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#AlexOLoughlin Talking About “The Big Wheel” – Criminal Minds DVD Extra (Transcript)

Alex and writer Simon Mirren talking about the story of Vincent, the serial killer in “The Big Wheel” – The Criminal Minds episode with Alex as a guest star.


Simon: This episode is called “The Big Wheel”. And I wanted to call it big wheel, because it’s sort of the metaphor for the world – keep turning. It’s all about this bizarre relationship between one of our serial killers and one of his victim’s son.

[Clip from episode]

Simon: I really wanted to spend some time with the killer for this episode. And I wanted … we wanted a day in the life of the killer. So, you start out seeing the day in the life of this killer, and you realize it’s filmed with his glasses.

[Clip from episode]

Simon: So, everything for this killer, Vincent, is about what you see.

Alex: I play Vincent Rowlings and he suffers from a terrible anxiety. He suffers from an anxiety disorder …. Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder.  He used to live a normal life and work a job and stuff. And manage his OCD. And manage his anxiety and it got … it’s gotten to a point where he’s had to quit his job and his … his OCD has taken over his entire life.

Simon: He can’t walk on cracks, and there’s a multitude of things he has to do. Like,  he has to close the door twice. He as to open twice. So, when he finds that one of his victims’ children is blind it really … he really just frozen. And he has to find out everything he can about the kid.

Alex: He becomes obsessed with this boy. And he doesn’t know why. And his OCD kicks in. It’s an OCD obsession with the kid at first. 

Simon: And then we realize there’s an even deeper connection with the killer.

Alex: Stanley comes out and finds his mother dead. And Stanley is a blind boy. And he knows something is wrong. And he senses somebody else there. And what happens is, Vincent sees this boy, and the reason he spares his life, is because, in that moment, Stanley is the manifestation of the … the last vestibule of innocence within … within Vincent.

He joins a mentor group, so he can get closer to this kid, who’s now an orphan. And he becomes a part of this kid’s life. And through the rest of the episode, we witnessed Vincent as he realizes this epiphany.

Simon Mirren, the writer of this episode, he gave me the script to read and it was … I was really touched by the journey in this character.

Simon: I like to have really strange twists and turns. It’s quite a layered story.

[Clip from episode]

Alex: The FBI are now hot on … on Vincent’s trail. And Vincent manages to get Stanley out of the house through the window. Even though Vincent is injured….

[Clip from episode]

Alex: And onward bleeding out, and get Stanley to this amusement park and on the Ferris wheel.

[Clip from episode]

Alex: Vincent and Stanley had this … had this plan, that on Stanley’s birthday, Vincent would take him on a Ferris wheel. Which of course will take us close to the stars, and perhaps you can reach out and touch the stars. Because he’s always dreaming of the stars.

We’re shooting the exchange between Vincent and Stanley.

Simon: This is the big wheel scene. The end of the show. The final moment when our BAU arrives, thinking the worst. That this killer is gonna throw this child off the top of the big wheel.

Alex: Vincent makes a breakthrough and he’s finally able to touch Stanley. And hold his hand, and tell him what he means to him.

One of Vincent’s final lines is … is, he says to Stanley, “You helped me see”.

It’s a beautiful story.

Simon: They rush in.

[Clip from episode]

Simon: …… to find that the killer is in fact now deceased. Morgan runs in and picks up young Stanley. Carries him off like a hero should.

Alex: It’s my job as an actor to elevate the material off the page. And this material was already right up there, you know. So I kind of felt like, “I hope I can match it”

Simon: I think Vincent is gonna be one of those serial killers we’ll remember.

And the big wheel keeps on turning.




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#AlexOLoughlin talks with Entertainment Tonight – 29 April 2009

Alex O’Loughlin: From Vampire to Serial Killer

Entertainment Tonight interviews Alex O’Loughlin!

“Moonlight” hottie Alex O’Loughlin returns to CBS tonight for a guest-starring role on an episode of “Criminal Minds,” in which a serial killer sends the team a videotape detailing one of his crimes. On the tape, he includes a plea, asking them to help him stop his killing spree. But first, ET checks in with Alex to get his take on his turn to the dark side.

Found on Moonlight Fanblog

29 April 2009

Originally Posted in The Oklahoman


ET: This role is quite a departure from Mick. How do you think your fans will react to it?

Alex: How do you think they will react?

ET: I think they may be disappointed. You are not as sexy as you were in“Moonlight.”

Alex: There is more of that coming up. There is plenty of that.

ET: Is that why the part appealed to you – because it was so different?

Alex: Absolutely. I didn’t go to leading man school. I went to drama school. I don’t want to play the same role, every role I get. The other thing is, my true fans, emphasis on the word true, will follow me wherever I go. I thought it was a well-earned breather between roles. 

ET: Did you do any research on serial killers?

Alex: Not so much on serial killers, as on OCD. I did a lot of research on Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder.

ET: Right, because this character had to open doors twice and not step on cracks.

Alex: There is more to it than that. OCD is an anxiety disorder. The patterns that people have … you yourself might have some patterns that you are not aware of. A lot of us do. The patterns that people have in their daily life, such as putting their sunglasses on with both hands, or the way they tie their shoes. There are patterns that we have in real life that ease an anxiety that is inside of us. This is an extreme case of it. 

ET: CBS seems to love you. You are doing the new pilot, “Three Rivers,” for them. Can you describe your role and talk about the series?

Alex: We have already done the pilot. The character’s name is Andy Yablonski. It is based on a real-life character called Gonzo Gonzales-Stawinski, who is a cardiothoracic surgeon I have been shadowing for the past couple of months. He has become a great friend of mine.

My character is a cardiothoracic surgeon. He is a staff surgeon, but he is being preened to become head of surgery at Three Rivers Clinic, set in Pittsburgh. It is called Three Rivers because there are three rivers in Pittsburgh: The Allegheny, the Monongahela and the Ohio, but it is also told from three perspectives: The donor’s perspective and the grieving family, the recipient and their family and the surgical team. 

It is very different than “Moonlight.” It is not about vampires, but there are equal amounts of blood as my last show.


ET: When you worked on “Moonlight,” you worked with the American Red Cross for blood donation.

Alex: That is something I am hoping to take on to my next project. I want to take it to another level and work with Donate Life America, which I will be working within affiliation with Gonzo and CBS. I want to put something together and do something special for that.

ET: With ‘Twilight’ now and “True Blood,” do you think that “Moonlight” was just one year too early?

Alex: Many people say that. If they put it on now, maybe less people would have watched it because people are watching the other vampire projects. I just think they pulled it off too early. I think it is a show that took a minute to find its legs, but once we found our legs, our numbers were consistent and we won some awards. We were doing really well and then they cancelled it. 

ET: Nina Tassler said at the TCA [Television Critics Association] press tour that when they studied the fan reaction to the series, you tested better than the show.

Alex: That is lovely to hear. It is always funny when you hear things like that, because what do you say besides thank you? I don’t get it. I get up in the morning and my hair is all hanging in my face and poking up on one side, I need to shave and I look older than I am. When I stagger into the kitchen to get my breakfast, I don’t think, “Oh, look at that handsome guy. Look at that talented special creature.”

“The Big Wheel” episode of “Criminal Minds” airs tonight at 9 p.m. on CBS. 


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#AlexOLoughlin Best Hair – It’s a Poll x2

We have not done a poll for a long time and I got this titbit from a post on Moonlight Fan Blog.  I thought we could use it as a starting point for a poll. Unfortunately I could not locate the original EW post about it anymore, but here is what I found on the blog.

On the PopWatch Blog, Michael Slezak asked Entertainment Weekly’s readers to nominate the best and worst TV hair. Of course…. Mick was not only nominated, he was selected as a winner.

It seems as if Alex was not only seen as one of the sexiest stars on TV in those Moonlight days, but that his hair was well liked as well. This made me think that we should ask how the fans feel about his hair in the various roles over the past 15 years. (not all the roles are included)

Here is our first poll. Take a look at Alex’s  hair over the years before Hawaii Five-0. The hair from which role do you like best? (Remember, it is about the HAIR 😉 😉 )


(1) ‘White Collar’ Blue hair (Alex in 2003 as Ian Mack in an episode of this TV series)

(2) ‘Oyster Farmer’ Hair (Alex as Jack Flange in this movie filmed in 2003)

(3) ‘Black Jack Sweet Science’ Hair (Alex as Luke Anderson in this 2004 TV Drama)

(4) ‘Mary Bryant’ Hair (Alex plays Will Bryant in this TV Drama that was filmed during the last 3 months of 2004)

(5) ‘Feed’ Hair (Alex as Michael Carter in this movie filmed in the beginning of 2005)

(6) ‘The Invisible’ Hair (Alex as Marcus Bohem in this movie, filmed at the end of 2005)

(7) ‘August Rush’ Hair (Alex as Marshall Connelly in this movie, filmed in 2006)


(8) ‘The Shield’ Hair (Alex as Kevin Hiatt in this TV series filmed in 2006)

(9) ‘Whiteout’ Hair (Alex as Russell Haden in this movie filmed in 2007)

(10) ‘Moonlight’ Hair (Alex as Mick St John in the TV series filmed from August 2007 – April 2008)


(11) ‘Criminal Minds’ Hair (Alex as Vincent Rowlings  in an episode of this TV Series)


(12) ‘The Back-Up Plan’ Hair (Alex as Stan in this movie, filmed in 2009)

(7) ‘Three Rivers’ Hair (Alex as Andy Yablonski in this TV series, filmed in 2009)

You can vote for the 3 hairstyles that you like best


  • And here is our second poll. Take a look at Steve McGarrett’s hair over the years. The hair from which season do you like best? (and again just a reminder that it is about the hair 🙂 )

‘Hawaii Five-0’ Hair

Season 1 Hair

Season 2 Hair

Season 3 Hair

Season 4 Hair

Season 5 Hair

Season 6 Hair

Season 7 Hair

Season 8 Hair

Cast your vote for your favourite Steve-hair season here:

Hope you enjoyed all the ‘hair’ pictures …….. 😛


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Some Trivia about #AlexOLoughlin on ‘Criminal Minds’

We found this information on the closed down site Alex O’Loughlin Rocks.

Some interesting facts about Alex and his performance in the one episode of the TV Series Criminal Minds in 2009 ……

After 10 months of not doing any acting work, Alex was offered a part as a guest on Criminal Minds.


  • According to Paget Brewster in an interview with TV Guide

Brewster: Oh, Alex…. Alex sets all the girls into a twitter. Various departments were vying for Alex‘s attention. We just finished that this past Saturday morning, at 5:30 am.

• When asked in April 2009 by TV Guide whether playing a serial killer was a smart move for a sex symbol, Alex responded:

“This lovely lady, a fan, came up to me the other day and asked exactly that. And I said, ‘Hang on a minute—if the character has no path to redemption, then it’s difficult for me to play. But this guy, at the end, breaks through his own wall and touches another person. It’s a transition to epiphany.’

If people can’t see that, I’m not doing my job.”

• Co-executive producer Simon Mirren in TV Guide on Alex’s performance:

“You know it’s a good [performance] when the crew starts hanging around the monitor. They came up to me and said, ‘This guy’s great.’

From my point of view, the more an actor can inhabit something that’s the opposite of him, the more producers can be surprised by it.”

Ed Bernero, creator and Executive Producer on Alex in the Canadian TV Guide:

“Alex is an amazing actor; he’s right next door, shooting scenes right now. Alex plays a serial killer who something happens to at a scene of one of the killings that changes his whole personality, and he reaches out to the BAU for help.

It’s a really interesting character. There’s also a great kid in the episode, Jake Cherry, and he and Alex share a lot of scenes together. Alex is very sweet with kids.”

Jake Cherry’s performance as blinded Stanley Wolcott in this episode was assisted by Daniel Kish, a perceptual mobility instructor, who is the lead founder and CEO of World Access for the Blind. Daniel holds two national certifications in Orientation and Mobility, COMS and NOMC, and is the first totally blind individual to obtain both certifications. (Source:



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#AlexOLoughlin – It’s Time To Say Goodbye!

I think really if there’s nothing out there in the dark, then once we’re dead we’re just dead and all religion, all spiritual belief, is redundant. So there has to be something else, or what’s the point? And if we accept that there has to be something… then there can be anything.

—  Alex O’Loughlin, Sydney Morning Herald, December 2007

SPOILER ALERT – If you haven’t seen all of Alex’s work, this might really give away the surprises of the work we refer to!

Where does an actor like Alex go to, to find the emotions of dying. For almost anything else they have to portray, they can go back somewhere to find something to relate too. But none of the living really knows what it is to die. I have always wondered if it is uncomfortable for an actor to “die” or play dead.

To be killed by a monster is kind of easy – it is total and brutal fear that you experience. And here we can see Deputy Eric Fraser’s last moments on earth. The thing he feared most in life, got to him, The Man-Thing!

What emotions flash through your mind when you know, this is the end. It is inevitable I am about to die and I want to do it with honour.

Apparently Alex extended the scene of Will Bryant being shot and dying much longer, than what was originally planned, but the director liked Alex’s version of it so much that he decided to use it. You decide for yourself….

(Of course the real life Will Bryant died of fever on the ship on his way back to England, but what can be more dramatic than to be killed by your wife’s lover? However I am certain Alex would have “killed” a death, dying of fever, just as well)

You live by the sword, you die by the sword. In The Invisible we have two lovers Marcus and Annie, who took their passion and their criminal behavior so far, that they kill each other in the end. (Not that we know if he really died)

In Moonlight, Mick the human, dies twice.

First by the hand of his wife Coraline, who feels that by “killing” him she is giving him eternal life.

The second, by the fangs of his best friend Josef, when he begs him to do it.

This time he is driven by love…..

“Kill me for Beth, My Beth!”

In Whiteout it seems Russell gets what´s coming to him.

He kills a few people in cold blood, out of pure greed, and in the end he meets a horrible death at the hands of nature itself.

As I am typing this, I can’t help but cry, thinking of Alex as Vincent in Criminal Minds.

Those touching words of guilt from Vincent,  towards a boy he related to after killing the boy’s mother. Seeing himself in that boy made him realise the monster in himself! FORGIVE ME.

Was there redemption in those words? Did the dying Vincent find peace for his soul? How is it that you want to cry at the death of this serial killer “monster”.

All I can say is Bravo ALEX, BRAVO!!

I think the spirit of the man himself is beyond salvation and that’s what I as the actor went for, you know?

— Alex O’Loughlin, MyTakeOnTV, 29 April 2009

Goodbye Sweetie………we know we’ll see you soon, because your present Ohana has got your six!

With Steve there will be good times and there will be bad times, but you’ll always be able to smile at the end…..

Goodbye girls….


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