240 Days of #AlexOLoughlin as #H50 Steve McGarrett (Part 20)

We continue sharing the social media posts of the past weeks.

Remembering the 240 episodes of Hawaii Five-0 by sharing a picture from each episode together with some thoughts shared by Alex and others at the time and over the years ……

We are at the start of the last 4 Seasons of Hawaii Five-0. And we have Steve after receiving a liver transplant – continuing his active life as if nothing happened …….. 

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240 days of #AlexOLoughlin on #H50

(Pic 144/240)

“It was very nice, thank you. Yeah, I actually took the off season off and went abroad with my family. It was .. it was very nice, thank you. I went to Italy and France. We were there for a month.” – Alex O’Loughlin, Blessing Ceremony, 6 July 2016

Picture from #HawaiiFive0 Episode 7:01 – Broadcast on 23 Sep. 2016


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240 days of #AlexOLoughlin on #H50

(Pic 145/240)

“All the SEALs I know that a ….. like actual SEALs. No [laughs] ….  actors pretending to be SEALs, this stuff doesn’t faze them. They’re like “I had a liver transplant. And you know, it seems pretty good.” It’s kind of crazy, so … I’m not going to play …. I’m not going to play it any differently.” – Alex O’Loughlin, Sunset on the Beach, September 2016

Picture from #HawaiiFive0 Episode 7:02 – Broadcast on 30 Sep. 2016

Here is the link to the transcript of the full interview from which this quote came –

#AlexOLoughlin Talks Exciting #H50 Season 7 to ET Canada

It is a pity we don’t hear the actual question here, but as Alex started talking and with his silly laugh and mocking expression on his face and in his voice, I felt that he was a bit uncomfortable and amused (or maybe not amused) with how the show just continued with SEAL Steve, hitting the post-liver transplant ground and running … yes, literally running!

I know the show was never realistic about medical issues and the handling of serious injuries, but adding to this list, the mockery that they made of something like transplant medicine, something that is close to Alex’s heart, was just a bit much for me personally.


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240 days of #AlexOLoughlin on #H50

(Pic 146/240) 

“I love coming home and … to Hawaii and having these … these a …. these little sprinkles on us in the important moments.  It’s funny … it sort of doesn’t … Every time we do something important. Whether someone is born, or we’re burying someone special or we’re blessing in the show, it’s like … you know, ke akua is right there with us.”  – Alex O’Loughlin, Blessing Ceremony, July 2016

Picture from #HawaiiFive0 Episode 7:03 – Broadcast on 7 Oct. 2016


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240 days of #AlexOLoughlin on #H50

(Pic 147/240)

“I think if we get through these two seasons and finish with an eighth season I think it would be an incredible feather in all of our caps and something to be proud of so I’m just focused at the moment on getting through seven and making it into eight.” – Alex O’Loughlin, NEWS.COM.AU, 15 October 2016

Picture from #HawaiiFive0 Episode 7:04 – Broadcast on 14 Oct. 2016

At this stage, looking at his thoughts and physical condition back then, it seems hard to believe that Alex actually not only finished that season (7) but actually went on to do three (8, 9 & 10) more after that ……


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240 days of #AlexOLoughlin on #H50

(Pic 148/240)

“Our stunts have always been pretty gnarly. I mean, we’ve been up for Emmys and stuff for the stunt sequences that we do. And I’m less involved in those stunt sequences now, because I got so badly hurt. And I’ve been trying to figure out this back injury now. And that’s been the one that sort of really stopped me.” Alex O’Loughlin, SOTB Sept 2016

Picture from #HawaiiFive0 Episode 7:05 – Broadcast on 21 Oct. 2016

This was the first time we actually heard about his serious back injury.


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240 days of #AlexOLoughlin on #H50

(Pic 149/240)

“I signed on for another two (seasons), which is this year and next year, series seven and eight, and I don’t know if I can sustain any more than that just physically. I’ve taken so many physical hits on this show, my back is pretty bad and I’ve got a lot of fixing I’ve got to do. I’ve got to fix my body.” – Alex O’Loughlin, NEWS.COM.AU, 15 October 2016

Picture from #HawaiiFive0 Episode 7:06 – Broadcast on 28 Oct. 2016


This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is alex-oloughlin-as-steve-in-h50-s07e07.jpg

240 days of #AlexOLoughlin on #H50

(Pic 150/240)

“Whether or not I would have admitted it at the time, what I wanted to experience was fame. I wanted to make some money, but I wanted to really just be in the running at the higher level. I wanted to be on billboards and I wanted people to go, “Oh, that’s that guy.”” – Alex O’Loughlin, The Sydney Morning Herald, 27 Oct 2016

Picture from #HawaiiFive0 Episode 7:07 – Broadcast on 4 Nov. 2016

Yes, of course, we all would like some recognition for our hard work and what we might achieve with it. In an actor’s case, it is things like awards or billboards (and a good salary) that reward them for all the time and effort they put into their craft. And Alex is no different from any other ……



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9 responses to “240 Days of #AlexOLoughlin as #H50 Steve McGarrett (Part 20)

  1. coby Duijn van

    Love the pictures and his comments. It’s very honest and sad in a way. He really gave himself 1000 % for the show. A deep deep bow to that. I love him as an actor and as the man he is.
    Mahalo and Aloha from the Netherlands. Coby

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Angie Livingston

    Hello I’m fan of Mr Alexander O’Loughin I like to know he have like new show is coming to the tv or movie we miss him in tv


  3. No, he is not different from any other in terms of seeking recognition. But he so deserves it. He worked his butt off and he is good in what he is doing.

    Again you came up with a collection of really good comments that Alex made during season 6. Some of them are new to me so thank you for finding and posting! They made my mind run wild – again 🤓  and touched my heart quite a bit.
    Here wo go: When I read that quote about Seals and organ donation for the first time out of contet I thought: What is he talking about? That episode was so unrealistic and Alex has been ambassador for „Donate Life“ so he knows about organ transplants.
    I was pondering why Alex said what he said and some people wrote they, according how they perceived his facial expression and body language, think he was being sarcastic. Now reading body language is always a dicy subject and people perceive it in different ways. To me watching the video he didn`t come across being sarcastic though. I see a young man who seems to be in pain compared to earlier „Sunsets on the Beach“ doing press and promoting his show the best he can.
    If I understand correctly what he said, he said that a Seal doesn´t make a big deal about something like a liver transplant. But Seals are human beings with a human body so they too have to follow medical/health rules if they don´t want to die (for nothing). It´s not about being tough, it´s about being smart.
    I don´t like how the episode of H5O after the liver transpant episode went because it was not realistic and showed imo a McGarrett who was having a lot of luck that he didn´t die in the process and was not smart or tough at all. I think, they were taking that “being tough thing” too far. Remember: He had all of his liver replaced. He was not the donor…. .
    So why did Alex say what he said? Only he knows, but maybe, and that´s what I think now, he was trying to be loyal to the writers and to CBS by trying to defend that unrealistic storyline. Sounds a lot like „our“ Alex, right? I hope, CBS recognizes and honors his loyalty and what he did for the show and for them on Hawaii 5 O .

    That „being tough thing“ and the „stunt“quote sound quite similar.
    Talking about being tough: I was not aware that Alex was already struggeling so badly with back problemes already during season 6. It might have been better for his health to quit the show and take good care of himself and get well again much earlier than he did. But he decided otherwise and we fans and a lot of people who stayed employed because of him, can only be thankful for his dedication. I actually just realised only now how tough physically and mentally it must have been for him staying on the show for 4! more seasons being No.1, feeling so responsible for the show, doing a physically tough job, dealing with pain, dealing with expectations from bosses and fans… . It kind of breaks my heart to think about it.
    But despite of all those adversaries he did a great job on the show and he is no stuntman. I´m deeply sorry for what Alex had to go through even though I know, it was the result of his self chosen dedication which was honorable and brave. I hope, he won´t do and won´t have to do those things again. I too wish for him, he is doing good now and won´t have to deal with severe injuries or severe back pain again in his life. Having to deal with that kind of health problemes and pain must have been physical and emotional very stressfull for him on top of the stress of being No.1 in a huge show and part of my heart says: „Have a great time, Alex. Relax, enjoy yourself and do what´s good for you. Enjoy your family and better don´t go back. “. But another part wants to say: „As much as he deserves his time off and a nice, long rest I hope, we will see him on screen again and hopefully soon.“
    Watching the previous pictures that were shared I´m glad, he seems to have fully recovered now. He looks great. Much better and healthier – not as fatigued as he did during the last seasons of H5O. And now he is a Jiu-Jitsu black belt. Seems he is not easily stoppable. Kudos to him!
    I want to see Alex again on screen and not neccesarily in another action role. We know, how good he is as an actor doing emotional or character scenes. He is badly missed by so many people.

    Side note: Loved his comment he did at the end of his interview about the bromance and the two friends always telling each other „I love you“ and his comment about showing the people around him love and affection in RL – which obviously includes slapping and kissing them on the head, right? 😅 💖  He´s got a big golden heart.

    Liked by 3 people

  4. Tanya Y Long

    I agree you and the other cast members should have been recognized because you deserve it. I applaud you for continuing to do the show even when you were in pain. You are an exceptional actor and why I love and respect you. I miss seeing you on TV. Be glad to see you back doing whatever you choose to do. I just miss you. Seeing your handsome face and weird gestures you do.


  5. Cassiopea 1000

    Wow! I love the new picture in the “Latest News” section you have just included. Alex looks so serene and relaxed! It’s almost a shame we are “telling” him endlessly to come back to us soon. But we will go on waiting for him and his new works, even if he cannot hear our cries of despair. Sigh…

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thank you for noticing!!
      People keep asking for the latest pictures and news – so we are trying to make it easier for them to find.
      Some even say he looks unhappy and tired in the latest pictures – but this picture crop we used is from a picture in October 2022 (and he looks fabulous and very happen)

      Liked by 2 people

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