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#AlexOLoughlin & Jennifer Lopez on ET, talking about The Back Up Plan – Feb 2010

In February 2010, Alex and JLo did some Valentines promotions for The Back-Up Plan.

This was their interview with Kevin Frazier of Entertainment Tonight, at the time.


Kevin: How much fun was it making this movie? You kind of walked away from it for a second now, and you can look back. How much fun was it?

Jennifer: It was a lot of fun.

Alex: It was good.

Jennifer: It was …. We had a great time. I mean, honestly, I said many times, that it was one of the best experiences I had. Just the group of people. And the movie itself. It was ….there was …. there’s a lot of funny in the movie, so that always makes for a great day.

Kevin: Hmmm

Jennifer: And ah ….

Alex: You did say that a lot. You would regularly, most days, you would come to …. when you saw me, you would say it ….

Jennifer: Yeah [giggle]

Alex: Jokes aside … That was such a great experience.

Jennifer: It’s true.


Kevin: Was it the project ….. Did it turn out to be the project that you wanted after 3 years off? Did you …. Do you think people will say, “Ah, there she is. She’s back”?

Jennifer: I hope so. I mean, I would hope so. I mean, for me, personally, it absolutely was.

I love romantic comedies. I love doing them. I love watching them. And this was like the dream one, for me. You know what I mean. I also loved, after not doing a movie for, I don’t know, 2 and a half – 3 years.

Ah … ah …. I just … I just love the whole, new thing, that I was able to bring, because of having the babies. And the experience of that. And the fact that the subject matter of the movie, dealt with that was well. Like, being able to, you know, bring all of that experience to it.

Kevin: Does this move make you want to have more babies? [To Alex] Or does it make you want to have babies?

Jennifer: I want to have more babies.

Alex: Yeah … ah … yeah …

Kevin: [Laughing]

Alex: I’m trying to work out whether … I think it wants me to get married first, and then have babies. It … It’s made it  …. It made me realize how complicated this could be, if you did it backwards.

Jennifer: But that’s the thing you can  … It’s so funny you ask us that. But  …. That’s the whole subject of the movie. You can’t plan your life.

Alex: Right.

Kevin: Hmmm

Jennifer: And as much as you would like to. As much as you say, this is what I want to do,   … And is how I want to do it. And by this time. And it’s all going to be perfect.

It’s … that’s …. that’s not really, life. You know, that’s not how it is. And you have to just be willing to go with what happens.

Alex: I think the thing that it did … I mean,  we’re both parents. And I think the thing, for me …. ‘cos I just saw the film a couple of days ago. I think it’s great.

Jennifer: You saw it?

Alex: Yeah, it’s good. You’ve seen it.

You’ve seen it 50 times.

Jennifer: How funny is it though?

Alex:  You were editing it, right?

Jennifer: Nah-ah.That’s what I am trying to …

Alex: But it’s  …

Jennifer: If they would let me, I would.

Alex: It’s … It’s really funny. I went  …. I drove to the Orange County …

Jennifer: It’s really funny.

Alex:  ….. and saw it with a real audience and … a Non-Hollywood audience. ‘Cos I wanted to just see how … and they loved it. They’re like … I was …. I couldn’t believe how …. how much they loved it.

Jennifer: It’s funny.

Alex: And I loved it too.

Kevin: Did anybody catch you?

Alex: No! They snuck me in … and Maggie Schmit pulled me in.

Jennifer: They sneak you out through the kitchen.

Alex: And the snuck  …. through the kitchen, and ….. you know.

Jennifer: [Giggles]

Alex: I think, that the thing …. like despite all the madness that these characters go through, and … and everything is upside down, and back to front. And they try to work everything …….  Once the kids arrive … I mean I think, one of the big things in this movie is …. is it shows how, once children come into your life,  everything is put in perspective.

And as a person, whether you’re a father of a mother… you know, kids, you realize why we are here on a fundamental level. And for the first time, despite yourself, you will love another person, more than you love yourself. I mean, that’s what kids sort of do.

Kevin: Hmmm … hmmm

What is there about her that surprised you?

Alex: Probably that, she was so …. she’s … 3rd person, she is right next to me.

Probably that you were so down to earth, you know, living in this kind of  … bubble of iconic fame that you exist in. Which I did not know anything about. I don’t know, I … I don’t have that.

I come from … I just ….. I don’t have that. My life is very different … and so … I guess not living in that … we all have different ideas about what it’s like for other people in different circumstances. But just ….

Jennifer: He expected me to be really weird.

Alex: No, it’s not true

Jennifer: [Laughs] Normal.

Alex: No is such a ..

Jennifer: Semi-normal.

Alex: No, no … but I  don’t think I did  …. I didn’t expect.

Jennifer: Whatever normal is?

Alex: We met at your house and we hit it off.

Jennifer: Yeah.

Alex: I don’t think I put anything on it, in the beginning. So it was just a series of …. .

Jennifer: But you have those preconceived notions …

Alex: No, but I did not have that many.

Jennifer: Yeah. That’s good.

Alex: But you …. When I went to ….. when I went to Jennifer and Marc’s house to meet them, before we all agree to do the picture. I was at the house and …. and … one of the … I guess your maid or … or someone like, let me through the house. And I hadn’t met them yet. And they … and they took me and sat me in …. What do call that room? Like den of something?

Jennifer: The office.

Alex: The office. And it’s beautiful … beautiful, everything. But it’s just wall to wall, like Platinum Records, of them both. And I was like, you know ….

Jennifer: [Laughing]

Alex: It was just like, ….. this power couple!

Kevin: Would you guys do something together again?

Jennifer: Yeah, I would

Alex: Work wise? I thought you meant …. you were going to ask if there is something right now …


Well, what am I going to say? … “Not really”… [Laughing]

Jennifer: [Laughing]

Kevin: In three years, when you look like ….

Alex: Absolutely.

Actually, I was watching this movie the other night and at the end … Diana, my assistant, was with us, and we walked out and she was like, “That’s begging for a sequel”.  And I was like …

Jennifer: [Laughing]

Alex: …. really?

Jennifer: Like that?

Alex: Yeah, and then …

Jennifer: With the kids and all ….

Alex: Absolutely, I’d love to.

[Alex & Jennifer High Five]

Jennifer: High five.

Kevin: Advice for couples for Valentine’s day?

Jennifer: I don’t know what we’re going to do this year?

Kevin: Really?

Jennifer: I don’t know what we are doing. Haven’t … honestly, I haven’t even thought about it. I have no advice for couples, on love. You know.

Kevin: [Giggle]

Jennifer: I always feel like I’m still figuring everything out. I go day by day with my thing.

Link to Video:


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#AlexOLoughlin & JLo – On HitFix for The Back Up Plan (March 2010) – Transcript

This is the transcripts of two short videos from Hitfix, with Alex and Jennifer Lopez, doing promotion for The Back-Up Plan.


[Clip from The Back-Up Plan – First date scene]

Reporter: You were attached to this project for quite some time. And I was wondering what out of your own personal life, such as the fact that you have twins yourself, made you interested in making it?

Jennifer: I read a lot of romantic comedies. And there are not a ton of good ones out there. But this one had a really great modern, edgy voice. That they use the real … real-life issue. A real-life problem to deal with…. For the two main characters. And I thought that that journey would be very interesting, for two people who just met.

Reporter: That’s sort of surprising, the movie is a bit more dramatic, like most people might think it is from the trailers through TV spots. Did that appeal to you?

Alex: I think what appealed to me was the balance. I mean, I read the script and it is … there’s such a great balance of romantic comedy, of straight-up funny comedy, of drama, you know. And  … which makes it a good film.

And I think it is really hard to write and let alone produce and deliver a good balanced film, that is based around the romantic idea.

Reporter: Out of your own life, and experiences you’ve had, is there any scene in particular or anything that you added, that you said to the screenwriter, “We really have to do this”?

Jennifer: I know there is. I just can’t remember specifically right now … It’s been so long. But there’s

Reporter: The stew … eating the stew.

Jennifer: The stew … I mean all of the eating scenes. I mean, I remember when I saw one of the first cuts of the movie, they didn’t have a couple of the eating scenes in. And I was like, “You have to put in the stew. You have to put in the McDonald’s scene. You have to put these scenes I there”.

This is the whole thing about being. That will gross men out. It is too much. It is funny and women are going to understand it. And men are going to be like, “Yes, I remember this”. It’s definitely those things … those little nuances that really make it work, I think.

Reporter: Yes. There’s been rumours that you might do a new music deal with Def Jam

Jennifer: Hmmm-mmm

Reporter:  … Is that in the works? Is it possible?

Jennifer: Yes.

Reporter: Is it going to happen soon?

Jennifer: I believe so.

Reporter: Well I can’t wait to hear your new stuff. Thank you so much – big fan.

Link to Video


Alex O’Loughlin talks about shooting “Hawaii Five-0”


Reporter: I have to ask you. Have you shot the Hawaii Five-0 Pilot, yet? And ….

Alex: I have.

Reporter: And can you talk about what it’s like to step in Jack Lord’s shoes?

Alex: Yeah. Yeah. It’s … you know, he …. He created a huge show. McGarrett in a hit show. And it went for 12 years. I mean, it was one of CBS’s most successful things ever. What we are doing, is something very different. You know, I mean, … I can’t tell you too much. I have actually been told not to talk about it.

But it’s … it’s going to be good. I’m literally battered and bruised. I just got off the plane from Hawaii after finishing the pilot. And it was great. You know what I mean, it’s very different.

McGarrett is a Navy SEAL. I’m playing opposite Scott Caan. And … we … we have great chemistry.

Reporter: It’s good. They told you not to say anything, but you actually said some stuff. That’s good.

Alex: Said some stuff.

Reporter: Said some stuff.

Link to video

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#AlexOLoughlin – Fun Interview at Premiere of TBUP (April 2010) – Transcript

Today we have two short videos for you to enjoy.

1) Alex and Noureen DeWulf on the red carpet at the premiere of The Back-Up Plan in April 2010:


Alex: Here we are.

Noureen: Okay, I want to ask you questions.

Alex: Okay.

Reporter: Ask away.

Noureen: Who made your suit Alex?

Alex: Oh, thank you so much for asking. This is a Jil Sander. Yeah

Noureen: You look pretty sexy.

Alex: Who made your dress, Noureen?

Noureen: Um … Herve Leger, made it.

Alex: Well, it looks very sexy.

Noureen: Thank you, so much.

Alex: You’re welcome.

Reporter: Very nice, guys.

Noureen: Thank you.

Alex: Did we just ruin your interview?

Reporter: No, of course not!

Alex: We love a double.

Reporter. You’ve given me rest, because we’re streaming live. I’ve been talking non-stop for like the past …

Alex: You’re streaming live? [To the camera] Oh. Hi! .. Hi [Laughs]

Reporter: Tell everyone what’s up out there.

So, tell us, what was the experience like, working with Miss Jennifer Lopez?

Alex:  It was great. She’s … She’s awesome. She’s so accessible. She’s such a professional. [Looking back at the start of the carpet] I think she may have just arrived.

Noureen: There’s a roar.

Alex:  Because everyone is screaming.


Ah … But it’s great, you know. And it was …. she had her babies on set all the time too. Which was wonderful, you know. It was a real sort of family feel. And it was terrific.

Reporter: And now, I mean, having a baby … it’s … it’s not necessarily in order. So, how appropriate, she had her kids on set and everything.

What drew you in particular to this film?

Alex: Um … I really loved how balanced the film was. I also thought it was very funny, when I read it. And I like the character. I like my character, Stan. I mean he is a mensch dude. He’s like .. he’s a stand-up guy. That like … once he makes a decision about this woman, he just commits. And it’s like … you don’t see that much.

Reporter: Awesome. We look forward to it.

Alex: Alright.

Noureen: And he is sexy in the movie.

Alex: Ahhh

Noureen: Imagine that.

Alex: Stop …. stop.

Picture taken by Audrey Manasterski




2) Noureen DeWulf, who plays Daphne, talks about Alex.


Noreen: Oh, I love him. I think he is so nice. I think he’s really nice.

And I think he is really solid, you know. I think he’s … the way he plays this character is very solid. And I think a lot of women are going to swoon over him after this movie. Because he’s pretty sexy and he’s very stable.

People are attracted to that kind of, you know, masculine stability that he kind of possesses, I think.



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Jennifer Lopez and #AlexOLoughlin Interview – The Back Up Plan – 2010 (Transcript) talked with Alex O’Loughlin and Jennifer Lopez about their movie, The Back-Up Plan. The sexy singer, dancer and actress Jennifer Lopez returns to the big screen two years after giving birth to her twins Max and Emme with (then) husband Marc Anthony. Lopez admits that she is lucky to work with handsome co-stars, and that being a mom to twins Max and Emme has changed her for the better.

Reporter: Congratulations, guys.

Jennifer: Thank you.

Alex: Thank you.

Reporter: The movie is so hilarious, but Jennifer, I have to say, that with your film career, you always get the hot co-stars. What’s up with that?

Jennifer: You know what? You know what … Some people are just lucky. [Laughs at Alex]

Reporter: And you’re one of them.

Jennifer: Yes, thank you.

Reporter: And when you guys first met. How did you know that it was going to click? Because in these romantic comedies, you need that chemistry.

Alex:  Yeah, I mean you meet people … it’s like …. It’s like anything. You go to a bar. Then you go to a party, or whatever.

Jennifer: It was just like that. We went to a bar…

Alex: It was just like that. We went to a bar and got hammered. No. You know, when you meet people and you’re either like, … you’re either like, “Next” or whatever. Or you’re bored, or you’re like, I’m not really. Or you’re like, “Oh, you’re funny”. Or you’re right…

Jennifer: Or, “You’re cool”.

Alex:  “You’re cool”

Jennifer: “I like this. This can work.”

Alex: Yeah, that’s when we met. And you’re like, either there could possibly be a friendship there,  or there’s not. We did, you know. We were buds and we were like … we were laughing at each other in no time. We both had a sense of humour. And we were both kind of looking for…..

…. and the other thing was, that we talked about the movie. I remember you being very clear with me about the …. How you felt about the script. And how you … your artistic vision. And your … you know the arc of Zoe and Stan. And I was like, “Right on”. And that was how I saw it too. So, that was really important.

Reporter: That’s great. And Jennifer, you know, big-screen come back for you. I can just imagine how this rang true to you on so many levels.

Jennifer: Absolutely. I mean, you know, having just gone through a pregnancy myself, and then for this movie. It was almost like perfect timing. It was just spot-on. And for me to play this character. And it really helped me. It really did. I mean emotionally and physically, how it felt, was so fresh in my mind.

Reporter: Was it kind of strange getting back into that again? What kind of cravings did you have? Or … when you were pregnant?

Jennifer: Ah-ha

Reporter: Did you crave … any crazy cravings, like Zoe, did?

Jennifer: Oh, um …. No, Zoe had enough cravings, I think, for about 5 pregnant women.

Alex: Yeah.

Jennifer: I didn’t really have a lot of cravings.

Reporter: Oh, no. Okay. Lucky you.

Alex: I’ve heard of stories of where women crave. Like … like the weirdest… like, I want a veal schnitzel right now! Covered in peanut butter and like …

Jennifer: Yeah

Alex:  … Like glucose syrup.

Jennifer: Yeah. I think some people just use it as an excuse to really pig-out.

Alex: Just to be disgusting.

Jennifer: Just be like, “I’m just gonna EAT. This is my opportunity. I waited for this my whole life”. But I wasn’t one of them.

Alex: Because men do that anyway. I mean … It must be so difficult to be a woman sometimes …

Jennifer: Thanks for the acknowledgement.

Alex: … because men are just like, “I want a veal schnitzel, with glucose syrup”

Jennifer: Yeah.

Alex: But women don’t get, like … it’s … its’… you know. You guys don’t feel free to do that.

Jennifer: Yeah.

Stan and his baby girls

Reporter: And Alex, any … you know, Jennifer has got two beautiful twins. Did this give you baby fever at all?

Alex: Maybe … I’d love to… You know, I am a father. I am a father of one son …

Reporter: Okay.

Alex: … who’s the …. centre of my everything. And I would love to have … more, you know. He’s 12, you know. And he’s … he’s so … Yeah, I’d love to …. If the time was right. You know and if I met the right person, I’d totally be up to have, you know, a little footy team.  You know, take them around … buy a minivan

Reporter: Yeah.

Alex: You know. But, yeah, I’m not quite there.

Reporter: Jennifer, for you. What’s the best thing that’s changed since becoming a mom?

Jennifer: The thing that’s changed since becoming a mom? I mean the best thing, …  it’s just better. My life is better. You know, everything about it. I mean, it’s harder. ‘Cos it’s more challenging. But it’s everything is just so much more complete.

Reporter: Excellent. Congratulations guys.

Alex: Thank you.

Jennifer: Thank you.


Link to video:


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#AlexOLoughlin & A Deleted Scene from TBUP?

While cleaning up some of my old picture files of Alex, I came across a number pictures where I do not know the story behind them. For me every picture of Alex has potential of a story to share with you on here, even if I don’t know the what the story is. 😉

These pictures below are some of those for which I do not have an answer of why they exist.

Was this scene filmed for The Back-Up Plan, but ended on the editing room floor? And why was it not used?

The Back-Up Plan – Donal Logue, Payton Lucas, Alex O’Loughlin, Marlowe Peyton, and Carter Sand

As you can see it was a scene of Alex with actor Donal Logue and some children.



The Back-Up Plan – Donal Logue, Payton Lucas, Alex O’Loughlin & Marlowe Peyton

We love Alex with kids in pictures.

It always looks like he creates such beautiful fun with them! 

If there is anybody with more information about the existence of these pictures, please let us know.


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