Life around #AlexOLoughlin – a week in review (10 – 16 Jul 2016)

Just a reminder to people on Facebook and other social media, we are NOT Alex and neither are any of the other pages or accounts that you come across (even those who claim being “official”, or act is if they are him). There is only one official social media page that was set up by Alex’s own assistant for him –  Alex O’Loughlin on Facebook. And even there Alex himself never interacts and rarely make any comments himself. Every other page or account or group on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram about him and with his name it it, are just fan pages or fake accounts who want to scam you.

So if you think that you are chatting or interacting with Alex himself anywhere, you are not. In many interviews he mentions his reluctance and lack of time to do any of the social media stuff, and I for one do not blame him for it. When I look at some of the stuff people say when they think they are communicating with him, I am amazed. Most of the time I do not know if one should laugh or cry or just roll my eyes, when you read some of it…..

I also just want to remind people, that we are a fan site for Alex and not for Hawaii Five-0, or any of the other actors in it. If we add anything of some of the others, then it is pure luck for their fans or for the show’s fans.

Life on the Set:

danieldaekim Good morning from #H50 ☀️

credit DDK 14.7.16

dana__park Who would have guessed…Hawaii Five-O filiming at our hotel!
There’s Steve and Danno 😂😂

 dana__park Here’s another pic of Alex O’Loughlin shooting Hawaii Five-O. He was wearing bandage next to an EMS car and the next moment SWAT team was rushing inside the hotel and everything😂 It was fun watching!

 Videos from the Set:

Fan Photos:

  • New” old picture from June 2011 posted this week.

Addicted to Alex O’Loughlin   Photo of Alex taken June 14, 2011. Love the T-shirt 🙂 (p.s. unfortunately the photo was found edited)

Alex - June 2011

The words on the back of the T-shirt are the famous quote from Mohammed Ali: “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.”

My guess is that it was either a picture from a fan who stole a random shot of Alex somewhere, or paparazzi in Hawaii who took the picture back in 2011. I could never find the source of the old picture that we had before (below), which I presumed was taken on the same day, because it looks like a similar setting and the front of the T-shirts show’s Mohammed Ali’s name.

Alex in Hawaii - 2011

News for the week:

A Penny for Your Thoughts:

(Just for fun – sorry I could not help myself)

DDK edit bw

My version  of their thoughts ….. (remember it’s not real)

Scott Caan: Why do I always land these roles where the writers make me look like a whining asshole? Maybe I should get a new agent.

Alex O’Loughlin: Really, Steve is going to do all this action stuff shortly after nearly dying and having a liver transplant. Yikes, Dr Gonzo is gonna freak out when he sees this. Wonder if he’ll still be my mate and take my calls?

Julie Benz: Look, I am standing between the two most gorgeous men in Hawaii. Feeling a bit nervous I guess.

Daniel Dae Kim: I need to smile nicely for this one. Going to post this on IG and hope nobody cuts me out of it. I really wish Grace was not powdering her nose, because I know everybody is going to scream, “Where’s Kono” again.

Chi McBride: I love my job! Life is great!

Something Pretty from other fans:

From BeeM

Nice example of fanart

Some Laughs for the week:

I find it amusing that people do not understand the concept of the freedom of expression and the freedom of use of pictures posted on the internet. Nor do some seem to understand fanart.

Fanart where you use existing pictures to creatively make something else of your own. Something new and pretty, using just the subject of your affection. (And here I of course exclude the constant use of putting faces on other bodies, or creating sexual, naked, or ‘intimate’ pictures that never existed before. In my eyes that is not fanart, but deceitful and shows disrespect).

I am kind of tired of being vilified on social media for using existing pictures from any source to create our own fun. We share all pictures with full credit, but what we do with those pictures after that, is definitely not with disrespect to the original poster. We have a number of different pages and we do not always want to post the same looking pictures everywhere, over and over and over again. And especially not just keep on reposting everything just as all the other 100’s of fan pages do. Maybe it is just a bit too difficult a concept for some to grasp. But I guess we will always have the simple-minded with us – especially those who always want to find something sinister in every small action ……

Hypocrisy and weird logic (coming from a certain very loud faction) in this fandom, never seize to amaze me. And how people believe their own and other people’s bullshit, without actually getting all the facts for themselves, are amusing.

Sorry for this rant. Most of you won’t even know what it is about. But I had to get it of my chest after being made aware of certain conversations on social media.

The words of a fangirl:

Ran into #AlexOLoughlin & #ScottCaan this morning & was absolutely blown away by how genuinely friendly they both were! #mademyday #H50


Most ‘interesting’ search for the week:

  • sex faces what alex oloughlin looks like in the heat of passion

Of course we have an old post from 2013 with this:

Alex O’Loughlin in agony …………………or is it ecstasy?

But there are loads more of these Alex “O” faces to be found.

goofy al bw dl n 3

Next Week:

  • According to my calculation they should be finished with filming Episode 7:01 by now and start with Episode 7:02 this week.

avi new no fr

Relax and have fun with your fangirling.

The real world out there is hard enough!



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15 responses to “Life around #AlexOLoughlin – a week in review (10 – 16 Jul 2016)

  1. Oh, Girls, I am SO with you on your rant/laugh of the week. Some just don’t get it. I didn’t know if i should be amused or angered about some people. But I’m glad you take it all with humor. 🙂

    And I love your version of their thoughts. Perfect.


  2. Marjorie

    I read your article every day you post it and enjoy as l know you only show things that are related to Alex thank you


  3. Karen

    Oh I really love that last photo that you created on this blog! I also love your version of what they were thinking in that photo. That was pretty funny.


  4. Amen sister, that is why I only come here and stay away from any other H50 content. Too much real world problems to bother with fictional character drama. I mean seriously, those kinds of people need to get a life.


  5. I’m replying to fan girl I agreed about the pics I’m sick of people saying that’s mine it’s on the internet unless you took the picture it’s not yours


    • vanduyn

      Sometimes when someone says “that’s my pic” it’s because they edited it. In the case when you are erasing all the back ground and replacing it with something else, that takes a great deal of time. Then you see someone crop your name off and add theirs. I’m pretty sure that’s happening in the majority of cases.


  6. cwtshjan

    in this world we live in which is full of horror and sadness it makes sense to have a safe, warm fun place to go every day to keep you sane. I choose this place because it makes me happy. Thank you for providing me and so many others with this haven full of fun, friends and of course especially Alex. I don’t really care what others outside of this think. This is where I want to be.


  7. gracenotpark

    OMG your version of their thinky-thoughts is hilarious! My first belly laugh of the day. ❤


  8. vanduyn

    Couldn’t agree with you more. We’ve had a few comments in our group as to why we don’t post pics of the other cast member like we do Alex. Because it’s called Gorgeous Alex O’Loughlin!! Plain and simple. As far as the pictures you girls know where I stand on that and I’m glad I’ve never seen (heard) this bitching going on. People have been creating fan art with Alex pics for as long as I’ve followed him. Get over it!! Keep up the excellent work♥


  9. Amen to your rant!!!
    My advice to these naggers? Read fansite’s/account’s name and think. You want something else? Well, take your own time, take your own money, take your own creativity and use it to YOUR liking. And stop making a mountain out of a molehill.
    Paula and FOYeur, I appreciate your efforts to make something new and not re-post and re-post always the same pic like so many others!
    Sorry for my rant here, but some part of the fandom is no fun.


  10. cwtshjan, you said what I feel! I come here to enjoy Alex, and you girls never let me down! Boo to the naysayers.


  11. joyfuljaj

    yep, i’m here for AOL. I have no idea how to cut, edit, crop, or do anything else with pictures or video, so i’m thankful for all of you who do. I’m also thankful for the ones of you who tell us which ones are fakes. The tacky fantasies some people try to create with pictures is just sad.
    For now, I can’t wait to see who Steve was chasing in the above scene and why he came to be chasing someone without wearing his tac vest. Makes me wonder whether he went directly from the hospital to interrogating a suspect… I’m loving the button down… I don’t want the summer to end because i have not made it to the beach yet, but H50 needs to come on. Wish it premiered in August..


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