Stan´s epic pillow fight!

Stan da Man contributing to Hump Day Wednesday. Zoe had to chose between her pillow of cotton or pillow of hotness. An easy choice 😀 (ps some pics are stills, and won´t animate no matter how hard you click on  them).


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17 responses to “Stan´s epic pillow fight!

  1. Sylvie

    CPR needed, hurry up please…..too late!!!
    The last 2 ones!!!! THX


  2. alexnymph

    Best scene in the movie–he is so hot the way he looks at her after he strips his shirt off. YUMMMMMM!!


  3. vanduyn



  4. I want him to be my pillow please.


  5. karen1228

    I am in the market for a new pillow! I would like this model please!! S &T!!


  6. LOL I need to watch TBUP again!!!


  7. Yes, I agree with all of you ladies about a Stan body pillow! I would like mine…oh how should I say this?…to allow “attachments.” 😛
    That “can your f*ing pillow do this?” look in his eye as he takes his shirt off makes my panties ache, and then the sweet seductive smile he gives her takes my breath away. S&T!


    • buttercup4u

      This make me think: somebody has to give him a decent “let’s have some frkn hot sex” scene in H5O a.s,a,p, 😆
      I won’t start to comment of what I like and what I like most, it would be endless and really dirty 😉


  8. buttercup4u

    I have to, the second last pic, when he pulls of his shirt, he makes that “eekkk-face”, then I see his shoulder muscles or veins and then his twitching pecs and all that hair in the right place, ohhh and then his slightly nasty “I come and get at you” smile *thud*!


  9. 3rd row on the right, 2 frames with pillow bumping on his lump 😀
    My pleasures are simple 😉


  10. karen

    The foy and GGs are on such awesome display here…


  11. Even though “The Back-Up Plan” is – IMO – one of the worst romantic comedies I’ve ever seen, Alex is absolutely gorgeous in it – as these gifs and pics show so beautifully *sigh*. Again – how could ANY woman who’s been with Alex keep her hands off him?


  12. This is the luckiest pillow! Paula and CG are so right. And the swagger of that tushy is also good to stare.


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