#AlexOLoughlin talks to Star Advertiser at SOTB 2016

Series regulars celebrate “Hawaii Five-0” premiere

Star Advertiser

By Jason Genegabus
28 September 2016
(This is just and excerpt of the part with Alex from the article. Please click on the link above to read what the rest of the main cast (Daniel Dae Kim, Chi McBride and Jorge Garcia) and others had to say)


Q: How has your approach to playing McGarrett changed from the first season compared to now?

Alex: I’ve never played a character for this long. The thing I really like about it that I’m really starting to see is that you get an ease that is very hard to find right away in film. You start a movie and once you start really getting comfortable with your character, you’re done.

Q: A lot of fans love the “cargument” scenes that have become a staple of the show. Do you love filming those scenes as much as fans love watching them?

Alex: It doesn’t take me any effort at all to yell at Scott on a regular basis. I take great pleasure in it. For some reason, we’re both outspoken people anyway. So once we start arguing, it kind of comes to us naturally, which is funny.

The first time it happened was when we read the pilot. We just started arguing and it was great.


My thoughts

  • I can’t really recall that Steve yells at Danny a lot. For me it feels the other way around?
  • I sometimes wonder how much of the carguments are ad-libbed? And if so, why it somehow became nastier over time? Or is that just how I perceive it?



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13 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin talks to Star Advertiser at SOTB 2016

  1. LOL, guess all the yelling landed on the cutting room floor.

    And do we want to analyze this? 😉 “It doesn’t take me any effort at all to yell at Scott on a regular basis.”


  2. Kathysr

    Alex and Scott love each other like brothers in real life, and they squabble like brothers, too. Siblings love to give each other a hard time. I think it’s funny. Most of the “yelling” is just teasing. They do it for fun. And the bickering in the car is often for fun, too. They love to irritate each other. It’s their expression of affection. Danny/Scott loves to get under Steve/Alex’s skin. The rest of the 5-O team always teases them about their expressions of love for each other.

    Alex does the best selfies in the world. Always love his expression in these photos.


    • joyfuljaj

      Alex takes the best selfies and every other kind of picture there is too. I pretty much miss the entire point of any article that includes pictures!
      Why is there only one of him in the world?


  3. I guess we know now that several pics of Alex with fans recently appeared to be in a doctor’s office and Alex said he’d hurt his back. Hope it’s not too bad. We will kiss it and make it better 😍. Maybe less stunt work will allow him a few more breaks from shooting and he won’t need to miss any episodes.

    Thanks as always for the posts.


  4. Magnólia

    Obrigada, Paula e Foyeur pelo excelente site! Não gostei da corrida das cadeiras, sem sentido.
    Lamento que o transplante do fígado não tenha sido um sonho muito mau.⚘


  5. Kathysr

    It’s a major bummer to hear that Alex’s hurt his back. It must be very recent, and it’s sounding serious since he actually publicly mentioned it at SOTB. I wonder how he did it? Maybe they can write into the upcoming episodes that Steve’s experiencing complications with the liver transplant and he needs to stop doing the strenuous physical chases. I sure hope he doesn’t need surgery. Ugh. The show will take a big hit if that happens.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. vanduyn

    It’s definitely gotten nastier over time. Knowing Alex I think he was being generous to Scott by saying he yells. We all know it’s the other way around. Maybe not yelling but definitely nit picking 😦


  7. Kathysr

    So are you saying that Alex and Scott really don’t get along in real life? Then everyone should be happy, because Scott will be leaving soon. I love Danny and I love Scott. I’ll miss him like crazy. I think Alex will miss him, too. But maybe I’m wrong.


  8. i heard that alex is leaving the show


  9. kathysr

    Where did you hear/read that?


  10. I thought both Scott and Alex were best buds in real life. That is a shock if they did not get along.


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