#AlexOLoughlin – New Interview

In November 2020 the boys from PacBleu posted a picture of one of their adventures in Hawaii with Alex. ( you can read the story here)

At the time they asked their followers who they should interview and a number of us of course asked for Alex.

They met Alex personally through his wife, Malia, and were able to get the online interview with him recorded in November.

 Unfortunately, there were some delays but at long last, they have now posted it on their blog.

– Thanks, Guys!

This is the link to the interview.


But who are Luke, Corbin, and Sabastian of PacBleu?

From their site

We are Three Cousins who grew up along the shores of the Pacific Ocean.
With PacBleu we are on a mission to shine a light on people, brands, and NGOs who are innovating and living lives of hope, passion, and purpose on behalf of the big, blue, Pacific Ocean.
From Ocean Beach in San Francisco, to Four Mile just north of Santa Cruz, Rincon in Santa Barbara, and the beaches of Kauai and Oahu, the Pacific Ocean is part of who we are.
The ocean is part of who we all are and it is up to us to protect it.​

We will do the transcript post of the interview as soon as possible.


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23 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin – New Interview

  1. lindae5o

    Thank you so much for this interview. It’s great that Alex has a relationship with these three young dudes. I’m glad that he is doing so much with his family, and having so much quality time with Malia, and their sons.


  2. marcerizo

    Thanks FOYeur and Paula for posting the video! and for all your great work, I again made a transcript of the video and mailed it to you. I hope you find it useful.

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  3. Oh my goodness, he’s such a sweetheart. I’m beginning to think that we introverts need to do more to help extroverts out during this time of ‘isolation’. It has hit them hard. It makes sense; for us introverts, isolation is like vacation, for extroverts, not so much. I think we need to share why we feel the way we do. Maybe that will help extroverts deal with it so they don’t have this ‘shadow’ over their faces.

    And if there was a way to send him a message I would definitely tell him not to worry so much about being a good dad. I know my standards are REALLY low, but I have given the topic A LOT of thought over the years (please feel free to disagree, I encourage it), but I think being a good dad (or mum) boils down to:

    1. Take care of yourself!!! – this is not about being selfish, this is about knowing that your kids are looking at you and learning more from what they see than from what you tell them.

    2. Take care of their mum – in ideal world point 1 and 2 are together, but this is not always reality. And while I am a hardcore feminist, families are the only thing above feminism. Taking care of families is more important – however, in this case ‘families’ is not about staying together; people get this wrong all the time. My parents are an example of two people who needed to get divorced as a favour to our family – this is just a note. It looks like Alex is in a lovely marriage and I wish them both all the best.

    3. Be there! – As far as I am concerned, providing for the family is great, but even that is not necessary if the dad (or mum) are there. We all have our own life, but we need to know there is someone who will be there if S hits the fan. So, it’s not about physically being there, it’s about projecting the feeling that you’ll be there. That they are free to go off into the world, experience it for themselves, make mistakes, learn and that there is a person they can always come back to. Part of it is knowing that we all make mistakes. Part of it is knowing that a child is a human being and independent of us, that they will not obey us any more than we obeyed our parents. Part of it encouraging them to be better than us in the name of evolution.

    I think Alex hits all 3 and more, so, he should just chill now. Right?

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  4. This one of the most personal interviews of him, I have watched so far. What strikes me most is how concious he is about the things he is doing like making a conscious decision to stay positive, getting to the bottom of things (what he said about wanting to go to Africa), being a good dad. Well, he certainly is because he does his best, even if he may sometimes fail because he ain´t superdaddy and “just” being human.But even then, his kids will see he did his best and is striving to learn how to do better next time because he loves them. And this is a whole lot. He talked about making choices and you can see, he already achieved a lot in terms of personal growths. And yes, he is motivational to others. I think, he underastimates his ability to be a good role model because of the person he is and what he “gives” to the people who listen to him in terms of knowledge/wisdom/experiance/introspective (whatever you may call it) and not only because of the things he gets done. And of course, it´s cool to see what a family man he has become. Let´s wish him a good and safe time with his family, success with what he chooses to do jobwise in the future (Of course, as a fangirl, I´m hoping for more roles so we can see him often. But it´s up to him to do what is best for him.), time to rest (Yes, he is right. Today´s times are sometimes way too fast. It´s not good for us.) and good health esp. during those times. Thank you for doing the interview Alex and pacbleu. And thanks FOYeur and Paula for keeping us up to date!

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    • Oops: that should be “introspection” not “introspective”.. Stupid English! 😀 😛

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    • After reading the transcript (thank you for doing that for us!), another thought came up: Alex talked about “to be in the moment” and this is an interesting concept imo. Like how is the past, the moment and the future connected? And what importance has it to be aware of the past and the future while you are conciously living in here and now? And this is imo also connected to what Alex said about being a kid and being exposed to books which inspired his imagination, something which is important for a child to be able to grow – and maybe for an adult as well in a more limited way – talking about reality.

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      • I am so glad you mentioned that. As far as that point is concerned, I’m more of the ‘thinking about what will be, what has been’ than living in the moment. For me, a moment is a flaky thing that is both past and future and only has value in terms of becoming past/future. I can’t even separate ‘the moment’. But maybe I need to try.

        From this interview, I’ve realised that I know someone who is so similar to Alex it’s shocking I didn’t see it earlier. The guy I know changed some years ago and the pandemic didn’t have anything to do with it. But, I’ve been thinking about how many of these witty, fast-thinking, open and blunt individuals will change during this pandemic because that would be such a shame. They are gems. I love that sort. The guy I know could crack up the whole room with one sentence. Now, he’s… Never mind. I just miss that so much. It is a rare and wonderful gift to be like that and to be around people like that.


      • He talked about being in the moment in other interviews when it comes to acting.
        Maybe a real good actor is an actor who is capable of being in the moment. Because how can you ‘be’ someone else, how can you ‘be’ another character not just ‘pretend to be’ and play a character xyz in such a convincing way if you’re not in the moment?
        The moment we see Alex on our screen as Steve, Mick, Kevin, Will, Luke etc. Alex is nowhere to be seen. That’s exactly what a friend of mine told me who had the pleasure to see him filming H50. Before he was funny, joking, friendly, goofy Alex and after “Action!” Alex was gone all of a sudden. She said that was amazing to watch.

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        • Yes, he becomes that character – the mark of a truly talented actor .
          And he never looks bored on screen, unless his character needs to look bored ….

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        • Interesting point. So, being committed to the task at hand is like living in the moment? – I can do that, or at least it might be a good place to start. However, I cannot become other people. I have too many people living in my head 🙂 – sounds like a joke, and I wish it was. In fact, one of the characters in based on Steve. Well, at 8PM showing of Hawaii 5-0 he’s Steve, at 6:25AM showing of H50 he’s Alex – just the way the mind works before and after coffee. However, my point is, I am far too aware that this person exists and I keep thinking: what if he finds out I’ve used his face like this? That’s more to do with the future. It’s got to a point where I am considering changing my character’s eyes and adding a mole, just to sort of step away from the risk of insulting a human being sometime in the future. So I’m not really in the moment, am I, even though I am committed to the task? Or maybe I’m not getting ‘the moment’ thing at all 😀

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          • I think it is more than being committed to the task at hand. As an actor it is not to judge the character you play, it is to not let your own current situation, feelings, problems, opinion invade but of course your life experience is important, you can’t tell stories without them as Alex once said.
            And that’s the same with his BJJ, he said if you’re not in the moment, means right there, right now, now other focus you’re put to sleep.
            In a day to day life I think it means of course value the past, remember it, let it influence your present but not in a way it paralyzes you but make the best out of what is right now, appreciate it, appreciate those in your life, be happy, rest in yourself, don’t think about what will or won’t happen.
            If something happens that makes you happy, you laugh and smile, you’re in the moment. Nothing else occupies you – in that very moment. It’s healthy.
            I guess you’re a writer?
            Alex brought me to writing fanfiction (I was an editor, so I always been writing just not fiction), you’ve got no idea how many Steves are in my mind. And Luke. Oh Luke. I wrote a little book, giving Luke some happiness, and now I am writing a sequel… Luke is my weakness…

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            • *no other focus.


            • I had to look up Luke 🙂 Alex was cute when he was younger, but… Just cute. It’s not really motivational. I think he looks much better now. Anyway, if you are sharing your work, I hope you’ll count me in.

              Do you ever get the feeling you might be invading someone’s life by using thier face? This is the first time for me to use someone’s face, and I feel weird, like a person should own ‘copy rights’ to their own face and I am infringing on those rights.

              Now to the main part… Thanks for sharing your views on ‘the moment’. Yeah, I can’t say I’ve ever been in a moment. But I will try to try it 😀 Or am I too old for that? Hmm…


              • I think, you are never too old to learn new things. Life is about learning ´till the end.

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              • Huh? I am not ‘using’ someone’s face. I am writing about Steve or Luke because I am intrigued by the character and his portrayal. It’s not his looks that motivate me. So you would never find RPF with me, and I won’t read such things. Now, RPFs are really weird, disrespectful and incredibly irreverent.
                When it comes to Luke that was such a great performance (even in his younger acting years), and Luke was such an underused character who needed much more attention. Luke was so complex and tragic.
                As for my stories, some of them are free and ‘in the open’ (not Luke, though.) How well versed are you in German? 😉

                But there are some English one-shots you’ll find at -whump2go dot wordpress dot com-, just enter leiCa in the search box.

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                • I will have to watch Luke now… Thanks.

                  How do you describe your character to your readers? Or do you not describe him at all? My character is based on Steve, but it is not Steve. The story is inspired by H50, but it is an independent story. Describing characters is part of the job. In any case, I will be changing the way ‘Skyler’ looks. Just to be on the safe side.


                  • I don’t describe Steve that much. It is fanfiction. People know him. 😉
                    Luke is a different thing. It is written for all folks, those who know him and those who don’t. I describe him the way he looks in the episode of that show, dark hair, special eyes and all, but you know people make up their own mind the way someone looks only those who know the character see him like I am ‘seeing’ him. And for those it would be weird if I change the character’s looks. For example my mother, she knows nothing about Alex but she loved the first Luke story. And as I showed her a pic she said: I never thought Luke would look like that. So the mind is a beautiful place and every reader paints his own picture even if you would describe him the exact way…

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                    • Of course… However, I know. And for me, that’s a problem. So, it’s not really that readers will see this or that – the magic of books is that it gives our imagination a map, but where we will go is up to us.

                      I was talking about to to a friend today. She knows me really well, especially my history with men and all that – us gals, you know how it is. First, she had a good laugh that a man’s face inspired the story. (BTW, just in case you’re thinking I’m against men, I’m not, in fact, I am a danger to them, but that’s a whole different saga). Then she called him: ‘Your Helen of Troy’ – Helen’s face launched a 1000 ships, this face has launched a book, well two, maybe more 😀 Nobody knows what Helen looked like, but we all know about her. But Homer wrote about the war, the woman and her face, were just a ‘footnote’. Maybe I’m overthinking this. I do that.


  5. I waited all Monday for this announced interview until I realised (impatience makes obviously stupid 😉 ) that ‘their’ Monday is not ‘my’ Monday.
    This interview is another proof that all of what we always thought he is – funny, smart, down-to-earth, humble, creative, loving, caring – is … wait for it … TRUE!
    The world as it is now and in general needs more Alexs! (Good thing he breeds and teaches his kids right. 😀 )
    And I need him saying “lazy” like luh-eee-zy in a loop. ❤
    Thanks for sharing, ladies!

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    • Lucky for us we are always conscious of how round the world is since we started the site. Always keep in mind where the other party lives.
      And lucky for us, Paula is a night owl, and awake at all weird hours of the night …


  6. D. Havard

    What a lovely gift on a dreary January day.

    Thank you Paula and FOYeur.

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