Shield – Kevin and his curls

“I’ve never worked on something like this. It’s tough! It’s like there’s film acting, there’s TV acting and then there’s The Shield. That’s kind of how I describe it.” -Alex


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16 responses to “Shield – Kevin and his curls

  1. I’m in the middle of watching the shield kevins great


  2. lurxgirl

    I bought this season of The Shield just for Alex viewing. It is definitely not my kind of show, but Alex was Hot! In it!! I’ll be honest, I bought it for “the chair scene” 😯 I liked his character in it. He was cocky, arrogant , and a player obviously. My only real complaint is the show is old and I would love to see his scenes (the chair) remastered in HD. The show res. is so grainy. He was so fricking sexy in his jeans, shades, and those forearm tats. {tongue twitch}. I occasionally pop in the DVDs to watch his episodes, but end up FF to the good parts 😉 Alex seems to be very fond of his time on The Shield. He is just such a well rounded artist. I pray he gets the critics attention soon as to how incredible he is! Alex is WALKING.SEX as Kevin!! ( or sitting sex 😉 )


    • I bought the dvd box just to capture more of Kevin, but as you said, the entire footage is grainy and I hate working on Kevin, just because of the quality. But it is not because it is old, I was told it is shot this way to give the show a more grimey feeling.


      • lurxgirl

        I was wondering if that was the case. Thanks for the info 🙂


        • LaHagela (The Tinkler)

          Kurt Sutter filmed the entire series that way to give his gritty crime drama, a truly gritty feeling. makes for horrible gif’s and screencaps…….but that chair scene will always be epic. although, I do find myself giggling at how freaking AWKWARD that must have been to film.


          • lurxgirl

            I’m thinking the FOY had to be taped down or padded or something, because..holy moly… A person could injured if there wasn’t actual penetration. What a lucky b*tch!! Although I think I’d rather do a hot make out seen with him than this…you know..if I had a my dreams. That grunt he does at about 12 seconds in is soooo frickin hot tho.


  3. karin@notmcnerd

    Curls and heavy scruff! I love Kevin — and you Paula for reminding me how much!.


  4. Karen

    Curls, neck, sunglasses and scruff!! Be still my heart!!!


  5. canadagirl66

    I’m like you lurxgirl…I bought The Shield just to see Alex…and mostly to be able to watch that Chair scene over and over again!!
    Sidenote – the actress that joined Alex in that chair (when we weren’t seeing her body double that is) played a uniform cop in last nights episode of Elementary. I can’t remember her name so I just refer to her as “that lucky b*tch!!
    I bought the entire series though….I love how gritty and violent and real it was…and I love that it had that shock factor.
    And if course I loved Alex as Kevin…for me he might be Alex’s sexiest character…a dirty version of McG. It was a huge turn on that he cursed and was kind of a horn dog. It’s that old story…the good girl likes the bad boy!! I just wanted to rip his clothes off whenever he was on screen! And then thankfully someone did…that chair scene…best 12 seconds of television EVER!!!


  6. vanduyn

    I love Alex with scruff and if he has sunnies on also?! Oh yeah!! I love it ALOT!! I loved him in The Shield. So as you can imagine this made my day!! Thanks so much!! Love the sound bite! 😀


  7. Ohhhhhh Kevin, really, “bangin’ chicks”???….I will forgive him his male chauvinist ways because he’s pretty…..LOL


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