Re-decorating with Alex and the couch

Happy Easter! I made you some colourful Easter treats. No bunny ears but I´m sure this man will satisfy your cravings for a while. The nicest surprise is, of course, under the wrapping ;)

tvg-red tvg-yellow

As an actor you get used to hanging your hat somewhere and calling it home. I’m good at that.

- Alex O’Loughlin, TV Plus, October 2013

tvg-orange tvg-purple tvg-green tvg-outt-couch-blue

 Because of how my life has panned out, I’ve had to learn to adapt. I went to a lot of schools and lived in a lot of places, so I learnt to make a little sanctuary wherever I was.

- Alex O’Loughlin, Sunday Magazine, 2 May 2010

Kitty lovers, don´t forget to click on the pics :)


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Congratulations to Alex and Malia on their wedding!

The official press announcement with confirmation from Alex’s rep finally arrived after lots of speculation, unofficial news and rumors.

Alex is officially off the market.

We wish him happiness and good luck!



Let’s take a trip down memory lane and look back at how we got here:

At the GQ man of the Years awards in November 2011, Alex announced his relationship with his Hawaiian girl Malia.


“I have fallen for a beautiful Hawaiian woman, I’m a very lucky guy and very happy at the moment. She’s amazing.”

 - Alex O’Loughlin,  GQ Man of the Year Awards, 22 Nov 2011

The next time we saw them together was on the red carpet at the at the G’Day Gala on 14 January 2012. At around early February they became pregnant with  their son Lion.

In March Alex booked into rehab to help him get over his pain-killer dependence. During this time there was a lot of speculation about their relationship. This was of course before they announced that they are expecting their son Lion. In May 2012 they attended the fundraiser at Malia’s son, Spike’s school.

In August it was announced that the couple are going to have a baby together and in an interview in September  with HNN, Alex said that the baby boy will be there in 4 – 5 weeks. In September despite being far along in her pregnancy, Malia attended SOTB with Alex.

On October 25, 2012 the little Hawaiian boy Lion was born. Malia and the family attended some functions with Alex but not many photographs of these occasions were allowed. They were together at the Fundraiser ,  James Taylor concert and at Egan’s boy’s birthday party.

In September 2013 with the main Hawaii Five-0 event of the year – SOTB 4, we saw the couple again posing for some photos.

In October 2013, Alex and Malia attended the ‘Australian In Film Awards’, where he received an award. It is clearly visible that Malia is wearing a large diamond ring on her ring finger. (And a lot of fan speculation about the meaning of it began, but without any official announcement to confirm anything)

 And now it is official. they got hitched ……….


Any reason is a good reason for us (Paula and FOYeur) to drink!


Link to article here

We see the article does not have the date, but from the rumors it seems like they got married yesterday – 17 April 2014


Thank you to on twitter for sharing this happy couple cutting the cake. Alex looks stunning! And of course Malia is very beautiful too :)

credit Picture from @capucineesguerra on IG.


(The reports in most of the news article are so confusing and incorrect, we thought it might be good to just add all the detail of Alex and his family here)

Alex and his family:

Alex: Born – 24 August 1976 in Australia (37 years old)
Malia: Born – 27 March 1977 in California, USA (37 years old)
Saxon: (Alex’s oldest son) Born – July 1997 in Australia (16 years old)
(Alex and Saxon’s mother never married, but he grew up with her in Australia until he moved to Hawaii in Dec 2011 to live with his dad.)
Spike: (Stepson) Born – March 2009 (5 years old)
(Spike is Malia’s first born, with her second husband the Australian surfer, Luke Stedman)
Lion: (Alex and Malia’s only child together) Born – 25 October 2012 in Honolulu Hawaii (1 ½ years old)

  • Alex and Malia have been a couple since the second half of 2011 and they first announced their relationship in November 2011 at the ‘GQ Man of the Year Awards’ in Australia

  • They got married on 17 April 2014 in Honolulu Hawaii


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Alex O’ – Pretty as a picture #18

Alex and his red carpet companions

But relationships are hard. That stuff I keep pretty close to my chest because it’s no one’s business.

- Alex O’Loughlin, Sunday Magazine, 2 May 2010

Alex & Holly ( 2006 – 2008 )

Women are always creating havoc in my life, and that’s part of why I love them so much.

- Alex O’Loughlin, HNN, 9 July 2012

Alex & Amber (2009 – 2010)

It’s difficult for me to trust that I could be safe and happy with another person, because it just doesn’t come naturally to me.

- Alex O’Loughlin, The Insider, March 2010

Alex & Malia (2011 – present day)

The woman I will give my heart and my fidelity to, she has to love me as much as I love her. If she doesn’t love me as much as I love her, I don’t want her. I don’t accept to be, in a couple, the one that loves the most. But if her feelings are as strong as mine, there can’t be any third wheel that matters, because she has chosen, and she has chosen me.

- Alex O’Loughlin, Vanity Fair Italia, 26 May 2010


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Screw perfection – pic of the day

“Oh, Alex…. Alex sets all the girls into a twitter. Various departments were vying for Alex’s attention.” (Paget Brewster on Alex, shooting Criminal Minds)



Why didn´t they capture his naughty Pink Beast?!


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Steve-0r-gasm-0-meter: Episode 4:19

At long last the big anticipated episode with the boys trapped, arrived. Steve was on our screens for 27 minutes for this episode 419 – but unfortunately most of it in the dark :sad: . In comparison, we got to see Steve in Epi 3:19 for 29 minutes, outside and clearly visible, in the wonderful Hawaii sunshine for most of the time. :smile:

Exploring our regular categories to see how hard Steve´s actions have been on the fangirl panties this week:

1. Veinp0rn (either neck or elsewhere):


FOYeur: Oy, nothing but the big vein will do to show off how pissed off Steve is. (The roles kind of reversed for these two gentleman during the day). The finger together with the vein got me all in love lust with Steve – don’t mess with him! :razz: 10

LurxGirlNot sure it’s a good thing that his stern, pissed off demeanor gets me so hot! Not ready to go all 50SOG with him, but I’d let him poke his finger at me and yell if he’d let me suck on that big vein of his. :P 10

Average score for category 1:  10

2. Letting the eye brow(s) do the work:


FOYeur: THAT FACE saying “I know people”…..just like a little boy saying, “But I do have friends” :smile: How can anybody not love this man?! Oh and the eyebrows get  a 10.

LurxGirlThe only man on earth who’s forehead krinkles turns me into goo. His eyebrows accentuating his long, sexy nose and his pouty lickable lips are definitely a 10!

Average score for category 2: 10

3. Teasing us with the ‘pink beast’


LurxGirl: the dark…smiling…giving some tongue…*shudder* McPerv fantasy playing in my naughty mind causing a melt down in my nether regions. 10!

FOYeur: I love how Steve handles danger – he laughs in its face and keep his sense of humour. I would not mind getting stuck with him in a small space. :oops: The tongue and the chuckle with a smile combo gets a 10 from me.

Average score for category 3:  10

4. Haunting us with ‘Dat FACE’ :


FOYeur: I really think he needs to get a role, playing a wounded hero the whole time. And I would definitely apply for the job as a make-up artist on that one! And of course I would help him clean up at the end of the day as well – preferably in the shower that is …….. And it won’t be a navy shower! :oops: . And OF COURSE this FACE gets a 10 from me! :lol:

LurxGirl: Wounded, dirty Steve may be the sexiest he’s been all season! Even with all the dirt and blood, I still want to smother his gorgeous face with kisses! Now, about that shower, and not a Navy shower… *sigh* His taught sore muscles relaxing under my soapy hands….tiny moans of pleasure escaping his mouth as I wash the dirt from every inch of his body…oh my…I think I need a cold shower now. :oops: 10!

Average score for category 4: 10

5. Caressing the gun (may include trigger finger p0rn)


FOYeur: He really knows how to use his gun for maximum effect :razz: .  That is all I have to say :grin: 10

LurxGirl: I know I should be focusing on the gun in his hand, and yes, he has my attention, but the spread of his thighs has me a bit distracted. Nothing like a quick jerk of his gun to get our attention. :P 10!

Average score for category 5: 10

6. Doing the STRUT (modeling those pants :razz: ):


FOYeur: The swing in those hips always hypnotises me ! Is it wrong of me to want to bite those cheeks?? :oops: Oh boy, he is swaggering a 10 out of me…….

LurxGirl: Oh how I envy those pants and thigh holster. *sigh* It’s a good thing he can’t see me, because I’m licking my lips *slurp* and my hands are making obscene grabby motions. * twitch twitch* Just a little squeeze :mrgreen: This tushy tease is a 10!

Average score for category 6: 10

7. Kicking down doors (or people or some other bad@ss move):


FOYeur:  Lifting slaps of concrete to free his friend – how more badass can you get?! <3 10

LurxGirl:   Be careful holding that! Don’t want you to crush the FOY! :P It’s good to know he is strong enough to lift this huge concrete (styrofoam) slab. So when I lunge into his arms, I know he can hold my weight. Damn, I wish it weren’t so dark. We missed out on some serious butt flexing. He is so sexy when Super Seal is called to action! 10 again!

Average score for category 7: 10

8. Mesmerizing us with that smile (sometimes even a laugh or just by being cute):


FOYeur: Oh that smile of relieve ….. He found his friend. I would recover just as easily as Danny did from all his injuries, if I was looking up at that smile as well! A ray of sunshine in the rubble of despair. A definite 10 for me.

LurxGirl:   I hope if I am ever in a desperate, life dangling by a thread situation, I have someone like Steve to keep my hopes alive. You said it perfectly FOYeur, “A ray of sunshine in the rubble of despair.” His smile could make me do anything! A 10 for sure!

Average score for category 8: 10

9. Dishing out hugs (or other acts of kindness or affection):


FOYeur: What can be more reassuring of your safety, than to be back in the arms of your lover? I wonderful sense of relief 10

LurxGirl:  I was caught off guard when my eyes filled with tears with this hug. It seemed genuine, not forced and for the first time in many episodes, I felt their love. I’m afraid to think what I will be like after 4.21. Get the tissues ready, I guess. A heart warming 10!

Average score for category 9: 10

10. The seduction of  “The Tantalizing Tushy”:


FOYeur: This man dancing with his gun gets my heart racing  every time. I would love a chance to dance with that tushy one day – a girl can dream :smile: 10

LurxGirl:  “I’m so dizzy… I’m so dizzy, my head is spinning….”
or “You spin me right ’round, baby, right ’round, like a record baby…” If season 6 doesn’t happen, there is always “So You Think You Can Dance.” :lol: His tushy is a finger twitching 10 and then some!

Average score for category 10: 10

11. Titillating us with those perky pecs and/or nudging nipples:


 LurxGirl: I prefer him wet and topless, but the rash guard is showing off his deliciously firm physique. I am again, jealous of an article of clothing. :oops: Hugging those pecs, shoulders and abs so tightly…*sigh* Lucky f*ing shirt! His pecs are a 10, but I am not happy we got Danny shirtless and not Steve! Hmmmph! :/

FOYeur: I give the nips and pecs a 10!

BUT, I really do not like this wetsuit at all {runs and hides}.

Yes, I do not! Normally I do like Alex in everything he wears and definitely OUT of everything as well, but this suit just does not suit him as well as the other ones he wore in previous seasons.  The sleeves are too long and the neck is too high – maybe it is because of my phobia for clothing that fits too tightly, especially around the neck? :sad: I want to rip that choking collar from around his glorious neck and free him from it ….and then play with those manly pecs and hard nipples :razz: !

Average score for category 11: 10

12. Doing something hot that you won’t find in every episode:


FOYeur: He looks like a little naughty boy, having some fun. I would love to have some big boy (very very naughty big boy) fun with him! The pants get a swinging 10 from me :razz:

LurxGirl: Would have liked to see him actually on the board. His body is spectacular! I wonder how long it takes to get that tight thing off of him? I hope it doesn’t tear easily, because I can’t promise to be gentle. :P His shoulder to hip ratio is perfection! 10!

Average score for category 12: 10

Adding up all the averages of each category, we give this episode 100% on the Steve-0r-gasm-0-meter.

So it is official – all the planes to Hawaii were fully booked this week! :razz:

 Something extra Paula made, to remember this episode by……… :razz:


LurxGirl:  His survival skills are amazing! One must always replenish their fluids after long hours of vigorous love making! :P I quiver at the thought of his stamina.

FOYeur: I would drink from his fountain any day …… and every day :razz:

Just another side note about this episode – I never really notice the music during an episode, unless it irritates me too much or if it is exceptionally beautiful to me. (I am normally to focused on Alex and whatever he is doing or saying, to notice other stuff – sorry :grin: )

As usual, I did not really notice the background sound, except for when Danny surfaced and you hear an orchestra playing the theme song of Hawaii Five-0 – absolutely beautiful! It was just too short and I would have liked to also hear it and even louder and longer when Steve came out – he is the story behind Hawaii Five-0 after all #justsaying.


Please feel free to give us your opinion of where you feel we got it right or wrong  :grin:

And always remember, this is just us, having some fun with our favorite “dirty boy” …….. :razz:



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