240 Days of #AlexOLoughlin as #H50 Steve McGarrett (Part 25)

We continue sharing the social media posts of the past weeks.

Remembering the 240 episodes of Hawaii Five-0 by sharing a picture from each episode together with some thoughts shared by Alex and others at the time and over the years ……


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240 days of #AlexOLoughlin on #H50

(Pic 179/240)

“This season has been more of an easy-peasy McGarrett. He still misses his dad, and the thing with Doris still hasn’t totally left him. But it’s not all like, “Argh! I’ve got to save the world!” – Alex O’Loughlin, CBS Watch, 2017

Picture from #HawaiiFive0 Episode 8:11 – Broadcast on 15 Dec. 2017


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240 days of #AlexOLoughlin on #H50

(Pic 180/240)

“This has been a master class for me. I can definitely drop into McGarrett’s head space anytime. I have a bible of who he is in my soul, in my mind.” — Alex O’Loughlin, CBS Watch, 2017

Picture from #HawaiiFive0 Episode 8:12 – Broadcast on 5 Jan. 2018


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240 days of #AlexOLoughlin on #H50

(Pic 181/240)

“I blew one of my knees, I’ve torn ligaments and tendons, ankles and both shoulders both wrists. I’ve knocked my front teeth out. I’ve got fake front teeth. I tore my right shoulder to pieces – three external tears, a labrum tear, and a detachment of the bicep tendon. My current favourite injury is two herniated disks in my lower lumbar, which I am receiving stem cell treatment for to avoid surgery.” – Alex O’Loughlin, CBS Watch, 2017

Picture from #HawaiiFive0 Episode 8:13 – Broadcast on 12 Jan. 2018


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240 days of #AlexOLoughlin on #H50

(Pic 182/240)

“The spinal injury I had, like even two years ago I could still barely move. It was just impossible. I was like, ‘There’s no way I can keep working like this. I can’t force that at all.’ I got in a stem cell trial, and I’ve got all these stem cells in my back, and I built a rehab gym in my garage, and I’ve been doing lots of workouts the last couple years, and I feel physically a lot better.” – Alex O’Loughlin, Entertainment Weekly, 22 March 2018

Picture from #HawaiiFive0 Episode 8:14 – Broadcast on 19 Jan. 2018


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240 days of #AlexOLoughlin on #H50

(Pic 183/240)

“[Five-0] is an action show, I’m the main guy, and I defy anybody to do what I’ve done for as long I’ve done it and hold out the way I have. I was a fit, strong, healthy guy when I started the show, and I still am, but you sustain what you sustain.” – Alex O’Loughlin, TV Line, 22 

Picture from #HawaiiFive0 Episode 8:15 – Broadcast on 2 Feb. 2018


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240 days of #AlexOLoughlin on #H50

(Pic 184/240)

“I don’t know that I’d say I got a ‘second wind’…, But is there a way that I can realistically see a Season 9 being a part of my life? I think so.” – Alex O’Loughlin, TV Line, March 2018

Picture from #HawaiiFive0 Episode 8:16 – Broadcast on 2 Mar. 2018


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240 days of #AlexOLoughlin on #H50

(Pic 185/240)

“To be honest with you, mate, if you had asked me [about re-signing] two years ago, my answer would have been, like, ‘No f’–king way.’ I want a quality of life, and I want to be with my family. But since then, I’ve been able to put Humpty together again. I am still very tired at the end of the season, and after almost 200 episodes of television, But I can sort of quietly and sensibly sit back and go, ‘There’s a version where if CBS can make a deal and be reasonable, then I’m prepared to be reasonable, too.’” – Alex O’Loughlin, TV Line, March 2018

Picture from #HawaiiFive0 Episode 8:17 – Broadcast on 9 Mar. 2018




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16 responses to “240 Days of #AlexOLoughlin as #H50 Steve McGarrett (Part 25)

  1. I am very happy that he put humpty together again.
    And I am pretty sure that CBS was reasonable and saw that their lead is not only worth being a producer, but him a being a director and a writer will make the show a lot better. And that brought him back.

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  2. Grrr. Those injuries are eye watering and to be taken really serious. I think, if you read those comments bottom to top you see him being in real bad health then trying to get on his feet again with all his strength and will power and finally succeed. This is a true testemony of toughness and he finally aknowledged and declared that. 😊  He can be proud of himself and of what he achieved and I´m very happy that he got humpty together again for his own sake. I´m happy for him that he felt a lot better. But of course, I´m a little selfish, too. 😇  I´m glad, Alex felt well enough to go on with the show and CBS knew what they had in him. And not only as an actor. He is just a great asset to any production.
    And even though H5O was an action show I have no complaints about McGarrett not being all the time like, “Argh! I’ve got to save the world!”. Those more easy episodes made some good episodes with McGarrett just being an awesome family man and friend. The writers came up with some good episodes.


    • Cassiopea 1000

      Oh là là! The list of his injuries, all of them painful, esp. the herniated disks, is horrific. One wonders how he could even walk, let alone work. Even if McG was no longer “trying to save the world” (in 2017), during the three following seasons, he didn’t exactly played Chief Ironside. One also wonders how he could endure that much. His pain threshold is remarkably high! Just like McGarrett’s, a man who seems to have rubbed off on him over the years.

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  3. Last sentence should be: “The writers came up with some good storylines.”


  4. Being very late to the Alex fandom, I have lots to catch up on. And I’ve been spending way too much time catching up….falling down the Utube rabbit hole, your page (SO much amazing information!), watching Moonlight(which I loved), watching all 10 Seasons of H50 (halfway through second watch) …….One question: What is SOTB? I know it’s some type of event; how is it connected to 5-0?
    Thanks for all you do!!


  5. Tanya Long

    Sorry to hear you going thru this and you kept pushing in spite of it all Thank you. I miss you on TV and you are my favorite actor Alex but, I hate to see you in all this pain. I hope you get better. Best to you and a Better future. You deserve it.


    • Hi Tanya,
      Please remember that Alex most probably will never read any comments here. Because this fan page is not connected to him directly.
      And remember to look at the dates of the quotes. They were from many years ago.


  6. Caroline Demange

    Good evening my dear Alexander, it’s a pleasure to answer you, i have seen almost your series and you are the one, great, now i am in touch with you? In telegram and wants to know if it’s yourself, as i know you mention before in your blog “scamer “. Wishes


    • Hi Caroline
      First of all – this site is a fan page by fans for fans. Alex himself is not personally connected to it, therefore he will not see your message here.
      If anybody is talking to you on Telegram – THEY ARE SCAMMERS!!
      Please be aware and stop communicating with them, because they are only after your money.
      As we have warned many times before – Alex is NOT communicating with fans in any way. He has confirmed that fact many times in interviews.
      Just think logically – do you really think Alex has got the time to chat with many fans personally? Of course not!


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