Pic for the day – Steve soooo pretty again

Alex is just phenomenal. He’s such a good actor. That first big confrontation scene in the first episode, I felt, ‘Ah, this is so great. I don’t have to do any work, because he’s so great. I just have to look in his eyes and respond.’

“He’s talented, boy. He’s the real thing.” – Christine Lahti on working with Alex



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The Steve McGarrett Story – No #30

We continue our story from here

Steve 30

The team work on a case that ends up with Steve having to take the place of one of their innocent suspects in an MMA fight. Steve injured the guy’s shoulder, while trying to apprehend him. The guy ends up being innocent, but he was supposed to do a charity fight – Steve takes his place.


Hope you enjoyed that :razz: . Let’s get on with Steve’s story………..

Steve meets Joe and an old friend of Joe’s, Kensi Blye from NCIS branch in LA.

Joe: I needed help analysing the footage.

Kensi: According to Joe, this meeting between Governor Jameson, WoFat and your father, was recorded by a surveillance camera in Governor Jameson’s office over a year ago. Only you have no idea what he’s saying because the audio sucks.

Joe: What she means is that the audio file is unrecoverable. I flew agent Blye in from LA. She’s an expert lipreader, and we can trust her.

Steve: Listen, you got anything yet?

Kensi: Right. So I managed to decipher some of the conversation. They exchange pleasantries. And small talk, small talk, small talk. Until here. Your father said something that gets a reaction.

Steve: What does he say?

Kensi: He says, “I want to know about Shelburne.”

Steve: Shelburne?

Steve 31

Kensi: And then your man, WoFat, responds by asking: “Who told you about Shelburne?” And that’s when your father turns around, and I can’t see what his response is. But WoFat clearly tensed up at the word “Shelburne”.

Steve: Shelburne?

Joe: That mean anything to you?

Steve: No.

WoFat surprises Joe at his place.

Joe: What do you want?

WoFat: I want to know why you are asking questions about men that are no longer with us.

Joe: I’ll stop asking questions, when you tell me about Shelburne. What does it mean?

WoFat: You’ve done more work than I could have imagined, old man. Would you do me one more favour?

Joe: What’s that?

WoFat: Tell John McGarrett that his son will be along soon enough.

The two of them fight, but as Joe reaches for the gun, WoFat slips out and disappear.

Joe & WoFat

The next day after Steve’s MMA fight, Joe sends him a message to meet him at Mokoto’s

Steve: Joe. What happened to you? Where’s Mokoto?

Joe: He’s dead.

Steve: Dead? What happened?

Joe: I got here. Door was open. His body’s in the study. It looks like he was tortured.

Steve: What?

Steve 56

Joe: Who would torture an old man in a wheelchair?…… WoFat ……

I don’t understand. Why would he come here? How did he know about Mokoto?

Joe: WoFat paid me a visit last night.

Steve: What are you talking about?

Joe: He got the jump on me. And then he disappeared.

Steve 57

Steve: Did you tell him about Mokoto?

Joe: No, but he must have known.

Steve: Okay, WoFat is either cleaning house, or he is looking for answers, right?

Joe: We did this.

Steve: What?

Joe: Our questions got Mokoto killed.

Steve: No, Joe. WoFat started this, and I plan to finish it.

Joe: You continue to go down this road, son, you gotta ask yourself: “How many more lives is that gonna cost?

  • Of course it was Jenna who told WoFat about Mokoto.


Steve 58

 - Hawaii Five-0; Episode 206 -

Ka Hakaka Maikaʻi (The Good Fight)

To be continued……….


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The Steve McGarrett Story – No #29

We continue our story from here

Steve 04

The team catch  a case of a murdered volleyball coach. While investigating they meet his landlord Karl Joyner. As it turns out Karl was laundering money for the dirty ex-cops Kono was undercover with. Karl’s wife decided to leave him and with the help of the volleyball coach, cleared out Karel’s bank account and moved to a motel. What they did not know was that the money in the account belonged to Delano.

Chin and Lori wait at the motel for Trisha Joyner to return, but a gunman arrives. They wound him, but he gets away together with his driver – Kono. He dies while he and Kono is driving away. Delano tells her to get rid of the body.

Chin: Hold your fire.

Lori: Why?

Chin: The driver. It’s my cousin.

Chin & Lori

Steve confronts Chin about the situation. None of them have any clue that she is working undercover for Fryer.

Steve: You wanna tell me what’s going on?

Chin: I didn’t know it was this bad.

Steve: Why don’t we start with what you did know?

Chin: I knew what we all knew. Kono lost her badge. She’s been in a bad place. Steve, she hacked into the HPD database using my password. When I asked her about it, she said she wanted to see her case file.

Steve: What’s her connection to Joyner and his money laundering business?

Chin: I don’t know. I’ve never seen her with the thug she was with today. She’s hanging with guys like Ray Mapes now.

Steve: Who is Ray Mapes, Chin?

Chin: Ray Mapes is an ex-cop. He lost his badge when he got caught shaking down drug dealers. I figured  that she was feeling like that’s all she was good enough for. I know that feeling.

Steve: How’d it get this far, huh? Why didn’t she come to us?

Chin: I don’t know. I don’t know what she’s into. I don’t know how deep she’s in.

Steve: I don’t know if we can protect her anymore. Do you understand that?

Chin: I know. I should have told you. I should’ve. I’m sorry.

The team track Kono through her phone and arrest her.

While interrogating Kono, Captain Fryer arrives.

Steve: Hey. Captain Fryer, what the hell are you doing here?

Fryer: You’re done here McGarrett. Kono, get up.

Steve: Hey, hey! She’s in custody.

Fryer: Oh no. She’s mine.

Steve: What are you talking about, she’s yours? This has nothing to do with IA.

Fryer: Wrong again. She’s working for me.

Chin: I can’t believe you didn’t bring this to me. It went too far.

Kono: Fryer said  he’d go after the rest of Five-o with IA investigations, if I didn’t cooperate.

 Fryer: IA has been running an undercover operation on a ring of dirty ex-cops. They shake drug dealers, human traffickers, all over the island. They drop dozens of bodies, including Brian Scartelli’s, your dead volley ball coach.

Steve: And Karl Joyner? Huh? That’s who he was laundering money for. Why would you not loop us in on that.

Fryer: I could not risk it. You understand that. These guys still have contacts inside HPD. I’ve been circling Delano’s organisation for 3 years. Now Kono was just making inroads. She’s as close as we’ve ever gotten.

Kono goes back in undercover and accompanies Delano and his team with Trisha to the bank. The Five-0 team with Captain Fryer and HPD wait outside the bank to arrest them. Inside the bank the personnel gets suspicious about the situation and Delano wounds Kono in a shootout.

Exiting the bank with a hostage, Delano gets shot by Captain Fryer, his ex-partner who has been hunting him for 3 years. Unfortunately he did not kill him – both himself and Chin will be seriously affected by that later on.

Steve: Hey, Fryer.

Fryer: Yeah?

Steve: Listen [Steve hits Fryer] Nobody messes with my team, all right?

Fryer: Duly noted commander.

Steve: Let’s go home…

The team


- Hawaii Five-0; Episode 205 -

Maʻemaʻe (Clean)

To be continued here


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The Steve McGarrett Story – No #28

We continue our story from here

Steve 28

In the locker on Molokai, Steve got the evidence of the Governor and WoFat meeting together with his dad, but the audio of the video was deleted. Without the audio they do not really know what the meeting was about. From the date on the video, it looks like it was recorded nearly a year before John’s death. It seems suspicious that John McGarrett would be meeting with them. Steve needs answers.

Joe: So what is on your mind son?

Steve: I need to know why my father was meeting with WoFat and Governor Jameson. Okay. I need to know what was being discussed on that video.

Joe: I told you. I got DOD working on extracting the sound, but it’s not an easy job. The audio was scrubbed.

Steve: It’s been four weeks

Joe: Yeah well, that’s the DOD, son. Nothing happens overnight.

Steve 01

Steve: You remember Joe White?

Cath: Your old commander?

Steve: Yeah

Cath: Yeah I heard he’s overseeing SEAL Team training at Pearl now.

Steve: Yeah, he is. Look he submitted a piece of intel for analysis, okay. It’s a video I’m trying to pull sound from. DOD has been sitting on it for weeks now. I was hoping you could check the status for me.

Steve & Cath

A while back Chin realised that someone logged onto the HPD, using his password. Charlie Fong traced the IP back to Kono’s computer. When confronting her, Kono told Chin that she just wanted to look what HPD had on her in her case file, in order to help her with her defence.

Frank: Good old cousin Chin. He’s back with Five-0, is that right?

Kono: Yeah

Frank: And you used his password to get me those HPD files? I can’t decide whether that was, uh, really resourceful or incredibly stupid.

Kono: Look Frank, you came to me for access. I got you access. Chin won’t be a problem. I’ll make sure of it.

Frank: You better. Because of he starts poking his nose where it doesn’t belong, that’s gonna be a problem  for all of us. I might not handle it as delicately as you.

Steve: So,uh, you hear anything back from DOD about that surveillance video yet?

Joe: Still no word.


Steve: I just can’t shake this feeling that there’s something you’re not telling me.

Joe: Well try harder.

Cath: Orders came in today and I am being sent TAD (Temporary Additional Duty) to NAVCENT (United States Naval Forces Central Command). My fight for the Gulf leaves tonight.

Steve: Tonight?

Cath: Yeah.

Steve: Wow.

Cath: Yeah. So…..

Steve: Yeah.

Cath: Anyway, um, before I left I just wanted to get back at you about that thing you asked me about.

Steve: Yeah.

Cath: I checked with the DOD, and they haven’t received any intel request from Commander White.

Steve: You sure about that?

Cath: Yeah. I’m so sorry.

Steve: Yeah.

Steve: You never gave that video to the DOD, did you, Joe?

Joe: No.

Steve: You know what? I know he was your friend, but he was my father. Whatever it is you’re trying to protect me from, I can handle it, you understand me?

Joe: Did you ever think that maybe you’re not the only one I’m trying to protect?

Steve: What are you talking about?

Joe: Risk versus reward, Steve. How much damage you willing to do your family, to your family’s name? Because whatever is on that video is not gonna bring your father back.

Steve: I need to know

Steve 49

- Hawaii Five-0; Episode 204 -

Mea Makamae (Treasure)

To be continued here


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The Steve McGarrett Story – No #27

We continue our story from here

Steve 12

Steve and Joe do some bonding on the Ulupa’u Crater Rifle Range…..

Joe: Good to know your father’s rifle still seems tight.

Steve: Yeah, he taught me how to break it down before I was allowed to fire a shot.

Joe: He told me about this place. Your father wanted to bring you here.

Steve: He promised me a hunting rifle for my 16th birthday. Then things changed.

Steve: So when are you going back to Coronado?

Joe: I’m not. I put in for a transfer to Pearl Harbor. Overseeing SEAL team training.

Steve: Really?

Joe: The island seemed like a pretty good place to wind it down.

Steve: The thing is Joe, I mean you’re not really a fun-in-the-sun, hang-loose-aloha type.

Joe: They let you stay.

Steve: Yeah, they did.

Joe gets a call about the death of one of his old SEAL students. It is ruled as a suicide, but something seems wrong and Joe asks Steve to investigate

It seems like Kono is doing a good job with her undercover work for IA. She meets with Frank Delano, a corrupt ex-cop. (Frank Delano –  In about a year’s time, he is shot and killed in cold blood and at close range by Chin, as revenge for his wife Malia’s death)

Frank: You want a drink?

Kono: No thanks.

Frank: I don’t trust cops who don’t drink. Especially ex-cops. So have a drink.

Kono: To Captain Fryer.

Frank: Don’t worry. Fryer and his IA rat squad will get theirs.

Kono: Not soon enough.

Frank: Listen Kono. I don’t wanna sit around all day and play footsie. A person with your skill set and job experience has a certain value in my line of work.

Kono: And what kind of work is that?

Frank: It’s kind of like police work. Except the bad guys we take down, we don’t read Miranda. We just take their money.

Kono: So you provide a public service.

Frank: Something like that.

Kono: So why am I here?

Frank: I have a job opening.

Kono: What kind of job?

Frank: I think I’d like to ease you into it first. Provide us with some information about an upcoming HPD raid, and we’ll see how that goes.

Kono: How do you expect me to get you that kind of information?

Frank: You’re a resourceful woman, Kono. You figure it out.

After the suspicious deaths of two SEAL’s the team follow the leads and working with Commanding Officer Wade Gutches, they track down an assassin who is killing the members of SEAL Team 9 on behalf of a drug cartel. Steve saves the one SEAL,  Lt. Bradley Jacks, in mid-air when he is tossed out of a plane while drugged and unconscious. As reward for the save and the intel they collected, the team is allowed to watch the raid on the cartel.

Danny: You did that stuff?

Steve: I neither confirm nor deny

Chin: I’m glad you’re on our team.

Lori: Me too.

(For me Danny’s question here is kind of strange  – I’m pretty sure that is what SEAL’s do – especially if you have been one for 10 years? :grin: )

Steve 39

 - Hawaii Five-0; Episode 203 -

Kameʻe (The Hero)

To be continued here


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