#AlexOLoughlin & Cast of Moonlight on Carpet at the Paley – 2008 (Transcript)

The cast of Moonlight visited the Paley Center for Media on 22 April 2008. This is a post with some of the video interviews with  Kristin Dos Santos from E! before the event. And also some pictures from the event, which we never posted before.

Transcript of interview with Sophia Myles, Alex & Brian White:

Kristin: At the Paley centre, we’re here tonight with that cast and crew of CBS’s, Moonlight. Which I know so many of you are die-hard fans of. We are going to get to all of the burning questions you fans are dying to know.

Kristin: First of all your hair is adorable. When did you cut it?

Sophia: Thank you. Well, I had to cut it. I wore extensions for the show, for the first season.  And ladies out there, if you have fine hair, don’t go there. It’s so … so basically, when they came out, my hair was just destroyed. So, I went for the snip. And now we’re wigging me at the moment for the first four episodes back.

Kristin: All wigged out.

Sophia: I’m all wigged out. I’m all wigged out, but I’m trying to persuade the producers to let me actually go for… go for the crop.

Kristin: It’s very buff like

Sophia: So just chose much less time in make-up and hair in the morning, having the short hair.

Kristin: So, what can you tell us about is going to be happening in the episodes that are coming out.

Sophia: Oh, it’s very, very sexy. It’s really exciting, because Mick is a human.

Kristin: Hmmm

Sophia: So, the ladies are going to be very happy. It’s all I can say. Yeah, Yeah. It’s also romance. It’s really really nice.

Kristin: What’s up with that tramp, Coraline?

Sophia: She’s gone. I don’t know where she is right now. But I’m sure she’s not going to be away for very long.

Kristin to Alex: How do you see the whole love triangle with Coraline and Beth?  Do you feel that one of them is really his true love?

Alex: I think …uhm …. I think …. I think, Beth is his true love. But the love he has for Coraline is so enormous, that he can’t …. It’s going to take more than this, to get beyond that. And there’s so much history there and she is his wife … like there’s a lot of power there. Plus she’s given him this thing he thinks he hates, but really it gives him the power to do all sorts of great things. You know, for other people. And it’s  … and so the dichotomy there, is enormous. And … ah … and yes, it makes it really interesting. It makes for really interesting television.

Kristin to Sophia: Do you think there’s any chance that they could actually, you know, find happiness together? In any sort of long-term thing?

Sophia: Long term is a difficult question. Because obviously, if she remains human, she’s going to age and he’s not. And lots of other complications, like they can’t have children, unless he turns her into a vampire. So it’s kind of tricky. I wouldn’t recommend … now that I know what’s involved with dating a vampire, I wouldn’t recommend it to ladies out there. It’s quite complicated. But ….

Kristin: Ladies, don’t try this at home.

Sophia: Yeah, don’t, don’t, don’t date a vamp.

Kristin to Alex: Sophia was telling me that the episodes that we’re going to get, coming back, are pretty sexy. There’s some sexy stuff going down.

Alex: Yeah, there’s some sexy stuff …uhm …

Kristin: Mick is now human, correct?

Alex: Now human and Mick is actually now gets faced with the biggest dilemma yet.  Really one of the biggest dilemmas. And that is to be or not to be, really. He needs to make the decision to become a vampire again to save the woman that he loves. You need to see what he goes through. And the obstacles that he has to sort of overcome to make that decision. So, it’s pretty cool. A great scene.

Kristin to Brian White: So, the fans are here tonight to give blood to save the show. How does that make you feel?

Brian: That is amazing. I mean to be able to have that kind of effect on people. And on the world. I mean, it’s a big testament to mister hunk-stud himself, Alex.

Kristin: Is that his official title? Mister Hunk-Stud?

Brian: Yeah, hunk /stud.

Kristin: Mr Hunk /Stud

Brian: Hunk /Stud

Kristin: So, should I refer to him as such?

Brian: You know lots of people are called multihyphenates in Hollywood. I mean, it’s a lot more difficult and a daunting task to be a Hunk-Stud, you know, in this day and age.

Kristin: Yeah

Brian: And I think Alex is bearing the burden with grace. So….

Link to video:

And a short interview with Jason Dohring:

On the video, Jason talks about him and Alex having a wonderful time at the New  York Comic-Con. He also tells Kristin that the one scene from Episode 1:13 (Fated to Pretend) broke his heart. She mentions that he is used to being on a TV show with a die-hard fan base (Veronica Mars). Then he talks about Alex:

Jason: I mean, Alex is so amazing, dude. Like …. You don’t understand the amount of work that he does. Like 90 hours a week. Like twice a full-time job. I mean, it’s unbelievable.

Kristin: More than Kristen Bell did?

Jason: Yeah, I mean, comparable. You know what I mean, ‘cos they’re like kind of the title people in the show. Yeah, it’s amazing. If we did not have, like such a solid actor at the helm, I think we’d be in trouble. But we have Alex. So excited and thankful for that.

Link to video:

Stay tuned for our next post with articles about the event and pictures taken at the event…..


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