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Look out for SOTB 2014

The season 5 H50 premiere in Hawaii is happening again. I have been watching lot of the previous year´s videos and enjoying Alex having fun with his fans. He really cares for the locals, and wants them to have SOTB as a thank you, for putting up with the H50 production causing disturbance in their neighborhood. Alex is also deeply humbled by all his fans flying from far away to see him.

If you can´t be there in person (like me and FOYeur and billion others) here are some sites to keep an eye on, to be there in spirit with them. Enjoying the crazyness of screaming fangirls 😀

Click on the blue text for links. Currently we don´t have the exact url for Star Advertiser or Honolulu Pulse, but as soon as we are given that info, we will update the links. Red-carpet arrival of cast and crew begins at 6 pm and S5 premiere screening follows at 7 pm.

Star Advertiser will have live video!

Honolulu Pulse will have live blog from the event

Alex long time fanblog, Long Legs O`Loughlin (LLOL), will have live streaming, like on previous years. They have a dedicated group of ladies attending and having a blast always 🙂

One thing is clear, looking at the footage of previous years, Alex really loves people turning up at the event. His worst nightmare would be just to see a couple of drunken tourists show up. We love to see him smile, happy and loved by his fans 🙂 And he is always so willing to sign autographs and have his pics taken. Lovely man cat_smiley01

And for some eye candy I put together a compilation of our smiling hunk from SOTBs so far. Enjoy!





Now it’s time for 2014 – SOTB 5


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