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They say ….. #AlexOLoughlin is bound for great things.

Alex is mentioned in an article on 21 September 2020 in the Australian publication The Daily Telegraph.

It is a report written by Holly Byrnes of an interview with Tate Donovan. They spoke about a number of Australian actors and then they also get to Alex.

She writes: 

His connection with our [Australian] talent continued recently when he directed Alex O’Loughlin in an episode of Hawaii Five-O – predicting big things ahead for the Canberra-born leading man.

Tate Directed Episode 10:18 of Hawaii Five-0 and this is what he had to say in the article about Alex:


“That dude … I was really impressed with him. He’s done that show for 10 years, but let me tell you something, every single scene, every single line, he is completely committed.

I guarantee you, he’s going to break out and do some great things.”

Alex as Steve in Episode 10:18 (Directed by Tate Donovan)

Let’s hope this statement, like many made by other people in the past, is prophetic and that the best for Alex’s career is still to come!!



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They Say … #AlexOLoughlin love & respect his wife & children

Another one of Alex’s talents – doing the hairstyling of Tena, the hairstylist of Hawaii Five-0.
But what strikes me the most about her fun post and video of Alex, shaving her hair, is the beautiful comment about him which she added to it.
Once again it says so much about him as a person.
  • From Tena – October 2018

I am often asked which is my most favorite actor, I have worked with…by far, for his integrity, his leadership, his heart he wears in his sleeve, his love & respect for his wife & children & personally for his mad styling skills... no other than Mr. Alex O’Loughlin  #hawaiifiveO #mcgarrett #alexoloughlin #mcG #hairstylist #hawaii #hawaiifiveOCBS #gostylin #hi50

  • From Tena, talking about Alex directing his second episode on Hawaii Five-0 in January 2019 (Epi 9:17)

Such mad respect for this Gangst’a leading man, who’s directing our 1st episode of the year!  #alexoloughlin #babyblue #focus #hawaiifive0 #cbs

  • She also needed to help Alex (and Scott) age for Episode 8:10

Swipe left to see how I helped age Steve McGarrett last season on Hawaii five-O! From inspiration photos, measurement for the wig & touchups on set.   #behindthescenes#hawaiifive0#stevemcgarrett#hairstylist#hawaii#alexoloughlin#ilovemyjob#local706


2015-Season 6, Hawaii five-O welcomed me into their Ohana. This was/is my dream job with the best Cast & Crew of my career! ( On the island my grandmother grew up on, God rest her Hawaiian soul…) swipe left to see a glimpse of my first episode! #ohana #hawaiifiveo #alexoloughlin #hairstylist #aloha #hawaii #mahalo #bts


Tena worked as a hairstylist on Hawaii Five-0 for 4 years. (From Seasons 6 to 9)

You can scroll through her Instagram page and see all her comments about some of the other people on the show – including some beautiful comments about, Michelle Borth, Sarah Carter, Terry O’Quinn, Jorge Garcia and Scott Caan who helped her style someone elses hair on set.



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They Say ….. #AlexOLoughlin is a Natural Leader

“Alex is a natural leader. He takes control and makes things happen on-set – and in his personal life too.

He’s The General, and I think that comes across in this role.”

— Scott Caan,

“Hawaii Five-0″ co-star

in Men’s Fitness,

August 2011


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They Say ….. #AlexOLoughlin is Kind & Gracious

Last year I missed out on some of the little stories around Alex.

Thanks to a busy Bee and our horses’ posts on Instagram today, I stumbled onto this little encounter gem from back then …….

  • Two women and their posts of the same story about Alex:
Blanche Murray· 26 September 2018
So I go for my early morning walk, and Hawaii 50 have been filming for a few days less then a block away from our house. So we have people ride their horses through the neighborhood, and she tells me as she was passing thru with her horses, one of them pooped right there. Alex O’Loughlin was nice enough to hold her horses while she cleaned up. Pretty Cool. — feeling amused.
kailani477   A little help from my friend… Alex O’Loughlin held the horses while I cleaned up the poop.#funwithMcGarrett#HawaiiFive-0
kailani477  Alex was kind and gracious. Aguacero liked him too💖
(Unfortunately, this page is now private and the link no longer works)
This is so sweet.
I just love reading about these encounters with Alex and his acts of kindness towards people.
For me, his actions embody what I understand the Aloha spirit to be.


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Talking About #H50 Episode 10:07 – #H50E1007

In anticipation of Friday’s Hawaii Five-0 episode, we have saved a few posts related to the episode, for this week. This is one of them.

We also include some of the promo pictures for the episode here.

All I can say is (that) Alex’s episode is powerful and meaningful. I won’t get into anything that happens in it, but it is an episode not to be missed.


It takes Hawaii Five-0 to a whole new level.


It was just a privilege to watch him work on it. He is such a professional and so dedicated, and I’m excited (to see) what the future holds for him.

Dennis Chun (Sgt. Duke Lukela)

September 2019 (SOTB)

Interview by : Angela Gerstner

For: German Serienjunkies

Alex and Dennis – SOTB 2015

Promo pictures – Episode 10:07



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