The Steve McGarrett Story – No #86

We continue our story from here

A journalist, Sean Hutton, asks Steve some questions about Grover’s past. He is writing an article on the “facts” about why Grover left Chicago and a promising career, to come and work in Hawaii.

Just some trivia: Chi McBride’s name comes for Chicago. His birth name is actually Kenneth, but he was born and raised in Chicago and took on the name Chi, derived from his hometown.

After some initial resistance, Grover tells Steve what happened in Chicago. A man was holding his own boy hostage and said that he would kill the boy and himself because his wife wants to take the boy away from him. Because Grover knew the man from previous incidents with the family, he was handling the negotiation in the hostage drama himself. Unfortunately the man shot his son and then himself. Grover waited to move in with SWAT while reasoning with the guy, and that gave him the time to shoot and kill his son and himself.  The sight of that little boy still haunts him.

Grover: I hope you never see something like that man, because you remember for the rest of your life.

Steve: You made a call Lou, all right. It’s not your fault, what happened.

Grover: That’s what they told me. That’s what I told myself.  But I still couldn’t get passed the idea, if I done one thing, just done one thing differently, that that little boy would still be alive. Chicago PD cleared me, but I couldn’t get passed it. I was fighting with my wife, and I’m yelling at my kids. The best friend I had in the world, I get into a little argument and I end up punching the guy. And I spend so many nights, late at night pacing the floor in my livingroom, my eighth beer, my ninth beer, my tenth beer. And I’m angry, trying to……. I’m counting all the people that pissed me off that day? And I’m asking, “What the hell is wrong with everybody?”

Well eventually I figured out what the problem was, and it was me. And unless I wanted to ruin my career and wreck my marriage, I had to get the hell out of Chicago, man. Because driving down those streets, every little kid I saw, was Christian Molina. So, I put in for the job out here and figured, why not put six thousand miles and an ocean between me and my problems. And then this Sean Hutton is coming around, and he’s bringing all that back to my front door. And I’ve gonna have to deal with this all over again. All the guilt. All the questions.

Steve: You got my full support.

Grover: I really appreciate that, man. That’s why I came down here to talk to you. I know you got things you’re keeping inside. You got to get those things off your chest. Or I swear, they gonna press the air right out of you. And then you’re gonna end up just like me.

You know what I’m trying to say, right?

Steve: Yeah

After Steve heard Lou’s story, he decides to try and appeal to Sean to drop the article.

Steve: Thanks for coming.

Sean: You changed your mind about going on record?

Steve: No, I’m afraid not, Sean. Listen, I know what happened in Chicago, all right. And your facts may be right, but you are way off base about Captain Grover. He’s a good man and he’s a great cop.

Sean: Who made the wrong call and got a little boy killed. I’m surprised by your support for him Commander. One of the first things Grover did, when he rode into  town, was file a grievance against  you.

Steve: Which was withdrawn.

Sean: So you owe him a favour now?

Steve: That’s not how it works.

Sean: Why are you defending him. I don’t get you.

Steve: You don’t get. No you don’t GET me. You non-operators, you sit on the sidelines and you judge us in the field. You’ve no idea what it’s like. The hard decisions we have to make every day, going down range. And the consequences we have to live with forever.

Sean: Are you speaking for Captain Grover, or are you speaking for yourself?

Steve: I’m speaking for anyone whose ever had to do this job. I’m also asking you, leave this one alone.

In the end Steve got Sean to pull the article about Grover. Steve promised him a favour down the line some day, in exchange for it…..

Grover: You know that’s going to come around and bite you in the ass, right?

Steve: Yeah, maybe. That’s a problem for another day, right. Listen man, I really appreciate you telling me about Chicago.

Grover: Well perhaps some day you’ll tell me why you came back home.

Steve: Yes, some day.

I always disregard any deleted scenes, that might be included on the DVD’s. To me they don’t exist, because they are not part of what any regular TV viewer can see and therefore can’t be seen as part of the story. But I just want to mention, that the deleted scene of the group session Steve attended, that we posted a while back (link), would have been included at the end of this episode, if I understood correctly. (Instead the episode ended with a father daughter talk between Danny & Grace)

The majority of fans said that they can’t believe it was excluded – and I understand it. But I personally feel that if they want to deal with any trauma in Steve’s life, a short scene like that would really not mean anything. It will need at least a whole episode, or something over at least a couple of episodes to address it. Who knows, maybe Episode 100, is that episode that deals with it – not that I am holding my breath on that one. :grin:

Just some more trivia: This was another ‘Steve/ Grover episode’, directed by Jerry Levine (Nina Tassler’s husband). Just like with Epi 408, on which the two of them did the commentary.

- Hawaii Five-0: Episode 415 -

Pale ‘la (Buried Secrets)

 To be continued ………….


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505 promo – more suited McHottie

I couldn´t resist any longer, had to make these too. There will be nothing for me to cap on Saturday anymore ;)




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The Steve McGarrett Story – No #85

We continue our story from here

Steve shows us that he is a man of his word. Even when he promised a man at gunpoint that he will investigate his case, he keeps his promise. When they overpower the kidnapper and have him safely cuffed again, Steve decides to outrun HPD and find the man’s witness……

Danny: What are you doing. Whatever it is you’re doing, don’t do it, please.

Steve: Danny, guilty guys, they run. They don’t kidnap a couple of cops to proof that they were framed.

Danny: Good. So we drop him of at HPD and we look into the story ourselves.

Steve: No, we don’t.

Danny: We don’t?

Steve: No we don’t. We gave him our word. We track down Okama, before we hand him over to the cops. That’s what we gonna do.



 - Hawaii Five-0: Episode 414 -

Na hala a ka makua (Sins of the Father)

To be continued…………


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The Steve McGarrett Story – No #84

We continue our story from here

413 (3)

I was only going to write a few words about this episode, but in light of what happened  with Chin and Gabriel in the first few episodes of the new season, I decided that in the end, it might have a bigger influence on Steve and his Ohana, than I first thought. So maybe we should have a closer look at it.

The team catches a shocking case when a man is found dead in a warehouse. He was tortured and killed.

Max: Based on the physical morphology of the injuries, I estimate several hours of systematic torture.

Chin: Something like this, can be cartel related. Drugs, money, murder for hire?

Steve: If that’s the case, who ever ordered this, is a major player in that world.

The man suspected of ordering the torture, is the boss of a Mexican Cartel, who arrived in  town earlier. He turns out to be Gabriel Waincroft, Chin’s long forgotten brother-in-law. Fifteen years ago Malia asked Chin to help her brother to get off on an auto theft charge. It seems that that was the beginning of his successful “career” as a criminal.

It turns out that for his initiation into the gang at that time, Gabriel had to pull off  an armed robbery at a store. Chin’s father, who was also a cop, was off duty at the time, but happened to be a customer in the store. Because Gabriel did not want him as a witness to his crime, he shot and killed him. John McGarrett and Chin, investigated Kam Tong Kelly’s murder even after the initial leads did not pan out. After seeing Gabriel’s new gang-tattoo and him matching an eyewitness description, they suspected Gabriel, but they were never able to prove anything against him………..

In present day, the team follows the evidence in regards to the tortured man and in the end they catch Gabriel. During a gunfight, Chin follows Gabriel onto  the roof of a building. Chin takes aim at the fleeing Gabriel, but then lowers his gun, and shoot Gabriel in the leg.

Gabriel: I’m bleeding

Chin: I can see that.

Gabriel: You gonna call an ambulance?

Chin: What I should do, is throw you off this damn roof.

Gabriel: And I should do the same to you for not protecting my sister. Because of you, she’s dead!

Chin: You murdered my father, you son of a bitch. Tell me why. WHY?

Gabriel: Wrong place, wrong time.

Gabriel: I did not have a choice.

Chin: You could have put the gun down.

Gabriel: And gone to jail. No way. I don’t do time.

Chin: Well you do now.

Gabriel: Wait, I’ve got $25 000 000, in an overseas bank account. It’s yours. All you’ve got to do is turn around and walk away. Twenty-Five Million dollars, is more money than you will ever see in 10 lifetimes as a cop. What do you say?

Chin: You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say, can and will be held against you. You have the right to an attorney. If you can not afford an attorney, one will be appointed for you.

413 (27)

Steve took quite a long time to catch up with Chin and Gabriel on the roof :grin: , but he arrives just in time to see Chin turn down the money offer and arrest Gabriel. You can see how proud he is of Chin.


Internal Affairs is investigating Chin, because they suspect that he was aware of Gabriel’s criminal activities over the years. They are also looking for the $25 000 000, Gabriel might have hidden somewhere in a bank and think Chin might know something more about it. During their investigation they also speak to Kono and Steve.

Steve: No Chin Ho Kelly never went into detail about his father’s murder. But that’s the type of man he is. He doesn’t want to burden anybody with his trouble.

IA Officer: But this is his father we are talking about. Of all people Commander, you could understand wanting closure.

Steve: What did you say?

IA Officer: You heard what I said.

Steve: Nice try. But you’re way out of line.

IA Officer: I’m out of line? One of your men let a killer run free for 15 years.

Steve: Suspecting and proving murder are two very different things. Now if you two have got any evidence, that you can back-up these claims you have against Chin Ho, about him subverting the law. I would like to see it.

IA Officer: That’s the point of this investigation, Commander. If there was evidence, Chin Ho made it disappear to protect his family.

Steve: Gabriel was nowhere near as important to Chin Ho, as his own father.

IA Officer: That might have been true. But the old man was dead and there was nothing Chin Ho could do about that, except circle the wagons and protect his family. And from everything we know about your unit, family comes first.

Steve: You implying that I am hiding something now? Is that what you are saying, that this is a big cover-up?

IA Officer: We’re all cops here. We know how this works. We have each other’s backs, right. But something like this and you turn your back on a murder and letting that suspect grow into even more dangerous sociopath? That violates the code of silence. You got that?

Steve: If  I knew for one second that Chin Ho did what you two are saying he did, I would have been the first one to book him.

413 (12)

 - Hawaii Five-0: Episode 413 -

Hana Lokomaika’i (The Favor)

To be continued here


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505 promo – Handsome, suited Steve

Oh what pretties we are getting in this epi! Steve in his sharp suit, with blue shirt and also white t …obv the best choice for a grease monkey ;)






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