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Here is your chance to have lunch with the cast of #H50 on set in Hawaii

Support Children’s Hospital Los Angeles by making a donation and you will be entered into a draw to have Lunch with the Cast of Hawaii Five-0 on Set in Hawaii


  • Visit the cast of Hawaii Five-0 on location in Hawaii and watch them film an exciting new episode
  • Get to know some of your favorite cast members over lunch
  • Soak up all the sun, sea and scenery Hawaii has to offer 
  • Get flown out and put up in a 4-star hotel

hawaii,hawaiifive0,hawaii50 Banner

What you’ll do

Round-trip flights to Hawaii for the experience of a lifetime? Book ‘em, Danno! You and a lucky friend are off to the 50th state to visit the cast and the picture-perfect set of Hawaii Five-0. You’ll take in the gorgeous scenery, watch as they film an upcoming episode (no spoilers!) and bond with the cast over lunch. That’s right, you’re joining the Five-0 ohana for an incredible meal to swap stories and get all your burning questions answered. Are you humming the theme song yet? We are! Flights and hotel included.

Who you’ll help

Children’s Hospital Los Angeles provides specialized, comprehensive and compassionate health care for children in a setting designed just for their needs. As one of the country’s largest and leading pediatric institutions with more than 350 specialties and programs, the hospital relies on the generosity of people like you to support its groundbreaking pediatric research and the complex care it provides for some of the most critically ill and injured children. By contributing to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, you’ll help pave the way for generations of children to receive the care they need to thrive, and allow the hospital’s experts to concentrate on what’s important: healing kids, making scientific breakthroughs and improving pediatric medicine.





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#AlexOLoughlin …. amazed at the amount of support by fans.

Picture (SOTB 7) – From André Schuppan

I’m continually amazed at the amount of support my fans show me. I recently wrote a blog post (on Facebook), trying to express my appreciation. … I’m actually surprised (by the support) sometimes because I don’t feel like I’m a very good celebrity. I don’t have a Twitter account. I barely manage my Facebook page and I don’t get to my e-mail often enough.

Then I watch my own work and I’m not a fan of it. I don’t see it. [Laughs] … Frankly, I probably wouldn’t have this job without the fans.

–  Alex O’Loughlin

Contra Costa Times

18 September 2012


(SOTB 7 – Picture originally from Star Advertiser)

Some news updates:

  • For those who have not seen the news yet, 2 days ago Peter Lenkov announced on Twitter that Sunset on the Beach (SOTB) for this year, for the moment is on hold because of busy schedules. We will let you know as soon as there are any further news in regards to the matter.


(Aug 4  )I know you’ve all been asking -Still trying to lock down a date 4 #H50 SOTB – won’t be premiere this yesr. Most likely later in the season

  • In just more than 2 weeks, 24 August, Alex celebrates his 41st birthday. As usual Angie and the fans from “Alex O’Loughlin Fans for Organ Donation” organized a fundraiser with Taylor’s Gift that you can support by making a donation, as well as a group card for his birthday, that you can sign.


Fundraising page:

Birthday card:


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The chance to meet #AlexOLoughlin while visiting the #H50 set.

Over the years Hawaii Five-0 have had a number of these type of auctions to visit the set of Hawaii Five-0, but none of them ever gave the opportunity of actually meeting Alex O’Loughlin himself.

This is really something that I would have loved to be able to bit for – because at long last there is a worthy prize at the end of it, while donating to a worthy cause …….

  • Post from Alex’s own Facebook page today:

Alex O’Loughlin : Listen up! I have a special opportunity to support Taylor’s Gift. Want to spend some time with me and tour the Hawaii 5-0 set? We are having an auction where you can win this opportunity with all proceeds going to Taylor’s Gift. Head to this link and bid now! This auction will end July 13. Good luck!

  • What it entails:

Meet Alex O’Loughlin and Tour the Set of CBS’ Hawaii Five O in Honolulu

You and a guest will enjoy an exclusive in-person meet and greet with CBS Hawaii Five O actor, Alex O’Loughlin and a tour of the set on location in Honolulu!

  • TIME LEFT TO BID:  Thu, 13 Jul 2017 3:00:00 PM EDT

Loves our fans! Signing fan mail

Donated by: Alex O’Loughlin of CBS Hawaii Five O – Celebrity Spokesperson of Taylor’s Gift Foundation

Additional lot details:
  • This experience expires February 16, 2018 and cannot be redeemed prior to July 7, 2017.
  • This experience will take place on a mutually agreed upon date, based on the donor’s availability.
  • Valid for 2 people.
  • An adult must accompany all individuals under the age of 18. 
  • Includes a private meet and greet with Alex O’Loughlin. CBS cannot guarantee the meeting of other cast members, subject to availability.
  • The winner may take a photo.
  • The winner can take something small to be signed.
  • Event does not include a meal.
  • All travel, ground and overnight lodging are the responsibility of winner.
  • Valid for week days only, subject to the production schedule.
  • When scheduling, please provide a span of three days with availability.
  • Experience cannot be resold or re-auctioned.
  • Blackout dates may apply.
  • We expect all winning bidders and their guests to conduct themselves appropriately when attending an experience won at Charitybuzz. Polite manners and respect for the generous donor and adherence to any rules or parameters are a must.


The link to Charitybuzz again


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#AlexOLoughlin Speech at ‘Relay for Life’ on 12 April 2014

Doing his own bit for charity, was Alex O’Loughin, at the University of Hawaii Manoa Relay for Life on April 12, 2014

Alex: You know it’s funny I was just thinking about this weather tonight. And I felt so bummed for everybody. And I thought about it and it’s kind of analogous to this disease, isn’t it? I mean we look at this sky, it is black and it is ominous, and its big wind and it tries to blow our tents over. And the rain comes with it, and it tries to soak us and make us cold so that we so we’d go home and give up.

Though we don’t give up, we just bend our tents towards the winds and wait it down and stick it out till we get a dry spell here. And it just seemed so meaningful to me, because that is what we face with cancer. Each and every one of us here tonight, has had our life affected in some why by this disease. I certainly have.

But I’m also deeply grateful for everybody who’s come here tonight because each and every one of you is now part of the fight. You know this is a really serious and really difficult disease, and the fight against this disease is a really great fight. And just by being here tonight, you’re in the ring. And you are part of that good fight.

— Hawaii 5-0’s very own Alex O’Loughlin speaking at this year’s opening ceremony! We thank you Alex for supporting and helping to finish the fight against cancer!

Relay For Life of UH Manoa

Link to Video:



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Message From #AlexOLoughlin: – Outlive Yourself Awards

Direct request from Alex O’Loughlin himself about

Nominations for Taylor’s Gift,

Outlive Yourself Awards 

(I am amazed at the comments on this post on Alex’s Facebook page. So many people do not know he is Australian and find it interesting that he’s got an accent. After following his career for so many years and doing so many post about him, I still find it hard to imagine that fans still know so little about him.)

About the Awards 

The Outlive Yourself Awards is an opportunity to celebrate incredible individuals who have made an extraordinary impact in their community and truly embody the ‘Outlive Yourself’ spirit by giving back to others. The event was launched in 2015 and it is a special night that seeks to celebrate the lives and actions of inspiring individuals while also supporting the mission and work of Taylor’s Gift Foundation

Proceeds raised at this event will help our mission and support our Legacy Gift program. You can read more about our Legacy Gift program here.

Nominate an individual or organization that you know is making a difference in their community today! 

Nominations are accepted until April 30th, 2017. 
  • You might not have anybody to nominate, or not be able to nominate because you don’t live in the USA; but as a fan of Alex you can also show direct support to the cause ….

Support  Taylor’s Gift by participating in the “Celebration of Life” fundraising campaign benefitting Alex’s favorite charity, You will find all the information you need in the  latest post by Angie Gerstner on behalf of:

Alex O’Loughlin Fans for Organ Donation

You can also go directly to the fundraising page to make a donation:

Taylor’s Gift Donations

PS: It is very easy and secure to do donations with the campaign.


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