#AlexOLoughlin – Such a Nightmare!

I don’t get it. I get up in the morning and my hair is all hanging in my face and poking up on one side, I need to shave and I look older than I am.

When I stagger into the kitchen to get my breakfast, I don’t think, ‘Oh, look at that handsome guy. Look at that talented special creature.”

– Alex O’Loughlin,
ET online,
29 April 2009



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6 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin – Such a Nightmare!

  1. FLR….Yeah um……we can’t all be wrong about his pretty. Get a better mirror mate!


  2. I think he should do all his future photo shoots in or on a bed! It really enhances his sex appeal 😉


  3. I think his morning ugliness needs a proper assessment.I shall volunteer for that assignment,it’s okay,I don’t mind,someone has to do it.It’s all in the name of research,I shall sacrifice myself.


  4. WOW, I like this picture!! 🙂


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