#AlexOLoughlin and The Holiday – Trivia

In December last year, an article popped up that inspired me to finish this old trivia post …..

It is not often that an actor is credited for a non-speaking part in a movie – but Alex O’Loughlin and Odette Yutsman (Annabel) as the “Kissing Couple“, are listed in the credits at the end of the movie The Holiday. Because of this credit in the movie, it also appears on the IMDb filmography lists.

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Because the movie is regarded as a Christmas movie, there was an article about it on Christmas day last year. The article mentions all the odd actors who made random appearances in the movie. Some are very famous and landed in the movie by accident and are not credited for it, unlike Alex and Odette and others who got credited for it for their short silent appearances.


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You can read the full article here:

9 actors you might have overlooked in The Holiday

It’s one of the most popular Christmas movies, but even hardcore fans might have forgotten the famous faces who appear alongside Jude Law, Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet and Jack Black

And here is an excerpt from the article where it mentions Alex:

The fake trailer was shot very quickly, in just a day and a half. Odette Annable and Alex O’Loughlin as The Kissing Couple.

Annable is most known for playing Dr Jessica Adams on House MD and, more recently, Geri Broussard on Walker. She appears in the very first scene of The Holiday, as part of an on-screen couple from a film, to which Miles is composing the score. Credited as the woman from the “Kissing Couple, Annable wears a long, white, period drama-esque dress and kisses a man, played by Alex O’Loughlin, by a river in the countryside.

O’Loughlin, known for his role as Steve McGarrett in Hawaii Five-0, played the other half of the “Kissing Couple” in the first scene of The Holiday.

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In 2014  we posted an old article about Odette and her thoughts on it here:

#AlexOLoughlin and Odette Yustman K-I-S-S-I-N-G … for 8 hours

This is what she had to say:

“It’s so funny, in this business, you get asked to do certain things, and you do a lot of it to have contact with some big names and just get experience. I remember my agent calling and saying, ‘There’s this small part at the start of the movie, and (writer-director) Nancy Meyers would love to meet you.’ And I thought, ‘How can I pass that up? Absolutely!’

I met her, then I ended up having to kiss this guy for hours! It was a tricky shot because you had to get the angle right, so it was very specific; I’d say we were there for a good eight hours, at least. We were troupers, though.

I was in good company, and it was just a fun little thing. It’s one of those things you do when you’re just starting out.”

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The movie was filmed between January and June 2006 and was released at the end of that same year.

 But how did Alex end up in this short intro to the movie, The Holiday?

I guess part of the answer can be found in a book that was published in 2006. It tells the stories of two ladies who work for a company called, The Casting Company, that was doing a lot of castings on big Hollywood projects over the years.

A Star Is Found: Our Adventures Casting Some of Hollywood’s Biggest Movies

By Janet Hirshenson, Jane Jenkins

About the book

For anyone who’s ever walked out of a movie and said, “That guy was all wrong for the part,” comes this first-of-its-kind look at how actors are chosen and careers are born. Two of the top casting directors in the business, who recently cast the much-lauded choice of Daniel Craig as the new James Bond, offer an insider’s tour of their crucial craft-spotting stars in the making.

Janet and Jane share the fascinating, funny stories of discovering and casting then-unknown stars such as Julia Roberts, Tom Cruise, Leonardo DiCaprio, John Cusack, Matt Damon, Jennifer Connelly, Virginia Madsen, Joaquin Phoenix, Meg Ryan, Benicio Del Toro, and the Harry Potter kids.

Taking us from the first casting call through head shots, auditions, meetings, and desperate searches to fill a part, they give us the kind of behind-the-scenes access to the machinery of star-making that captivates movie fans and aspiring actors alike.


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Excerpts from the book: 

Recently we auditioned the young Australian actor Alex O’Loughlin, first to become the next James Bond and then for a part in Nancy Meyers’s The Holiday. Even though he didn’t get either of the parts, this relatively unknown guy’s stock took a big leap skyward. Being counted for two significant projects gave his desirability a nice little bump. He’s a wonderful actor, and he deserves anything he gets, but the increased “hotness” factor from two unsuccessful auditions increased his chances of being cast in bigger parts and more significant movies.

From what I could gather it the book, they considered Alex for the part that Jude Law played in the end (but that was initially written with Hugh Grant in mind)

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About the casting of the main character in The Holiday, they wrote:

I’d been auditioning James Bond candidates at the same time, so we considered several of them for The Holiday, including Alex O’Loughlin (too young and not yet a Star) and Daniel Craig (Nancy didn’t think he was funny enough – and not yet a Star; he hadn’t yet been chosen for Bond)

My guess is that they later remembered Alex and in the end at least got him in to do the kissing scene with Odette ….

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 Link to Video: (with some added interest for the Moonlight fans)

The first 2 Minutes of the movie “The Holiday” with Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet, Jack Black aaaaaand Alex O’Loughlin as one half of a kissing couple 😉 and not to forget Shannyn Sossamon as Maggie 🙂


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They might not have cast him for any roles at the time, but the then 28-year-old, young Alex O’Loughlin definitely made a lasting impression on them. Quite a compliment from the two who discovered a lot of now very famous actors over the years!

Their thoughts on Alex after the Bond audition:

The age issue turned out to be stickier than we’d expected. We were all excited about Alex O’Loughlin, for example, partly because he was so young.

Alex is a terrifically sexy, masterful, and take-charge guy — just the type who can make you remember that James Bond is a seriously dangerous man. And he might make a fabulous Bond in a few years, but when we saw him, he just didn’t seem old enough for that 007 sense of command.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is alex-oloughlin-with-odette-in-the-holiday-kissing-couple.png

Unfortunately “a few years” turned into 17 years now, and Alex in his later 40s became too old to begin a career as Bond.

One can never say never, but the odds are against him. And with all the injuries he sustained while being Steve McGarrett, portraying a character like 007, the action hero, might also not be in his taste to do anymore …..

But hopefully, other casting directors will remember him from this book and also the wonderful body of work he has done since then … and give him that dream role all his fans have been waiting for!



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20 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin and The Holiday – Trivia

  1. I don’t know how many times it took watching this movie until I finally recognized Alex😆!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, same here. 😇  Too bad they didn´t take him as one of the lead actors. But he was probably too young. It´s awesome to read what they had to say about him. He definitelly made a lasting impression. And not only as part of a kissing couple. They obviously liked how he came across.
      I agree with you AOLIS: He was too young for James Bond then and is probably too old now. And remembering what Daniel Craigh went through with all the injuries he get while filming James Bond, Alex would be crazy to even try to get into this role.
      It´s an aweful thought to think, that he might be so pigeonholed now as an action hero due to 10 years on H5O and extra typecasting by Peter Lenkov that he maybe can´t find a decent role anymore. Well done! Alex worked so hard to built his career, showing how good he is in different roles. And he (still) is an awesome, talented man who could add so much to a project. It makes me mad, that H5O may have ruined his career so he won´t get a decent job if he wanted to work.


      • Cassiopea 1000

        Come on, antjekreutz! “He (still) is an awesome, talented man…”? (still)? (STILL?)? Seriously? He IS an awesome, talented man…”. What were you thinking of when you wrote that horrid “still”? I simply must go and eat a whole pound of chocolate to calm down, while I think furiously about what it must be to be kissed by Alex for 8 hours…

        I agree with you that Bond is well behind him now, and like you, I think it’s best for him to switch from action roles to more physically quiet ones. I don’t think he can be pigeonholed as an action actor, not the way Stalonne or Van Diesel are, for ex., because in H50 he did show he could do comedy and drama. Plus he has Moonlight, Three Rivers, Mary Bryant and other works behind him. But he well might be McGarrett for the rest of his life if his agent does not start moving his… well, let’s say his buttocks, to write it in a more ladylike way. That does worry me.

        Speaking of his agent, what the hell he is doing, if anything at all? Has Alex turned so exquisite that no project is good enough to interest him? Is he in one of those mammoth projects that take years to develop and is he waiting for it to be mature enough to announce it? Has he decided to let his acting career behind for good? In that case, why is it not official? Grrrr!

        Shhh… Calm down, Cassiopea. 🙏 Ommmmmm


        • Oh boy, Cassiopea 1000. I hope, you´ve calmed down already because I don´t want to be hold responsible for you having a heart attack. 😜  You know, that “still” was not meant to degrade Alex in any way, don´t you? Thus the brackets. It was simply referring to the time that has passed and the fact, that Alex looks different now. And I mean this absolutelly neutral. No judgement in any direction intended!
          I absolutelly agree with you on the many diverse roles he has done – and was terrific in them and I hope, Hollywood acknowledges this the same way like we do.
          You know what? Reading all those comments that Alex stated at the time when he was struggeling with severe pain and health issues a few years ago that were posted on the AOL IS facebook group, makes me feel like I´m kind of just waiting patiently and being calm for any sort of news. Alex went through so much and I just want him do what is good for him and do what he feels he really wants to do. But I want him to have the opportunity to choose.

          Liked by 2 people

          • And just for the record because it might be misunderstood: Those comments I was referring to were stated several years ago. Alex, who is truly a tough cookie, went through his health problemes and is fit today as we all know and as we could witness few months ago once again when he was awarded his Jiu-Jitsu black-belt. But it still makes me sad to read them.

            Liked by 2 people

          • Well said👍😊! Personally I didn’t think you were being disrespectful. Your respect for Alex and his career is quite evident. Don’t worry about what other people think. Keep on doing what you’re doing 👍.

            Liked by 2 people

            • Cassiopea 1000

              I would appreciate your explaining what in my comment implied that I thought antjekreuz was being disrespectful to Alex. My comment was meant to be funny. Hence my reference to eating chocolate and thinking of the 8-hour kiss. But it may be that my sense of humor is lousy, or that my English is too poor to convey what I really mean, or both.

              In that case, I apologize, antjekreutz. It was not my intention to offend you. From now on, I’ll write my comments in a way that does not give rise to misunderstandings.


              • I didn´t perceive your comment as implying my comment was disrespectful, Cassiopea 1000. But I don´t understand amytemple9815´s comment like she wanted to say, it was. I understand her comment as a compliment for my stupid comments – thank you for that btw. – not as a reply to what you wrote. 🙂 


                • Cassiopea 1000

                  I protest! I’ve lost count of your comments in this site, and have never found one that was even tinyly (is that a real word or a creation of mine?) stupid!

                  Liked by 1 person

        • Lol, Cassiopeia. Now I’m thinking of you (in my brain you’ve got dark hair, deal with that 😉) with a chocolate smeared mouth watching a special Will Bryant scene again and again.
          Sounds like fun.


          • Cassiopea 1000

            Lol! Yes, I’ve got dark hair (how smart of you 😋), but at the moment my mouth is clean. But you’ve given me an excellent idea for this evening. I’ll watch Will Bryant again, and open a fresh box of chocolate bonbons for “that” special scene, you know the one. Chocolate + Alex, what could be better?


      • About the casting of the Holiday: As far as I could gather from what they said in the book, is that the other 3 members of the main cast were all very famous and the director/ producer did not want the 4th member to not measure up to their fame.


  2. lindae5o

    I’ve seen The Holiday all the way through, but watch just the twenty-five seconds Alex is on, whenever the movie is rerun. He is dreamy!!
    I can’t help but wonder what regrets Alex may have about the torture he put his body through, given the fact that his stunts could have been performed by his double.
    Apart from not wanting to leave Hawaii, and his aversion to
    fame, the further he gets from the show, timewise, he may not want to deal with the grind of a series or movie ever again.
    I fear we may never see Alex ever again on the screen. I hope
    I’m wrong.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Kissing Alex for eight hours. Did she get paid for that?
    I watched that movie once and I am still impressed I made it through all this *cough cough cough* *chrr chrr chrr* – sorry just choked on my politeness, he he. Maybe I need to re-watch FEED again… for the umpteenth time.
    And I don’t think Alex is too old for James Bond. Sean Connery was 53 in his last Bond, so… Alex has a fit and fantastic body, an English accent and finally F.I.N.A.L.L.Y we would have a Bond with facial expressions.
    My problem: how would I explain it to hubby that I am going to watch a James Bond Movie again. I started rolling my eyes with Pierce Brosnan and totally stopped watching after the first Craig one. Because. Ugh. He was no Bond. Nope. Nopey. Nope.
    But honestly I rather see Alex in a small independent movie, with special storylines. And not in a popcorn and nachos one.

    Liked by 1 person

    • About Bond – it will of course place Alex at a different level of fame. But hopefully so will any other good project.
      Roger Moore was 58 when he parted with Bond and he was also the oldest who ever started out as Bond at age 45 (And Alex turned 47 in 6 months’ time).
      I have seen articles where they say that they are looking for the new Bond to be under the age of 40. I guess they are looking for somebody who can star in a number of Bond movies again and not become too old for the role too quickly.
      In the old (Roger and Sean) days I think the action was physically less demanding than it is now.
      Although I think it would be a great idea if they get back to the old tongue-in-the-cheek Bond – less serious and more fun.

      I am still amazed that those two ladies who have seen some of the best movies being cast and have “discovered” a vast number of well-known actors, were so impressed by the young Alex back then. AND mentioned him quite a few times in their book – even though he was new in the industry back then.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Oh yes. I think Alex makes a lasting impression on everyone who ever meets him. Business wise, fan wise… normal people wise.
        He is one of the very few good ones, in business, in actor’s fandoms, in normal life.
        Isn’t it kind of weird that it makes me proud? I chose wisely when it came to fangirling.

        Liked by 1 person

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