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True love for Steve and Mr. Pickles

How long have I waited for this? How long till 5.17? I need more Mr. Pickles and Steve cuddling smiley-Black_cat___Free_avatar_by_ReiketuI said to Foyeur that Alex is holding the cat a bit weird, she noted that he is holding it like a baby smiley-die-laughing

mr pickles loves mcg

Peter Lenkov tweeted the pic and also shared it on IG, but seems he deleted both already? Is this a super secret kitty?



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That longing to touch. Vote for the most emotional moment POLL!

That absolute yearning between two people. The longing to be closer, to share more and to become part of each other!! That need to be ONE…. Is there anything more exhilarating in life than that?

All these scenes are beautiful examples of that desire for more and are portrayed with wonderful emotion by Alex. Which one brings out that aching feeling of another’s touch the most for you?

(1) Mick & Beth : That moment of surrender.

(2) Stan & Zoe: Did luck bring them together?

(3) Jack & Pearl: Weeks of desire, turned into action…

(4) Andy & Lisa: An undeniable connection?

(5) Mick & Coraline: The raw power of attraction!


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