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Alex O’Loughlin – It is a piece about hair, but is definitely NOT a hairpiece?

This is a follow-up of our previous piece about the hair, with an extra something added at the end….

First of all, just to explain a few things: 🙂

  • We made it our business to study Alex intensely when we decided on our blog name, just about a year ago now. We like to know things about him and to share some of our experiences of him with others.
  • When we query things (like the last question about the hairpiece), it is not because we think lesser of people using such a hairpiece or that we feel it will be bad if Alex would ever need one. It is about a statement made or questions  asked, that has to be either proved right or wrong – nothing sinister about it. 🙂
  • One of our best online friends always throws questions about Alex at us – that is how our friendship started and that is how my studies about Alex started (We’ll rather not say what that first question was, because it would be kind of hard for us to explain on a public forum and it might not be appropriate either 😛 )
  • When we do studies, it is usually because we see the questions asked on twitter, or on things people search for and most of the time there are random thoughts and speculation given as answers, without real evidence (that is where the study about his teeth difference in Season 2 came from)

The study about the hairpiece we kind of left open for discussion, because we wanted to hear what our readers had to say, without leading you all into just believing our findings – thank goodness most agreed with what we think to be the truth 😉

We hope to explain what we think about it a bit better…….

There are no evidence on anything we have seen over the last few years of following Alex’s career to suggest that he ever wears a wig or a hairpiece – well that is other than in the 2 episodes of Season 3 (episodes 3:20 & 3:21) when the make-up department gave him one. We looked at videos and photos of him exercising, photos with fans and footage from Hawaii-Five-0 and unless he his wearing the most advanced and well made toupee ever made, he is definitely not wearing one!

Links to videos and evidence:

Receding hairline

This is the difficult one to prove. One of our friends keeps insisting his hair-line is receding and we keep saying it has always been that way. 😀

I was thinking of measuring his forehead and comparing it with different photos over the years – the problem always being that photos are not all the same size and it remains difficult to find proof for an answer. But while I was compiling the photos for the previous post, some pictures gave me a solution – a marker for comparison…….


On the photo from 2005 from “The Invisible”, I saw this glitch in the hairline and on the photo of comparison I saw the little bundle of hair that looked out-of-place. Yes, that means nothing because hair can go anywhere, but then I looked at other photos from over the years and found that whenever the hair is combed in a certain way, that little bundle of hair is visible.


Every once in a while this little wayward strand of hair shows itself on photos ….. in some pictures better than others 😀

That little strand of hair, that are a bit separated from the main hair-line, has always been there and remains at the same position. If the hairline had receded, that little flaw would fall away as the hairline moves backwards. But it is still there in the same spot and that tells me that there has been no movement in the front part of the hair-line.

But hairline also includes the lines to the side of the head….


I know that on the picture from this year, his hair is a lot longer and can cover more areas, but even taking that into account, there seems to be no widening of the gap. And even with a difference in angle, I think we can pretty much say that there is no shift backwards….

But finding answers to all these questions, brought on a new one or maybe two……

A long time ago I read somewhere of fans talking about ‘the other bird tattoo’ on Marcus’s head, but I never knew what they were talking about. Then from some screencaps I took, I saw an image. On top of Alex’s head there seems to be something that looks like a bird, but for me it looks like it is only the lines in the hair that creates this bird-like image. What do you think?

I asked Paula what she thought and she did not look at the top of the head, but saw something different to what I meant 🙂 She came back with something a lot more mind-blowing.

Can you see the image at the bottom part of his head? Is this a real Alex tattoo or was it created for “The Invisible”, just like the bird on his neck?

bt3 inv-head-tattbt4

Are there any of the longtime fans that can help us solve this mystery? There must have been people who have seen this and discussed it before. Please help us out, if you have any ideas or answers…….


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#AlexOLoughlin ’s Tattoos (Part 1) – What is Real and What is Not?

206 tattoos

Man, tattoos are cool! They’re something that started in the folly of youth and there’s been a progression ever since.

Alex O’Loughlin, GQ Australia, November 2011

There I was in 2011, watching The Back-Up Plan for the first time on Television. Needless to say, the leading man fascinated me – Alex O’Loughlin.

Who was he? Why haven’t I heard of him before? Did he just appear out of thin air, or has he done anything else worth watching?

Some days I think, maybe I  should have just left it there and not explored any further! Now I just can’t stop my need to know even more about him ………

Anybody else have that same problem? 😆

As soon as I started watching his other work, I found myself in total confusion about all of his tattoos. Different tattoos and different versions of tattoos appeared.

So there I was, not a real big lover of tattoos, wondering what is real and what is not?

This is what I saw in Oyster Farmer:


 Something else I was not big on, was surfing the internet, looking up celebrities and making friends out of strangers on the internet. But Alex and his tattoos inspired me to do so …..

Well the rest is history and here I am writing a story on Alex’s tattoos for the internet, together with a friend I have never met in person, who lives thousands of miles away.

Up until today I haven’t found a good understandable answer to this very first question of mine – How many tattoos does Alex have and what do they look like?

So this is my gift to any new fans looking for answers about the body art and hopefully some of the old fans will also enjoy just looking at all once more.

The Real Tattoos:

There are  five (5) tattoos clearly visible on Alex  at the moment I am writing this. One on each of his biceps, one above each of his nipples and one on his lower back, that wraps around his hips and is visible from the front. (Also read Part 2 & Part 3 where we explore them further)

1 May 2012. Photos: Splash


BTS photo’s of 3:03 Filmed August 2012. Thanks to @MyMaximus, as always you are the Genie of New Pictures!

From this behind the scenes picture filmed during August 2012, it looks like not only does the new Back Tattoo wrap around to the front, it also extends down the thigh.

My guess would be that it has been there since the Tattoo has been redone in 2011.

Whatever else he has hidden in some dark private corners of his body, I can unfortunately not report on.  😥


The Faded Tattoos:

In the past he used to have two more tattoos that have been removed and are now faded. Sometimes glimpses of their existence are still there to be seen. There used to be one on each of his forearms as seen in these pictures.

The Added/ Temporary Tattoos:

Some of the confusion about his tattoos may arise from the fact that for certain characters he played, it was deemed necessary to add even more tattoos.

Please remember the following tattoos are all fake!!

  • The biggest and most prominent one was for ‘FEED’. A beautiful cross on Michael’s back.

  • For ‘The Invisible, a swallow on Marcus’s neck.


  • Also for The Invisible, some words written on the left side of his abdomen. (It looks like 4 names underneath each other)



(Thank you to Mary from the old .org site for providing the information about the abdomen tattoos 🙂 )

  • And another one from ‘The Invisible‘ – some sort of weird symbol at the back of Marcus’s head
  • And for ‘BlackJack: Sweet Science’ Luke needed a little cross on his neck.

To be honest, I am glad these were only temporary tattoos and were just added for those roles – but then again anything looks good on this man and we will most probably accept anything he adds.

This is not where our story ends, because for specific roles they cover up some or all of his tattoos and we explore that further in our next post.

We continue our research herewith all the cover-ups and maybe find some hidden treasures as well…….



We made a update to the tattoos post in 2019:

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