240 Days of #AlexOLoughlin as #H50 Steve McGarrett (Part 26)

We continue sharing the social media posts of the past weeks.

Remembering the 240 episodes of Hawaii Five-0 by sharing a picture from each episode together with some thoughts shared by Alex and others at the time and over the years ……


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240 days of #AlexOLoughlin on #H50

(Pic 186/240)

“I’ve wanted to direct for a while, but there were a couple of things that made it possible. My schedule as an actor on this show has progressively gotten a little better over time; [previously] I’ve sort of been in everything all the time and not had any days off to even think, let alone prep an episode and direct. Even this season it was cutting it kind of fine; most people get a week to prep-and-scout and do all this stuff, while I had two days. But it’s definitely something I’ve wanted to do the whole time and I’m really glad I did.” – Alex O’Loughlin, TV Line, 27 March 2018

Picture from #HawaiiFive0 Episode 8:18 – Broadcast on 30 Mar. 2018


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240 days of #AlexOLoughlin on #H50

(Pic 187/240)

“It’s weird to talk about being a director. I’ve done one episode of my own show, that I’m very comfortable on and fully supported by every single crew member. Part of my head is saying to me, “You’re not a director yet.” I just needed to qualify that! – Alex O’Loughlin, TV Line, March 2018

Picture from #HawaiiFive0 Episode 8:19 – Broadcast on 6 Apr. 2018


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240 days of #AlexOLoughlin on #H50

(Pic 188/240)

“I care about story, man. I care about the human journey. To have these amazing actors give me the encouragement [as director] to be a part of what they’re doing, to help them make choices, that was really, really amazing and very fulfilling.” – Alex O’Loughlin, ET, 

Picture from #HawaiiFive0 Episode 8:20 – Broadcast on 13 Apr. 2018


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240 days of #AlexOLoughlin on #H50

(Pic 189/240)

“[As director] I loved being the master and commander of every moving part. I love painting the picture. I got to detail the scenes. I got to build the set and choose the paint colors, and say “Hey, can we get one of these? And do this? And can it do this? And can it make a little sound?” That was a lot of fun being the architect of everything visceral in the story, all the tangible stuff. But working with the people was the greatest part.” – Alex O’Loughlin, CBS – interview

Picture from #HawaiiFive0 Episode 8:21 – Broadcast on 20 Apr. 2018


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240 days of #AlexOLoughlin on #H50

(Pic 190/240)

“I didn’t come in to this [as director] trying to reinvent the wheel. I didn’t want to try to make a different show. I wanted to make Hawaii Five-0. I just wanted to tell the story truthfully.” – Alex O’Loughlin, TV Line, March 2018

Picture from #HawaiiFive0 Episode 8:22 – Broadcast on 27 Apr. 2018


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240 days of #AlexOLoughlin on #H50

(Pic 191/240) 

“It’s a great show and a lot of people love it, but more importantly, we keep so many people employed in Hawaii who might otherwise be stacking boxes at a grocery mart. It’s hard to get work out here and this feeds a lot of families, so it’s a really good thing. It’s really, really important. I’m sure there are [actors] that don’t let that affect them, it’s not part of their negotiation, but it is something I think about. I come from a working-class family and the people I work with mean a lot to me. They’re really our ohana, so… if  we can make it all work, they are some of the reasons why it would be great.” – Alex O’Loughlin, TV Line, March 2018

Picture from #HawaiiFive0 Episode 8:23 – Broadcast on 4 May 2018


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240 days of #AlexOLoughlin on #H50

(Pic 192/240)

(Question: Could there be a situation where former stars Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park returned at some point for a final farewell? Has there been any internal talk about that?)

“I haven’t listened to any talk about any of that stuff. All I know is they left and we got two new fantastic young actors who want to be here. It’s sort of made a massive difference on the show. We had a long relationship with those other guys and they decided they didn’t want to be here anymore and now we’ve got two people who want to be here. I don’t know what it’s like on the outside and I don’t read all the news either, but from the inside, it’s been a charming adjustment. That’s probably part of why I’m more open to coming back as well.” – Alex O’Loughlin, ET, March 2018

Picture from #HawaiiFive0 Episode 8:24 – Broadcast on 11 May 2018



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8 responses to “240 Days of #AlexOLoughlin as #H50 Steve McGarrett (Part 26)

  1. Alex´s directing made some of the best episodes of Hawaii 5 O. He brought fresh air by the way he did direct because his directing was creative and interesting with a unique personal style.


    • Cassiopea 1000

      Yes, his directing is creative, and he knows how to adapt his direction to the story. “To Do One’s Duty” with its New Jersey flashbacks was directed in a totally different way from “DNA”.

      It’s funny how he was like a child on Christmas Day, like “Can I open this box now? And that one too? I’ll open this other present later!”. So much freedom, being the main decision-maker, having the possibility to tell a story in his own terms, all this must have been a blissful experience for him.

      I don’t know if he had directed any other work before this, but if it was his first attempt, it was a really good one!


  2. lindae5o

    Thank you, Foyeur. Wonderful quotes from Alex! He did such a great job with the episodes he wrote and/or directed. I would hope he’d like to recapture that particular creative aspect of his career.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. amytemple9815

    Alex is one hell of a talented director. I hope he pursues that more.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. “…but more importantly, we keep so many people employed in Hawaii…”
    He said so a lot of times, even at one SOTB speech. And this quote is the essence of AOL!

    I think he was an awesome director, maybe actor-directors do it differently, I don’t know. He even got overactors become more subtle.
    One scene I remember very well because I loved it and it impressed me. We’ve seen blue room scenes a zillion times (and I loved what Alex the actor did there so much), but the director Alex did something new. Lou was interrogating a suspect who was sitting on the famous chair. And while talking to him he walked around that chair, the camera did that too, but contrarivise, in the other direction. That was totally awesome.


    • Cassiopea 1000

      What an eye you have! And now, of course, I have to watch that epi again!


      • I remember because I thought before watching that I would not feel a difference because I’ve got no idea about directing. But that was not the case. You can find my 2 cents here: https://mostlyfive0old.school.blog/2018/04/04/lets-pick-steve-15/
        And in 9.17 he had special directing ideas too.


        • Yes. 9.17 was awesome (of course the other episodes Alex directed were awesome, too). In 9.17 it often felt to me like I was kind of in the story. The robbery with fast cuts taken from different camera ankles, the dynamic car chase and the scenes in the park with the scenery and lights/lightning and Junior and his friend. Were those flashbacks already in the script or was it Alex´s idea? And the emphasis on the family pictures in one of the earlier scenes were great, too. Made that “evil” robber a loving family man. It was special directing indeed.


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