#H50 Season 6 Gagreel is out!!!! #AlexOLoughlin was hilarious (and naughty)

I was waiting for this, like so many others.

Just had to post this right after I watched.

I will start making the gifs and update this post with some, later today (few hours).

Have fun and enjoy our naughty commander 😀


Link to Video:

Love his ewww reaction 😀


DDK fumbling his lines because of looking at our beauty 😉

How cute was his reaction to just having the bag on wrong shoulder 🙂


And it´s over!




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17 responses to “#H50 Season 6 Gagreel is out!!!! #AlexOLoughlin was hilarious (and naughty)

  1. Loved it! Thank you!😍😍😍


  2. Thank you! I always love the Gag Reel!!


  3. They are an adorable bunch of goofs, and Alex of course is the master 😉


  4. gracenotpark

    Thanks for posting. He’s so cuuuuute!


  5. Karen

    I got my DVD for Season 6 today. It was suppose to be deliver yesterday but the courier company didn’t leave it and I had to pick up. I have watched the Special Features except for two items and enjoyed what I watched. Always love the Gag Reels!!


  6. My favorite part of the DVD is always the Gag Reel. Everyone always look to be having so much fun. Thanks for posting. ♥


  7. kathysr

    Alex gets goofier every year. He’s adorable when he can’t remember his lines. He just gets funnier and funnier. I love where everyone’s perched in the high grass, talking trash. They look like a pride of lions ready to pounce!! I love Alex and Scott, always. Wonder just how fast the “almost kiss” will go viral around the world! Everybody is hilarious as usual.

    They just released Season Six on Netflix. FINALLY!! See ya, ladies!


  8. Frenchkick

    Sooooo good I lauģhed a lot ! They have had a lot of good time during this season, they’re just adorable with each other and Aleeex is sooooo cute even with this thing in his nose lol I can’t help myself I’m too obsessed with him ❤


  9. cwtshjan

    Haven’t had my DVD yet. Can’t wait to see this. The man is so gorgeous when he’s being himself.


  10. LOL!!!! How funny can a man be? Love especially this nose-thingie and his heartfelt “EWWWW”!
    I am always shaking my head here about all these beeps. Ridiculous. Penis, Penis, Penis. It isn’t that h… OK, I can’t say that… Lol. Freudian slip, sorry.
    Maybe it’s because of these beeps that a lot of people don’t know about Alex’ answer about what organ he would donate. 😉


  11. I want to see the towel scene for ours. If Alex and Walter had one or two beers the night before?

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  12. Kathysr

    OK ladies, I didn’t get the towel scene at all. Couldn’t understand Alex. What the heck was that all about? Whose Walter? lol, I am clueless on this one!


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