#AlexOLoughlin, Behind the Scenes – Christopher Morris Photoshoot – 14 January 2010

In January 2010, Alex did this photoshoot for an article in Sunday Magazine 


Here is the transcript of the video made on that day.

Alex: Hi, I’m Alex O’Loughlin.


Question: What is the best thing about Sundays?

Alex: My favourite thing about Sundays.

Well I haven’t really seen a Sunday …. Well Sundays …. when you work in this industry, they sort of make you work, every day. So it becomes a big mush of days.

But I think, the picnics in the park.


Question: What do you miss about home, while you’re away?

Alex: I miss the water. I miss the tap water. And I miss the … the ocean water.

Question: What would you do if you weren’t acting?

Alex: Well, I’m not qualified to do anything else, but if I’m going  back and start again, I think I’d do medicine.



Alex: Yeah, because after my last show I’m …….

Question: Who would you most like to share the silver screen with?

Alex: I would most like to share the silver screen with Daniel Day Lewis, I think. Cause he´s the greatest.


Question: What’s the worst thing about fame?

Alex: Ah, the worst thing about fame, is people changing around you. Yeah, I think that’s the worst thing about fame.

You don’t necessarily change, but the people around you start to change, because they think you are going to change. And it’s very odd ……. experience.


 Link to video



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6 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin, Behind the Scenes – Christopher Morris Photoshoot – 14 January 2010

  1. Colleen

    Is it just me or did this interviewer seem a little rude? He never even let Alex finish answering a question. Ok besides that great interview and the pictures are great except for the hat. Not my favorite, I’d love it they gave him an old fedora like the mobsters used to wear. Wow I have a lot of opinions today. Lol. Thanks girls! 🙂


  2. It may be my imagination, but I think the hat and the full beard elongate his already orgasmic nose! UNF! Always a fan of any shirt that gives us peekaboo chest hair and Alex looks delicious in plaid! Although I love his smile in the video, his smoldering CFM look makes my panties smile. :mrgreen: And then there is Alex on a chair….legs spread….mmmm….I’d even sacrifice my bad knee for that. I am so naughty today. Sorry…no I’m not.. 😛


  3. FOYeur Thank you my pet. Not a big fan of the beard but love this interview and pictures. you are a legend!!!


  4. It was a great Sunday in Sydney that day! He was a bit nostalgic about the end of Three Rivers. If he had chosen to do Medicine, i’m sure he would be very successful also, but we all very happy to see how amazing Alex is as an actor.



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