240 Days of #AlexOLoughlin as #H50 Steve McGarrett (Part 29)

We continue sharing the social media posts of the past weeks.

Remembering the 240 episodes of Hawaii Five-0 by sharing a picture from each episode together with some thoughts shared by Alex and others at the time and over the years ……

Day 207

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240 days of #AlexOLoughlin on #H50

(Pic 207/240)

 “At the beginning of the season, when it’s summer …. It’s hot out there man. And we’re all like geared up with all the tactical Kevlar and everything. And I’m rolling around on the concrete, tackling people and stuff. I’m putting on my 6th T-shirt for the day, ‘cos of the sweat. It gets a little moist and warm. Aside from that, man we’re pretty dialled in. I’m very very fortunate. Very lucky. ” – Alex O’Loughlin, ET Canada, 23 March 2019 

Picture from #HawaiiFive0 Episode 9:14 – Broadcast on 1 Feb. 2019

Day 208

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240 days of #AlexOLoughlin on #H50

(Pic 208/240)

“He [Alex] is a fantastic person. He is very warm, personable, and tells a great joke. While he is clearly one of the biggest draws of the show for the fans, he remains open and humble. He’s no diva. He’s funny, welcoming, and smart.” – Karl Herlinger, Five-0 Redux blog, 19 Sept 2012

Picture from #HawaiiFive0 Episode 9:15 – Broadcast on 15 Feb. 2019

Day 209

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240 days of #AlexOLoughlin on #H50

(Pic 209/240)

“Alex O’Loughlin is one of the nicest leading men I’ve ever met. I don’t think he allows stardom to change his inner person. To Alex: “Thank you for your hospitality and your fine acting.” – James Hong, Facebook, 4 May 2018.

Picture from #HawaiiFive0 Episode 9:16 – Broadcast on 22 Feb. 2019

Day 210

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240 days of #AlexOLoughlin on #H50

(Pic 210/240)

“So I got married – the day after I got married I fly to Hawaii to shoot Al’s episode. Because that’s how much I love this guy. That’s my guy for life, so.  I think he always asks for me because he knows, I’ll run through a brick wall for him. And vice versa.” – Beulah Koale, The Story & Craft Podcast with Marc Preston, 19 April 2022

Picture from #HawaiiFive0 Episode 9:17 (Directed by Alex O’Loughlin) – Broadcast on 22 Feb. 2019

Day 211

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240 days of #AlexOLoughlin on #H50

(Pic 211/240)

“Alex O’Loughlin, one of the sexiest guys on TV. Agreed ladies??” The late Jackie Collins, Twitter, 20 April 2012

Picture from #HawaiiFive0 Episode 9:18 (with Jackie’s sister Dame Joan Collins as guest star) – Broadcast on 8 Mar. 2019

Day 212

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240 days of #AlexOLoughlin on #H50

(Pic 212/240)

“I’m very proud to be part of this. It’s kind of extraordinary. In the larger sense, it sort of got nothing to do with me. I’m a conduit, for a bunch of it. And I show up and I do my job, but I’m just like a cog in the wheel. But to be a part of it, makes me proud, man. It’s a big deal. It doesn’t happen much.” – Alex O’Loughlin, ET Canada, 23 March 2019

Picture from #HawaiiFive0 Episode 9:19 – Broadcast on 15 Mar. 2019

Day 213

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240 days of #AlexOLoughlin on #H50

(Pic 213/240)

“It’s hard to bring humanity to a flawless dude, so I’m always trying to throw obstacles at McGarrett.  Captain America is a dream, so our job is to bring truth to these characters.” – Alex O’Loughlin, TV Guide, April 2019

Picture from #HawaiiFive0 Episode 9:20 – Broadcast on 5 Apr. 2019



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14 responses to “240 Days of #AlexOLoughlin as #H50 Steve McGarrett (Part 29)

  1. lindae5o

    I love this post, Foyeur. More insightful quotes from Alex, and praise from his co-workers. Nice photos, too. Alex is a true gift to the World. It’s frustrating, and such a loss, that someone as loved and respected as Alex, and such a talented actor, is so uncomfortable with fame.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Cassiopea 1000

      Yes, it’s frustrating he’s so uncomfortable with fame. But it’s also what makes him such a unique person. He’s not after red carpets, spotlights, pics in magazines, so he doesn’t need to do anything that may clash with his integrity just to be there in the limelight. His priorities are his wife and kids, and that’s it. When he comes back to the screens, supposing he ever does, it will be time for him to resume his public life.

      Not that I’m not frustrated by his endless silence. But I respect him for his decisions, even if they are tough to us fans.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. >>It’s hard to bring humanity to a flawless dude<<
    Oh Alex, you made Steve so multi-dimensional! That's what acting is all about.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Cassiopea 1000

      He may have find it hard to do, but he did it. He has always given depth and nuances to his characters. Not all actors, some of them much acclaimed, can achieve this. Note: I’m not biased. It’s just the truth.

      Liked by 1 person

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