#AlexOLoughlin, A Miracle Encounter!

One find led to others. Although these pictures are from 2015 already, it appears they might be new to many Alex fans.

It is a story from a Japanese blogger called  happyaloha7, and you can read the original here on her site  “I Love Hawaii”.

The story was posted on 25 July 2015, but it seems as if it happened a while before then.

We used google translate to reveal the story behind these images. Knowing that translations are sometimes weird and tricky and we made some changes to hopefully have most of it in better understandable English. 😮

A Miracle Encounter!??

One morning while we were at Diamond Head Market and Grill, and look who my husband discovered behind me.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is happyaloha7-1.jpg

Can you see who is behind me??

The right answer is Steve McGarrett, the protagonist of Hawaii Five-0 !!!! – The actor Alex O’Loughlin.

We soon realized that “Steve “, is here this morning and is ordering something like normal people do.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is happyaloha7-2.jpg

Since he lives in Hawaii, that should be normal, but still, I was only half sure.

Then I heard him chat with the shop staff when he ordered behind my back. I know his voice because I watch the show, and I am a big fan of Hawaii Five-0 – with subtitles of course!

When I heard his voice and his way of speaking I was convinced that it was “wrong” *

(We are not sure if it was maybe Alex’s real life Aussie accent that sounded so wrong?)

I mean, when I look at the photos now, I can see it, but I couldn’t believe it [Laughs]

4 years ago at Side Street In on the strip, I had an encounter with Chin – but this time I was more exited, because among Five-0, I am a Steve groupieup (I like Kono the most)

I was thrilled just to see his face and hear his voice, but I wanted to talk to him….

I thought it would be rude in front of everybody in public, so I watched him. When he received the To Go plate and opened the door of his car and placed his stuff, I called “Steve, right?” I called him by his character name instead of his real name.

I am not good with English and I was excited, so I don’t know what kind of English I was speaking, but I talked for the time being!!? Things like, “I watch your show” & “I love you”

Steve (Alex) was very kind and talked with me for a long time ( I don’t know if it was a conversation)

He saw the fish hook that my husband was wearing, “This is wonderful, where did you buy it?”

I tried to say, “I met Chin, a few years ago”, but I wondered if it came across correctly.

He said “Of course” to our question, “Can we take a picture?”

This is the photo

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is happyaloha7-3.jpg

It was also really cool Like

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is happyaloha7-4.jpg

He was a very kind and lovely personheart

I’ve heard stories of encounters at the Five-0 shooting site, but no way can you talk like this – On this morning at this place and this time, having an unplanned miracle of an encounter.

It was a very HAPPY start to the day up

After  returning to Japan, I watched the show and became more fond of it [laughs] 

And even if I recall it now, my nosebleed seems to start.

(Just  a side note 😛 : In the visual language of Japanese manga and anime, a suddenviolent nosebleed indicates that the bleeding person is sexually aroused.)

After all, the new season is interesting Guu ~.

I am happy to enjoy Hawaii Five-0 for a while more. heart

Is it okay to upload a photo to a blog that everyone can see? I was a little worried, but the photos were taken with a completely OK feeling, and I want the fans to see them. Some people have posted it on other people’s blogs, so I will publish it.

And who is this, for those who haven’t seen Five-0!?? That’s right (explosion)

I met Steve, Chin and Kamekona, who are members of Hawaii Five-0. I wish I could meet Kono someday, but I wonder if that will happen by chance.

Speaking of which, a new member (former SWAT captain) had a meal at Halekulani’s Sunday Brunch last year. I thought it would be a role that would soon disappear at that time, but now that he’s a Five-0 member, it is precious.

So it was a very exciting event …

Maha 1





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8 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin, A Miracle Encounter!

  1. So, he is a ‘good fart’ and then your nose bleeds? I don’t know I don’t know. *lol* 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • What can I say – we can’t make this stuff up. 🙂


    • Cassiopea 1000

      In Castilian Spanish, the Spanish we speak in Spain, “un buen pedo” (a good fart) means a good drinking binge. This meaning is more in accordance with the nosebleed.

      I know that if I were tipsy and met Alex in the street, I’d sure bump into the first street lamp or tree that were on my way, as I woud be so dazzled at his appearance. Being the considerate man he is, he would stop and lend me his handkerchief to wipe my bleeding nose!

      Or how to turn a few scatological words into a romantic story 😄😄😄!


  2. CassG

    My nose would have bled the instant I knew it was Alex!! Most definitely after speaking or taking a pic with him for sure!!😍

    I love this FOYeur and it again shows how sweet, genuine and caring he is with fans.❤

    Liked by 3 people

  3. Jeanette Field

    When will you be coming to England it be nice to meet you Alex thank you


    • Hi Jeanette
      Welcome here, but please know that we are not Alex and the site is not personally connected to him. I also doubt if he will ever read anything on here.
      But we share news about Alex and at any time if news is shared of Alex visiting the UK again, we will of course report on it.


  4. Kathysr

    Thank you for sharing yet another wonderful fan encounter with Alex. Imagine, just standing there in line, minding your own business, then hearing that delicious Aussie accent and gorgeous voice. Suddenly your realize that Alex’s standing in front of you!


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