Alex talking about Three Rivers -TV Guide bts interview

Another transcript of and old interview, loaded with gifs, cause he looked so funny :D Enjoy!

It’s called Three Rivers. It’s set in Pittsburgh, where the three rivers of that area meet. It’s a transplant hospital and it’s the best in the world. And I play a keen young cardio-thoracic surgeon. My character is actually based on a real person, a surgeon called Gonzo Gonzalez-Stawinski who works out of Cleveland clinic.

tvg-iv-1I was obsessed with whether or not I was a fainter and he was like, “You don’t know untill you see it. And then you either hit the deck or you’re okay”.


And he somehow managed to get a cap and a face mask on me, without me even really realising, cause I was engaging.


And into the OR, and I was like yeah, blah blah blah and he was yeah, blah blah blah and by the way look at that. And I was like ‘Yeah, OhMyGod”. And he was like and off we go and took me out.


It was sure enough an open chest cavity, the beating heart and a breathing set of lungs, and I was “FUCK”.


What  did surprise me was how resilient the human body is on the inside.


And how you can just kind of throw the organs around and sort of move stuff out of the way and stick something in there and wedge that back and put a clamp in there and like tie that off and hold  that. And I’m like, “Dude that is lungs and a heart and that’s a panaceas. Be careful”. He took me back in later and I was fine, not for one minute did I feel queasy.


It changed my life. I went away from that, feeling like I’ve made the wrong career choice. Feeling like I called my dad and “I’m feeling upset mate. And I’m just a lowly actor and I’m with all these people who makes such a difference.”


Yes, there’s I bit of like, “If only you were really a doctor. If only you went that way”. I think, I’d make a really terrific doctor, because I would always have huge jars of candy around the office.


Well I can juggle. I was bored one summer as a child and I taught myself to juggle. I started with ping-pong balls and I moved onto walnuts. I can juggle anything.


Hi, it’s Alex O’Loughlin from Three Rivers and you are watching TV Guide



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Our Mick – Or-gasm-o-meter: Moonlight #6

This episode was all about the hotness of being a vampire! The glamour of  it that would make humans want to have it. Yet Mick is here the voice of reason, saying that he does not want to forget what it feels like to be human……….

Let’s see how satisfied Mick and his vamp allure left us fangirls feeling after this episode……….

1. Letting the eye brow(s) do the work:


LurxGirlMy fingers are twitching to gently brush the hair away from his face and lay gentle kisses all over his beautiful face. The sweet lifting of the brow and his panty dropping smile have me weak in the knees. 10

FOYeur: The sweetness is in the smile and the face is just adorable. Some part of me thinks he needs to be comforted and the other part of me wants to make sweet love to him! Not that much of the eyebrows to be seen though - 8

Average score for category 1: 9

2. Teasing us with the ‘pink beast’  :razz:


LurxGirl: His aren’t the only lips wet as result of this delicious oral display. Thinking about that soft scruff against my sensitive skin. *shudder* I give this a thigh quivering 10! 

FOYeur: This scene is up there as one of my top five of all the Moonlight scenes. Mick remembering being human, not wanting to forget the life of the living.  Alex is just being GORGEOUS here! The tongue, combined with this perfect face and the chin dimple can’t get less than 10

Average score for category 2:  10

3. Haunting us with ‘Dat FACE’ :


LurxGirl: The gif from the club is my absolute favorite! Thanks for including it. The psychedelic lighting, sex induced music and Lola’s taunting “Don’t you want to do more than just look?” Oh ,Lola you have no idea what I want to do to this man! Forget about the Black Crystal, I want the real thing! Dying to be filled with Mick and drained by him at the same time. *shudder* Those eyes bring me to my knees, which has its’ advantages. :P This gets a “high on Mick” 10! +++

FOYeur: NOT fair LG – ” Being filled by Mick” is making my fangirl fantasy meter going crazy!! :razz: And the line from Lola: “Remember darling, half the world is night“! …sigh….  If he ever looks like that at me, I will most probably be served with a restraining order for what I will be doing ……… 10
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Mick getting seduced

Get ready for Moonlight 6 Mick-O-meter post. Here´s something to help you get in the mood for the hottest vampire ever…




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Just another quiet Sunday treat …….

Just Alex

Just Alex

My parents have always been very proud of me. They’ve supported me the whole time. My parents are awesome.

- Alex O’Loughlin, TV Guide Magazine, August 2009


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Re-decorating with Alex and the couch

Happy Easter! I made you some colourful Easter treats. No bunny ears but I´m sure this man will satisfy your cravings for a while. The nicest surprise is, of course, under the wrapping ;)

tvg-red tvg-yellow

As an actor you get used to hanging your hat somewhere and calling it home. I’m good at that.

- Alex O’Loughlin, TV Plus, October 2013

tvg-orange tvg-purple tvg-green tvg-outt-couch-blue

 Because of how my life has panned out, I’ve had to learn to adapt. I went to a lot of schools and lived in a lot of places, so I learnt to make a little sanctuary wherever I was.

- Alex O’Loughlin, Sunday Magazine, 2 May 2010

Kitty lovers, don´t forget to click on the pics :)


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