#H50 8.23 – Steve rolling his eyes

At least there was just one story this week. But so much childish banter…

Only two more to go, whew.

Here´s the many alexpressions to enjoy




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They say …. #AlexOLoughlin is a fine actor.

Of course as Alex O’Loughlin fangirls we can not pass up on this opportunity to repost these wonderful comments from Movie and TV veteran actor, the 89-year-old, James Hong ……

James is a guest actor on tonight’s episode (8:23) of Hawaii Five-0 and he also appeared as different characters in a number of episodes from the original Hawaii Five-o


James Hong Thanks or your encouraging comments as my Hawaii 5-0 episode releases this Friday. Alex O’Loughlin is one of the nicest leading men I’ve ever met. I don’t think he allows stardom to change his inner person. To Alex: “Thank you for your hospitality and your fine acting.”
Such heartwarming comments by someone who has been around in the industry for so many years and worked with such a vast number of actors over the years …….
James joined Facebook last year, and just to explain a bit better of who he is as a person, we added this comment he made on his page earlier.
James Hong  
13 September 2017)   Wow! Thanks for your support of my official Facebook and Twitter Pages. I’m really happy to hear you have enjoyed my work of over the last 60 years. I can hardly believe it myself – over 500 TV and film roles (IMDB doesn’t list them all). Knowing my job as an entertainer, artist, is making a difference in people’s lives means a lot to me. Thank you. Stay tuned, because there’s still more to come!


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#H50 8.22 – Steve saving kids

Still 3 more to go…sure hope one of those will stand out from the normal. Not many McMoments either.


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#AlexOLoughlin, Malia and Spike on the set of #H50 – February 2018

Because of limited access to some of the pictures, we have rarely post pictures from the set over the last few months, but the latest pictures from the set, when they filmed tomorrow night’s Hawaii Five-0 episode (8:22), are kind of interesting for a number of reasons.

  • Alex with his wife Malia on set – I really do hope that the fabricated rumours of them ‘not being together’ will just stop now. A number of comments here with us lately and on other social media pages, where fans turn speculation of break-up into their own reality. Nothing is impossible and people do split up and still remain friends, but I have seen no reason at all from the few snidbits we get of their private life, that there is any real solid reason to wonder if whether they are still a happy family together.

  • Alex’s stepson, Spike, is making his Hawaii Five-0 “debut” and will be one of the kids in the episode. And from this picture it seems as if he will have a speaking part. Guess we will have to wait and see.

  • Alex/ Steve climbing a tree – wonder if Steve doing that will also be seen as the “stupidest thing ever on Hawaii Five-0, as some thought Cath/ Michelle climbing a tree was? #justsaying.


Other pictures from Hawaii Isla 808 taken during filming in February …


Hawaii Isla 808

Alex Oloughlin acting filmed at Ala Moana Beach Dr. Alex’s wife Malia and her son. this H50 should be 8×22 this friday night on CBS. there is more coming pics and videos soon this week. Stay Tuned..#h50 #hawaiifive0 #five0 #hawaii50


Video – also from Hawaii Isla on Facebook:


Alex in the tree:

And this picture from Instagram:

ashleyflakekennedy  Chayce with the boys on set! Mahalo Alex and his son Spike for taking the time to hop in the pic too! #studs#luckywelivehawaii#hawaiifiveo#setlife#lovemyjob#h50season8#h50hana#h50#alexoloughlin @mama_rach_patt




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#H50 8.21- Steve helping a friend

D certainly was Dannoying again. Would have been better with just Steve and Harry taking care of business…*sigh*



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