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#AlexOLoughlin – BTS for TV Guide Sexiest Photoshoot (2008) – Transcript

In May 2008, Alex appeared in TV Guide’s Sexiest Stars issue. He needed to do a photoshoot to get his picture for this issue.

This is a video taken at this shoot.

And of course, the question was – what makes you feel sexy?


Alex: What makes me feel sexy?

Oh, I don’t know.

Comment: That answer in a bit. And the more important question would be, who is this sexy male TV star?

Australian import, Alex O’Loughlin, is the lead of CBS’s vampire detective drama, Moonlight.

Alex: I think that the person you are with makes you feel sexy, you know. Like my girlfriend. You know, I mean being adored by someone else makes me feel sexy.

Comment: With his newfound fame, this Aussie hunk isn’t letting it get the best of him.

Alex: My exposure to the general public has definitely risen, ‘cos so much …. so many more people know my face now. So, I guess it kind of changes a bit. It hasn’t changed the way I think.


The Photographer for the photoshoot was Rodolfo Martinez

Click on the link to can see the actual TV Guide Magazine article here:

#AlexOLoughlin – One of TV Guide’s Sexiest Stars – 2008

And this is what co-star Sophia Myles had to say for the article:

“I’m immune to Alex’s hotness. I see more of him than of any boyfriend I’ve ever had. I’m very privileged because of that, but since I see him so much, I’ve overdosed on his hotness. It’s just the norm.

But other people become weak in the knees around him. They start blushing. They drool. He has that Johnny Depp thing, a special sparkle that’s just magic. How do you define it? The young girls love him, the older ladies love him, and the gay guys love him.

He’s really good at expressive movement and loves musical theater. He’s also up there with the greatest comedians I’ve ever known. I go home with stomach pains from laughing so hard. It’s constant. He’s kind of crude.

English and Australians have a great connection when it comes to humor, and we can be outrageous. You couldn’t put some of it in print. Americans don’t know what to do with us, but I like that.”

– Moonlight co-star Sophia Myles

TV Guide,

May 2008

And this is Alex’s reaction to watching this video during an interview:

You can see the full interview here:

#AlexOLoughlin on TV Guide’s ‘TV Watercooler’ – 28 April 2008



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A very special day spent with #AlexOLoughlin

Some interesting comments from Beverly Byrd of the production company (BeriWorks) who set up the photoshoot of Alex with photographer Nino Muñoz for CBS Watch magazine back in February 2017. 


  • Posted 7 September 2017

beriworks   He’s hot AND super sweet! Special thanks to #AlexOloughlin for making our trip to your island friggin fantastic! Here are some bts shots… #proudproducer #beriworks #cbswatchmagazine #producedbyBeverlyByrd #hawaiifive0 #CBS #setlife

  • Posted 8 September 2017

beriworks  It was a very special day spent with #alexoloughlin as we roamed through the same Hawaiian jungles that served as the backdrop to the films Jurassic Park and King Kong. Photography @ninomunoz Stylist @lily_unk Groomer @makeupbymariahmelanie Location @kualoaranch
#BeriWorks #ProducedByBeverlyByrd #ProudProducer #alexoloughlin #hawaiifive0 #CBS @BeriWorks
@mann6800 @megsmc422 @davidnaylor_1 #cbswatchmagazine



  • Posted 9 September 2017


I had so much fun working with #alexoloughlin I had to post again!! 🤙🏾😜 #hawaiifive0 #proudproducer #beriworks #cbswatchmagazine #setlife

From these comments it is clear that Alex made a great impression on the production team of this photoshoot …


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#AlexOLoughlin : Untied

Over the years Alex has done a number of photoshoots and appearances. Just as with his skills as an actor in front of the camera, he appears to be at ease being a model. Over the years something caught my eye in the pictures from these shoots – his untied shoes in some of them.

Just because they are all gorgeous pictures of this gorgeous man, we thought to make a post of a few of them again …… remember to look at his feet. 🙂

  • For the TV Guide photoshoot in 2009 to promote Three Rivers, we caught this half untied shoe

  • The Watch photo shoot for Hawaii Five-0 in 2010

  • Christopher Morris photo shoot in Australia – 2010

  • At the Grove, doing promotional interview for Hawaii Five-0 in September 2010


  • And of course that same evening at the Colony for the screening of Hawaii Five-0, still wearing the same shoes, but now we can see that they are half tied.
  • In 2011 Alex did a fashion shoot for Cosmo

  • And for his cover article in GQ magazine – this picture not used in the magazine

  • And this one used for the article in the magazine – well the shoes are half fastened, but the legs wanted to be posted …..

  • Also from 2011 the cover story photo shoot for Men’s Fitness Magazine

  • From Alex’s latest photo shoot for Watch magazine in 2017. At first glance his shoes look untied, but on closer inspection it is not….

Hope you enjoyed our little study of Alex untied ……



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I Wish I Had More #AlexOLoughlin in my life. (BTS Video for Watch!)



Alex: We are doing a photo shoot for CBS Watch! Magazine.

Alex: Yeah, we are having a lot of fun out here in beautiful Kuaola. We’ve got Nino Muñoz, who’s shooting with us. Who is an incredible photographer.

I am honoured that he came all this way to do this.

Nino: We are shooting here in amazing Hawaii. It was just  iconic amazing images in the background.

Alex: It’s very exciting. We all put our heads together and wanted to find a story for the shoot. And we sort of wanted this guy to be a little nomadic.

Like a traveller in a strange land, discovering a new landscape. And Finding his way away from civilization.

Nino: So it was great to have someone involved and dedicated to making the images come alive.

Alex: So we got some really amazing props. We got an old Royal Enfield  kick-start old army green motorcycle with some Envia bags.

 I love bikes, so that’s been fun for me.

Alex: Now the first shot was mainly establishing this character and the bike and his first mode transport. And we will bring in some horses into it, I think

Yeah, with Nino shooting, and Hawaii doing what it does and some cool props. I am just sort of standing here, being  grateful.

Link to the video:

Some more posts about the shoot:


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#AlexOLoughlin, Behind the Scenes – Christopher Morris Photoshoot – 14 January 2010

In January 2010, Alex did this photoshoot for an article in Sunday Magazine 


Here is the transcript of the video made on that day.

Alex: Hi, I’m Alex O’Loughlin.


Question: What is the best thing about Sundays?

Alex: My favourite thing about Sundays.

Well I haven’t really seen a Sunday …. Well Sundays …. when you work in this industry, they sort of make you work, every day. So it becomes a big mush of days.

But I think, the picnics in the park.


Question: What do you miss about home, while you’re away?

Alex: I miss the water. I miss the tap water. And I miss the … the ocean water.

Question: What would you do if you weren’t acting?

Alex: Well, I’m not qualified to do anything else, but if I’m going  back and start again, I think I’d do medicine.



Alex: Yeah, because after my last show I’m …….

Question: Who would you most like to share the silver screen with?

Alex: I would most like to share the silver screen with Daniel Day Lewis, I think. Cause he´s the greatest.


Question: What’s the worst thing about fame?

Alex: Ah, the worst thing about fame, is people changing around you. Yeah, I think that’s the worst thing about fame.

You don’t necessarily change, but the people around you start to change, because they think you are going to change. And it’s very odd ……. experience.


 Link to video


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