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#AlexOLoughlin – it’s a transitional period of my life


The boys of PacBleu posted the full Alex O’Loughlin interview on their YouTube channel.

We aim to post the transcript parts that were not in the original edited version, as single clips during the course of the next week or so.

This is the first of those clips. We felt it kind of answers the question that fans might have about Alex’s future career …

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They asked him what he has been doing and he mentioned some things, but then we get to this part ….


Alex: Three scripts that I am playing with a little bit. They are three very, very different stories. And one’s a television script and two are films. They are not at any point worth …. they are not developed enough to share right now.

But …. I think this period of time, because I have been working so long, really without breaks. This time has been kind of like a healing time for me. Like it’s been great to just do nothing and just focus on the kids and Malia and myself as well. And just kind of get quiet.

Read a lot of books. I have been reading a lot of books and reading other people’s scripts. And just sort of they to see, because I don’t know what’s next …. I don’t know … I don’t just want to jump on something next. You got to be careful what you do next .

I don’t know if I’m going to do anything next. I don’t know. So it’s .. I’m a little kind of in no man’s land. You caught me in a transitional period of my life

Link to the video clip:


Thank you to the boys for posting the full interview.


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#AlexOLoughlin On Being ‘Green’ – back in 2009

Alex attended The Bash charity event to benefit teen patients at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles on 17 May 2009

  • Present was the Mother Nature Network (MNN), who gauged the level of greenness in Hollywood.

Alex informed them that he not only conserves water and recycles, but that he also rides his motorcycle whenever he can, instead of taking the car. I just try to be conscientious. I try to be resourceful and frugal with what I use,” he said.


(Fanart by Paula of a picture from Dec 2006)


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