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#AlexOLoughlin chats to TV WEEK about fatherhood (2012)

Lion Pride

TV Week

20 November 2012

Aussie star Alex O’Loughlin was glowing with fatherly pride when he told TV WEEK of the birth of his baby son, Lion Kahano, last week.

He’s a little cub right now, but one day he’ll grow up to be a lion,” the Hawaii Five-0 star said of the newborn, who was welcomed into the world on October 25.

When asked about the choice of name, the actor and father to Saxon, 15 – his son from a previous relationship, couldn’t stop a cheeky grin spreading across his face. “I don’t really set the sights high for my kids with names like Saxon and Lion, right,” he laughs.

The 36-year-old actor, who has been dating model Malia Jones, has nothing but praise for the new mum. “She’s a supportive partner and a terrific woman living with three boys not including me, so it’s like a man factory at my house!”

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#AlexOLoughlin – #H50 #Watch! – Transcript of Interview

CBS Watch! Magazine posted a short clip of part of the interview they did with Alex O’Loughlin for their next two monthly issue of the magazine for June/July 2017.

Although I am excited and very grateful that they posted it, why they have to post regionally restricted clips of an interview is beyond me. Alex is an internationally known actor with many fans from around the world. This is not just about the show. It is about Alex.

Sorry for the rant, but here is a transcript of it.

Watch Magazine

How Hawaii Inspires H50’s Alex O’Loughlin


The inspiration that Hawaii provides for me?

Well this has been my home for about 7 years now. And I’m married to a local girl, I got local kids. I’m blessed in. I’ve got a name∗. It’s deeply entrenched in … in who I am now. You know, I don’t think I’m ever going to leave.

( Alex’s local name is Kekau)

Saxon, Spike, Alex and Malia at a birthday party for Egan’s son, back in May 2013.

I mean obviously it’s beautiful. Like you look around and it is like, “Wow it’s really beautiful!” But there’s … there’s an energy in the land here; they actually have a name for it. It’s calledMana”. And it’s like the power of the Aina”; of the land.

And I don’t always feel it. Or I’m not always aware of it, because I get very busy 10 months of the year, frantically shooting, and trying to remember things. And trying not to get caught up in politics, you know.

But then when I stop, mainly in the off seasons, I can go somewhere quiet, like this, and sort of tap back into it. And that’s what inspires me out here.

It’s … This place is very special. It’s a very special part of the world.

Link to the interview:


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#AlexOLoughlin …. My Kids are my Everything

I do very little outside of work, aside from be with my family.

My kids are my everything – I love being with them.

I love my home.

– Alex O’Loughlin

TV Plus,

October 2013


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Hiatus for #AlexOLoughlin

The other cast rush off and are eager to do (movies) but I just want to hang out with my kids, with my dog and my wife and relax. By the time I get to the end of each season, I’m pretty run down … 25 episodes, that’s a lot of TV to do in 10 months. I need to just get my body back, eating and training and catching up on sleep

– Alex O’Loughlin

February 2016


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Alex O’Loughlin Is A Proud Sleep-Deprived Papa – November 2012

Alex on ET Canada

– Transcript and report of an interview done at the press day on

10 November 2012,

two weeks after the birth of his son Lion

Report written: By Sarah Koo

(26 November 2012)


Alex: Why do people say congratulations when you have a child? It’s awful. I mean, you don’t sleep, you’re covered in vomit and poop all the time.

While the Hawaii Five-0 star is cool and collected as Steve McGarrett on the show, in real-life he’s feeling the fatigue courtesy of the new addition to the family – Lion.

No doubt the name “Lion O’Loughlin’s” got ring to it, and the proud papa fills us in on the inspiration behind his and mama Malia Jones’ unique choice.


Reporter: Yes, the joys of parenthood. Scott [oops, I am sure he meant Alex] and his girlfriend Malia Jones welcomed a baby boy last month and for strategic reasons, they named him Lion.

Alex: My first son, his name is Saxon. So I kind of like to give my children names where they can’t just go on welfare comfortably, you know. The welfare people will be like, Lion O’Loughlin? Dude I’m not …… you can’t  …. you gotta go run a country or something, you know. At least run a television network station.

That makes perfect sense, doesn’t it? Alex questions his own train of thought, explaining how four weeks with a newborn can affect one’s mind.  he says. The star claims he changed Lion’s “first 60 diapers. In the hospital, I was the diaper man!”


Reporter: In the mean time though, Lion is busy keeping his dad awake at night.

Alex: Am I making sense? I have a new-born, I’m not sleeping much. I hope I’m articulating what I’m thinking.

Reporter: Alex’s co-star Scott Caan thinks he’s doing a great job keeping it all together.

Scott: I think he’s better doing that than I would be.

Reporter: Scott and Alex recently took their onscreen friendship a little bit further with this cuddling scene. [laughs]

Alex: We cuddle a lot, frankly. Scott and I …. Scott and I cuddle a lot and we just happened to cuddle on camera.

Scott: It was just a little moment we tried. I did not know if they were going to use it or not. I’m glad they used it. That’s funny.

Alex: I’m comfortable with Scott on my shoulder, bowl of popcorn, watching ‘The Note Book’. Pretty much. That’s a weekend ‘in’ for me.



But Alex wouldn’t ever trade his “daddy duties. After-all, they’re nothing compared to “mommy duties”: “If men had to have babies, there would be zero population on this planet… We can’t take that kind of pain!”

Link to video


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