#AlexOLoughlin – New old Trident Adventure Picture

We are kind of surprised that anybody would think that yesterday’s post was real at all, and that it was a real journalist and Alex having a conversation in a market in Hawaii.

It was in fact just some fun created by one of our fellow fans. We all know that Alex is a funny guy, but he is not ‘that’ kind of funny.

And of course, the picture in that post, of Alex showing of his organic leek, is also not real. Just us creating a picture to fit the story.

But today we are posting a real new old picture, posted yesterday on Instagram. It was probably taken somewhere in mid-2019, because Trident only started operating in December 2018.

  • From PacBleu


We had so many great times and adventures when we lived in Hawaii and when we go back (home) as we like to think of it but one of my favorites was a few Summers ago when a friend took us to jump out of a helicopter at 50 feet up and then we went scuba diving. I can’t wait to do this again. With #alexoloughlin and #rafigavron and the guys at @tridentadventureshawaii who are amazing. If you get a chance when covid is over check them out!!! #hawaii50#hawaii#explore#navyseals#surf#oahu#helicopterjump#travel#nature#ocean#getoutside#waves🌊#dive#home#letsgo#highjump#gratitude#scubadiving#sharks#turtles#underwaterworld#astarisborn#alexoloughlin#kaneohe#intheair#upintheair#fromabove#throwback

  • Some more information about Trident:

Trident Adventures also branched out to start a new company, where you can learn tactical training.

  • From Trident Adventures on IG:


We’ve had so many requests from you guys about offering more tactical training… so we are making it happen! We’ve started a new company @tridenttacticalgroup and can’t wait to start telling you more about it. Weapons training, hand to hand, Krav Maga, and more. Make sure to follow our new page for updates coming soon!

You can also follow their YouTube channel: Trident Adventures

We do know that Alex, together with fellow actor Beulah Koale, are also partners in Trident Adventures, but we are not sure if they also form part of the new company. I guess time will tell



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6 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin – New old Trident Adventure Picture

  1. Alphamumma39

    Thanks for posting this.
    I wish the team including Alex and Beulah all the best for the future.
    If I wasn’t a tiny 5″ 0′ in height, living in the UK(unless they branch out) I would love to do some training with them.


  2. LOL, I think it was pretty obvious that yesterday’s post was just for fun. Whoever wrote it: I love this kind of humor!
    Now to the new old pic, it makes me giggle that Alex is just smiling knowingly while the other guy seems to be scared… The diving vid isn’t that bad either…
    And Trident? Maybe they want to expand their business in Seattle? Who knows…


    • Cassiopea 1000

      Sure, it was obviously just for fun. Everybody knows you don’t put nutmeg in an Outer Mongolian stew, How could it be a serious post? 🤣🤣🤣🤣
      Now Alex smiling mischievously in this chopper… Yes, this is our real Alex!


  3. CassG

    Thanks much FOYeur. It is always a pleasure to capture a moment with Alex. It has given me a nice warmth on this very cold day.😘


  4. Oh really? Bummer… the hot baths, strong showers, black panthers and shades of black were elements of a great article. Luckily they work even better as a fictional story. And why not make up stories? Though, next time, the author might want to consider writing about Steve. She could have met Steve in the market and interview him.


  5. gracenotpark

    Lol! The “voice” seems so like him!


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