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H50 5.17 – Steve loves adorable ninjas!

What a fun episode in a long time 🙂 I have always wanted to see them do the stories outside their H50 quarters. The computer table scenes are so boring for me to capture. Change the surroundings and you get fresh feeling to the weekly crimes, too. Loved to watch Steve relax on the stake out. I would have wanted a bit more cuddling with Mr Pickles, but understand the long filming hours would have been nerve wrecking for the cute little ninja.

Steve: Who doesn´t love cats? They are awesome. They are adorable ninjas. They are smart and fast, they are cute and cuddly at the same time.


Boys lost their visual (saving them from their confusion about protocol on watching semi-nekkid women)



Not married, not gay


Finger licking good 🙂

Random pretties

Almost shirtless

Ending with biggest dissappointment. How long have we waited to hear Alex play a guitar?! And now the perfect opportunity and we got  one nanosecond. Come on! What a shame :/




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