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#AlexOLoughlin on CBS4 Denver for Three Rivers – 2009 (Transcript)

Alex in a television interview with anchor and reporter at CBS4 Denver, Tom Mustin.


Tom: Great to talk to you, Alex. Let’s talk your show Three Rivers, generating a lot of buzz here. Kind of a different spin on the … on these … on the latest TV shows, in a hospital. This all about organ donation. Tell us what it is about?

Alex: It’s … it’s called Three Rivers. It’s a show about a hospital in Pittsburgh, call Three Rivers, that specializes in organ transplant medicine. And …. we tell the show from three different points of view. The … the doner, the recipient and the medical team, which I’m …. which I’m, one of the members of. I play Andy Yablonski, who is a Cardiothoracic surgeon, specializes in transplant medicine. And he’s based on a real-life character, actually, call Gonzo Gonzalez-Stawinski,  who works out of Cleveland.  Who was a real inspiration for me, in this character and also Carol Barbee, and, you know, for the show. 

Tom: Now, do you focus on the donors, the recipients? How does it work?  Or is each episode different?

Alex: Well, no, we ….we do … we do try to … certainly, in the first … in this first set of shows, that you’re going to see, we try to tell it from the three points of view. You know, from the donor and their significant others, the recipient and their families, and from me and the medical team. And how we come together and what happens. And, I mean, the fact … the thing with this stuff, is that for someone to survive with a procured organ, somebody has to first die ..

Tom: Right.

Alex: … and … and donate the organ.

And we look at all … we look at all sorts of things, from, you know, misconceptions about donation, to  … to, you know, families dealing with the decision, once it is given over to them.  If the person wasn’t a registered donor in the first place and all the rest of it. And so we’re dealing with some really important stuff.

Tom: A lot of dramatic possibilities there as an actor, I’m sure. That’s great too.

Alex and Alfre Woodard in Three Rivers.

Tom: You know, looking at the cast, Alfre Woodard – a lot of great people to work with. What is it like to work with all these folks? The ensemble?

Alex: Fantastic. You know, it’s wonderful, you know, Tom. It’s …To work with actors that a … I mean, … if I work with a passionate actor, whether they are good or bad, it doesn’t matter. I mean, a passionate person is someone I can always forgive and always work with. Ans someone I enjoy working with. But to work with passionate, extremely talented, famous, award-winning actors, is … is like, oh my god.

It’s great because I have to constantly get over the bar that they set. And vice versa, you know. We really … we all try to elevate everything, for each other. And .. and the cast gets on like, famously. So …

Tom: That’s great. And when the bar is set high, everyone kind of ups their game, and it makes it all … all great. It’s very cool.

Alex: Right.

Alex with Amber Clayton in Three Rivers

Tom: So, now, what is next for you? A lot of folks know you from the show, Moonlight. You played the vampire there. What is next for you, now? I see, other than the show here, [cough] – excuse me … have a lot of other things in the can.

Alex: I have a … I have a film .. that’s … that’s playing at the moment, with Kate Beckinsale, called Whiteout. It’s Kate’s film, but I’m certainly in it.

I have Three Rivers premiering this Sunday, October the 4th, 9/8 central. And I have a film that I just finished with Jennifer Lopez, which is coming out January, 22nd, I believe, called The Back-Up Plan. Which is … which is something I’m very excited about too.

Tom: It sounds like … you know, what’s it like to be a working actor in LA? So many people can’t have …. don’t have that luxury at all. It’s got to be great to be in demand.

Alex: [Laughs] It’s good. It’s … it’s great, you know what I mean. There’s been … there’s been periods of work for me and there’s been periods of .. of … of  … unemployment and  … and … it’s  … of course I prefer the former. It’s … it’s, I mean a working actor is a happy actor. And I’m a very happy person at the moment. I got my family around me and I’m  … I’ve got somewhere to go, and I’ve got some money in the bank. And so …

I don’t know, I’m just … I’m kind of making hay while the sun shines at the moment.

Tom: There you go.

Alex: So I’m hoping it doesn’t end … and hoping it shines on for .. for a little longer. But I’m having a great time. And this show I think … I really hope people tune into this show, because I feel that we’re dealing with things that haven’t been dealt with, in a medical show yet, on television.

I really think it’s groundbreaking in a number of different ways. And I think it’s something … I think we’re telling some really important stories as well. For Americans and people all around the world, who deal with this stuff on a daily basis.

Alex & Katherine Moennig in Three Rivers




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#AlexOLoughlin with Grace: Sunrise on KGMB9 – 2009 (Transcript)

Alex speaking to Grace Lee in Hawaii about the start of Three Rivers.

What makes this interview so interesting and funny, is that it was done the year before Alex actually moved to Hawaii and made Honolulu is the permanent home base. Who would have guessed back then in Sept 2009 how his life would change within that year? By the end of 2009 Three Rivers got cancelled and early the next year Alex found himself in Hawaii shooting the Pilot episode for Hawaii Five-0.

Sunrise on KGMB

Grace: Well, you know him as Mick St John in CBS vampire drama, Moonlight. And beginning this Sunday, actor Alex O’Loughlin will headline a new television drama. It is called Three Rivers. And he joins us live with much more. Good morning to you Alex.

Alex: Good morning Grace. How are you?

Grace: I’m doing great. Now, it’s kind of interesting. You’re going from a vampire investigator, to a transplant surgeon. So, they’re kind related, right? They both deal with blood. [Someone laughs in the studio with Grace]

Alex: Lots of blood, yeah. It’s just not … I’m not drinking it anymore.

Grace: That’s good.

Alex: I’ve gone and seen somebody about that, and I’m in a 12 step fellowship about that.

Grace: [Laughs]

Alex: …. just for today.

Grace: That would be a scary place to be. With everyone else in the 12 step program, I think.

Alex: Right. Can you imagine though? I’m in the middle of an operation, I get the heart in, we come off bypass. The heart starts beating and I’m like, “Thank god for that” [and shows how he drinks the blood]

Grace: Yeah, exactly. It’s like. “That blood infusion package, isn’t for the patient. It’s for me”

Alex: Yeah, I’ll have a packet of O-neg, and just you know …

Grace: [Laughs]

Alex: Yeah.

Grace: It’s got to be interesting to play a transplant surgeon. Because there’s got to be so much pressure on guys like this.

Alex: It’s incredible, you know. My character, Andy Yablonski, is based on a real-life character, called Gonzo Gonzalez-Stawinski. He’s …. He’s a staff-surgeon in Cleveland. At the Cleveland clinic.

And he …. I did all my research with him and I …. He’s become one of the core inspirations of my life. And a very, very dear friend, as well. And these people are AMAZING. I mean, not just Gonzo. I’m sure physicians all over the world. But what they do, for a living. How they deal with death every day. Their perceptions of life and death. Their philosophies on God and the afterlife. And if there is on. And their, just their … I mean, they are the most amazing people. And one of the biggest things that I’ve learned from these. Is that … is how to love the unlovable. Because that’s essentially what physicians all around the world do.

Grace: Hmmm

Alex: You know, they love everybody. They …. they … they can give unconditional love to everybody. I mean, it’s incredible.

Grace: You’re just full of love. I like … I like it a lot.

Alex: I myself, am not full of love. Especially, it’s [looking at his watch]… it’s early here.

Grace: [Laughs]

Alex: [laughs] No, but it’s just ….

Grace: I could see you are rubbing your eyes during the commercial break.

Alex: [Shows how he rubs his eyes] No, but it’s … it’s been … it’s been a great … it’s a challenging role for me. That is a challenging place to get to. To be able to reach out and touch and give that. ‘Cos, I mean, it’s not … it doesn’t come naturally for me. That’s not who I am. It’s not … so it’s great in my life. I get to experiment … I get to play all these characters and ….and … each one of them challenges me in a different way. And that’s the key challenge with this guy.

Grace: Alex, I’m going to ask you something that I read about you. It said that you were actually up for the James Bond role, but Daniel Craig actually got the role

Alex: [Rolling his eyes, and laughs]

Grace: How do you prepare for that? Do you have to like look in the mirror and do the, “Bond, James Bond” bit?

Alex: [Holding his hands like a gun] That one?

Grace: Yeah, yeah. [Laughs]

Alex: Yeah, look that was a while ago now. And it’s funny. Because, I get asked about that so much and it … it’s like the job I job … I didn’t get. It’s like, “So, tell us about the job you didn’t get”

Grace: [Laughs]

Alex:  … “that you weren’t good enough for”…

Grace: [Laughs]

Alex:  … “That must have been … that … and that was a huge job too, right?”…

Grace: [Laughs]

Alex: ….“That must have been a monumental disappointment!”…

Grace: Alright, I am sorry

Alex:  …“How does it feel then?” …

Grace: I’m sorry, okay.

Alex: [Laughs] …. “Let’s go through that again. Let’s do a blow by blow, shell we?”

Grace: [Joking] Yeah, what about that horrible break-up you had? Shall we talk about that too?

Alex: “Yeah, let’s do that. Yes! This is the best interview, ever!” [Laughs]

Grace: Alright, okay. I officially apologize, Alex. Okay, I won’t ask anymore.

Alex: No, it’s … Grace, look I’m …. Basically, they said you’re talking to Grace in Honolulu, I was like, “That sounds so nice”

Grace: [Laughs] Wipe those tears away.

Alex: That was a long time ago.

Grace: Tough it up.

Alex: Okay [Wiping his fake tears]


Grace: You’re a transplant surgeon now.

Alex: I’ve just .. I’ve been crying all morning, now. You know what, that was a big … That was a big audition. You know, I flew to London, for a week, I think. With Martin Campbell. And I met the Broccoli family, who you know, own the empire. I was … I guess I was in the running for it, and it went to the best man.

But it was an incredible experience. The actual screentest was at Pinewood studios. It went for 11 hours

Grace: Oh, wow!

Alex: We essentially shot a day of the movie. And it was … it was .. it was … it was the most excruciating “audition”, I’ve ever been on. But it was incredible. It was so much fun. And by the end of the day, I’d …. I really sort of felt like … I felt like I got under the skin of the character.

Grace: Yeah.

Alex: And I know that if it comes up again, I’d know where James Bond is within me.

Grace: Where you’ll go with it.

Alex, I am sorry, my producer is yelling at me. We ran out of time…

Alex: Yeah, they’re yelling at me too.

Grace:    I don’t want to mess up the rest of your interviews today. I do apologize. Make sure to tune into Three Rivers with Alex O’Loughlin. The show premieres Sunday night. Right here on KBMG9 at 8.

Alex: [Alex salutes]

Grace: Thanks a lot Alex

Alex: Thanks, Grace.


Link to Video


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#AlexOLoughlin Best Hair – It’s a Poll x2

We have not done a poll for a long time and I got this titbit from a post on Moonlight Fan Blog.  I thought we could use it as a starting point for a poll. Unfortunately I could not locate the original EW post about it anymore, but here is what I found on the blog.

On the PopWatch Blog, Michael Slezak asked Entertainment Weekly’s readers to nominate the best and worst TV hair. Of course…. Mick was not only nominated, he was selected as a winner.

It seems as if Alex was not only seen as one of the sexiest stars on TV in those Moonlight days, but that his hair was well liked as well. This made me think that we should ask how the fans feel about his hair in the various roles over the past 15 years. (not all the roles are included)

Here is our first poll. Take a look at Alex’s  hair over the years before Hawaii Five-0. The hair from which role do you like best? (Remember, it is about the HAIR 😉 😉 )


(1) ‘White Collar’ Blue hair (Alex in 2003 as Ian Mack in an episode of this TV series)

(2) ‘Oyster Farmer’ Hair (Alex as Jack Flange in this movie filmed in 2003)

(3) ‘Black Jack Sweet Science’ Hair (Alex as Luke Anderson in this 2004 TV Drama)

(4) ‘Mary Bryant’ Hair (Alex plays Will Bryant in this TV Drama that was filmed during the last 3 months of 2004)

(5) ‘Feed’ Hair (Alex as Michael Carter in this movie filmed in the beginning of 2005)

(6) ‘The Invisible’ Hair (Alex as Marcus Bohem in this movie, filmed at the end of 2005)

(7) ‘August Rush’ Hair (Alex as Marshall Connelly in this movie, filmed in 2006)


(8) ‘The Shield’ Hair (Alex as Kevin Hiatt in this TV series filmed in 2006)

(9) ‘Whiteout’ Hair (Alex as Russell Haden in this movie filmed in 2007)

(10) ‘Moonlight’ Hair (Alex as Mick St John in the TV series filmed from August 2007 – April 2008)


(11) ‘Criminal Minds’ Hair (Alex as Vincent Rowlings  in an episode of this TV Series)


(12) ‘The Back-Up Plan’ Hair (Alex as Stan in this movie, filmed in 2009)

(7) ‘Three Rivers’ Hair (Alex as Andy Yablonski in this TV series, filmed in 2009)

You can vote for the 3 hairstyles that you like best


  • And here is our second poll. Take a look at Steve McGarrett’s hair over the years. The hair from which season do you like best? (and again just a reminder that it is about the hair 🙂 )

‘Hawaii Five-0’ Hair

Season 1 Hair

Season 2 Hair

Season 3 Hair

Season 4 Hair

Season 5 Hair

Season 6 Hair

Season 7 Hair

Season 8 Hair

Cast your vote for your favourite Steve-hair season here:

Hope you enjoyed all the ‘hair’ pictures …….. 😛


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‘Three Rivers’ of life, death and rock ’n’ roll – with #AlexOLoughlin

It’s early on a Monday morning on the Hollywood sets of CBS’ new medical drama “Three Rivers,” which premieres at 8 p.m. Sunday, and star Alex O’Loughlin, wearing only scrub pants and a striped bathrobe, is sprawled across a hotel bed.

By Kate O’Hare
Published: 4 October 2009

Suddenly there’s a burst of rock music, sending O’Loughlin (Moonlight”), who plays transplant surgeon Dr. Andy Yablonski, stumbling into the next room. There he discovers a patient playing the video game “Rock Band.” By the end of the scene, the two are jamming.

Between takes, O’Loughlin shows off his air-guitar skills with the game, then picks up a real acoustic guitar and makes some music.

“I was just mucking around,” he says. “It’s a beautiful guitar they’ve got in there. It’s a vintage Gibson. It’s divine. It’s worth a lot of money, so I’m hesitant to pick it up. But it’s its karma. It’s supposed to be played.”

If this scene doesn’t sound like the usual medical drama, that’s the goal of series creator and executive producer Carol Barbee (“Judging Amy”).

“I know we’re doing a medical drama, but it doesn’t feel like that,” she says. “It feels like we’re doing these stories about these lives. The guest-star stories are so interesting, because you’re dropping into these worlds.”

“It’s the worst day; something catastrophic happens. You don’t know that you’re going to be a donor that day.”

Set at Three Rivers Medical Center in Pittsburgh, the drama focuses on the organ-transplant team. Led by Yablonski, it also includes rebellious but talented Dr. Miranda Foster (Katherine Moennig), womanizing Dr. David Lee (Daniel Henney), operating assistant Pam Acosta (Justina Machado) and transplant coordinator Ryan Abbott (Christopher J. Hanke).

Overseeing the team is head of surgery Dr. Sophia Jordon (Alfre Woodard, who was born in Tulsa).

 Since “Three Rivers” is about transplants, there has to be a donor, which means someone has to die so someone else may live. But that doesn’t mean the show or the characters have to be earnest and grim all the time.

“The stakes are always there,” O’Loughlin says, “and these are people that deal with this on a day-to-day basis. They live in the light.

These are some of the funniest, most joyful people that I’ve ever met, because that’s the only way you can deal with death on this scale every minute, every hour of every day.”

“So that brings us in. Then there’s this team that gives life. That’s what they do as a team at Three Rivers. They give hope; they give life. They’re in the life business.”


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CBS – Three Rivers: #AlexOLoughlin Set Interview (2009)

We end our week of focussing on organ donation and organ transplantation and Alex’s role as Dr Andy Yablonski, on Three Rivers, with this short behind the scenes interview with Alex.

Transcript of a video

[Clip from Three Rivers]

3 r 3 cl 3

Alex: I play Andy Yablonski, who is a staff surgeon at the Three Rivers hospital.

It’s new to me; I’ve never played a doctor before. And so I studied a lot at the Cleveland clinic, to get as much information as I could.

3 r 3 bw 3

Alex: My character is based on an actual surgeon who we all know as Gonzo. And this guy to me, is like a rock star.

I don’t know if he’s the youngest surgeon there, but he is certainly at the younger end of the surgeons there.

And he is extremely good at what he does.

3 r 2 cl 4

Alex: Gonzo introduced me to the operating rooms. And the environment and the atmosphere. And so the first thing I saw was a patient that was prepped … cause once the patient is prepped you don’t see their face or the rest of their body.

You just see the open cavity and all the organs. We walked in and we were talking about something, and he went, “By the way, look at that.”

And I was, “Oh my god”

3 r 2 cl 5

Alex: I think the thing that I did … that most stood out to me, was absolute honestly in interaction with humans that you have to have.

Because every patient that you have to deal with, you have to talk to, person to person, with nothing else there. You have to be so clear and honest.

3 r 3 cl 2

Alex: It was an incredible experience. It was one of the best experiences of my life.

I mean these people are some of the best in the world. The opportunity to play a character like that, it was amazing. It was amazing.

3 r 2 cl 6



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