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And POOF there goes our #AlexOLoughlin An Intense Study @Facebook Page.

After so many Alex O’Loughlin fan pages on Facebook were unpublished in the last year, we did everything in our power to protect our own blog Facebook page from malicious so-called Alex fans – unfortunately, it did not work!

A huge CONGRATULATION to those “fans” who made it their life’s purpose to “clean up” the Alex O’Loughlin Fan Pages!

Together with Facebook’s wonderful policies, you have destroyed so many beautiful fan pages with years of beautiful posts about Alex’s career on them. And given the scammers the upper hand on there!

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One of our first thoughts has been to leave Facebook permanently and no longer share anything there. But that would only play into the hands of those who want to cause the fandom harm. We will therefore be sharing all our posts, pictures, and videos on our brand new Facebook Group. 

Alex O’Loughlin – Intense Study Blog (AOL-IS).

You are welcome to follow us there. This will be our first post there!

And remember under every post here on the blog, there is a share button, where you can share any of our posts directly to your own Facebook pages and groups, etc.

Until we get a final answer from Facebook about our page, we will not yet delete any links to our original page. But if we can’t restore it, we will have to make updates on the broken links on all our pages and posts. (And that will take a loooooong time)

Always sad that everything fun needs to be destroyed by simple-minded individuals.

BUT let’s forget about them and carry on with what brings us pleasure – sharing Alex with other fellow fans!!

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