Goodies from the #H50 set – Pictures from 11 July 2016

Monday 11 July was a busy and a very public day on the set of Hawaii Five-0. With so many pictures to share it would be far too much for the weekly post this weekend. So here we go ……..

Thank you to everybody who posted and found pictures from the set of Hawaii Five-0 this week. I tried to credit those who found rare footage, but in the end there was just too much shares to know who found it all.

The links to the originals are all in the names. Of course our pictures only cover the ones posted with Alex in them. And also most of the pictures here were edited by us from the original (it also make it kind of easy to see who just take these edited pictures and repost it as if they are just the originals, without even mentioning our efforts to share them with everybody.)

And remember to click on the pictures to view them in bigger size.

From the Set:

  • From:

Hawaii Jeep Tours Fans on our Hawaii 50 tour got a real treat today meeting the stars of the show!!From Jeep tours

  • From:
Rebecca Dodds At Waikiki Beach Marriott Resort & Spa.
From Rebecca

Thank you   for the find

  •  From:

daichi.aso Hawaiiに来てから一番の興奮!

From daichi

  • From Tom:

Tuna Tom’s Backpacking Adventure

Fron Tuna Tom's Backpacking Adventure


  • From Cheryl:


  • From Ninja:
You better get back to work. #H50
  •  From appgirl57 :

appgirl57 Caught the 5-0 crew in action. Yay #hawaii50 #oahu #waikikimarriott

From appgirl

  •  From Ted:
Ted Moore … I’m checking into to hotel and look… it’s Lieutenant Commander Steve McGarrett from Hawaii Five-0… filming at the hotel today… — at Waikiki Beach Marriott Resort & Spa.
From Ted Moore
  • From Junko Murakami:

Wow! Finally, the ambition of the HAWAII FIVE-0 Main Cast filming encountered! @ Honolulu, Marriott hotel. I had been in front of the main entrance a long time! # overseas drama #HAWAII FIVE-0

  • From Isla:
Hawaii Isla 808 Scott and Alex prepared shoot in Waikiki Beach
  •  From Michael: (12 July)

monsieurgalaxy #Oahu🏝🏝
↖Steve McGarrett from Hawaii Five-0 (#Live)

From Michael


Fan Photos with Alex:

  • From Amy:

Amy Bakari  McGarrett Fix S7

amy bakari edit by beem

(Thank you BeeM for this edit above and all the help finding pictures)

From Amy Bakari (12 July)

  • From Lexy:

lexy_bunnell Interrupted the filming of Hawaii five-0 yesterday

bts s7 lexy bunnell edit 2(Thank you Paula for this great edit )



  • From Alan Sun:

asun911  Alex o’loughlin



asun911  Season 7 Filming in Waikiki Today


  • From Isla:

Hawaii Isla 808   Alex and Scott little chat today at Waikiki Beach in Hawaii.


Please let us know if you know of any footage of Alex from the day that we have missed out on!

The end


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12 responses to “Goodies from the #H50 set – Pictures from 11 July 2016

  1. WOW, very good week for fangirling 🙂


  2. Kath40

    YAY! I’m in Alex pic heaven. Thanks to everyone for sharing their photos and videos as H5-0 gets up and running for season 7. 😀


  3. Karen

    Just love seeing all these BTS photos and videos. Can not wait to see Season 7.


  4. cwtshjan

    After such a drought we have a flood of goodies. Happy, happy, happy. Many thanks to all.


  5. Sunflower

    I just love the one with Malia visiting him at work. Such a normal couple. Wonder if she brought him his lunch and a little snack.


  6. Reblogged this on alex the manDeniseolo's Blog and commented:
    Can’t wait to see


  7. Lol, I just love the guy photobombing the first pic. His smile makes me smile!
    And now I know why they made the….. *cough* choice to give Steve a new liver. It’s the easiest way to cover the tats! Damn. So stupid.


    • I never noticed the guy at the back – only have eyes for Alex (shame on me)
      I think that bandage must be for a new injury. Such a big warp-around bandage looks like overkill for any type of operations or surgery even directly after the surgery. They tend to not cover up wounds for too long. I guess we will have to wait and see what it is for.
      In any case after the finale I do not have hope that they would show any accuracy in anything medically related. 😦


  8. Yeah, I wondered about that too. After roundabout 6 to 8 weeks after the transplant, when you’re getting discharged from the hospital, he would not have such a big bandage. If anyway… But this is show, realism sometimes goes poof… So they use it as tattoo cover – maybe.
    I am more afraid of the other ‘oh so funny’ make that most annoying stuff.


  9. I love all the BTS shots. After the summer drought, we are flooded with new, wonderful pictures. Great job, ladies!


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