More #H50 beach premier pics – #AlexOloughlin

If you are still hungry for those premier pics of Alex (and other cast members), please have a look at Mark Ramelb photos on his flickr album, here.





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4 responses to “More #H50 beach premier pics – #AlexOloughlin

  1. Gluttony is one of my favourite sins 🙂

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  2. Regina Filange

    All I want to do is quit my job and watch Hawaii Five-0 and stare at Alex all day long. Is there a job that I can get paid for doing just that? What this man does to us is unreal. 😜😏😋💗💋💕🔥


    • kathysr

      lol, I love your comment Regina! He is one gorgeous dude. These photos are ridiculously hot. Doesn’t he look awesome at SOTB? He seems to relish the fun. He’s so fun fun to watch with his fans. He’s 100% THERE with them, in the moment, interacting and reacting to them. I love his comment, “don’t yell at me!” when he’s trying to sign something and people are shouting. His fans adore him. He adores his fans. It’s just a love fest.


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