish for Paula and I here at Intense Study, is that this year we can also in our own small way,  help make the world a better place, with and for our fellow Alex O’Loughlin fans……



New Year!


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#AlexOLoughlin complimenting #H50 guest stars

We have been posting a few short clips on our social media sites from the dvd box set bonus disc. We are lucky to have a friend, Jill, who very kindly shared the content with us. Thank you Jill!

I compiled some clips of Alex expressing his kind words on working with some of the guest stars. It comes as no surprise to his fans how beautifully Alex describes these encounters.

Also adding a couple of random fun clips from the bonus disc. I enjoyed Alex´s enthusiasm when the show started a decade ago. How did we never get to hear him whistle that world famous tune till now!

Sadly the clips are only SD quality, maybe one day someone will release these extras on bluray…

Let´s start with Alex´s heartwarming thoughts on these guest stars.

DDK and his bedroom tease 😛

P Diddy messing up his lines…

Nagging D…


Whistling that tune…

Hope you enjoyed these treats 🙂


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