Hawaii News Now Talking With #AlexOLoughlin at SOTB 2013

For some weird reason, we never posted the transcript for this Hawaii News Now interview with Alex. It was at Sunset On The Beach in September 2013. 
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But here it is ….
Alex talking to Tannya Joaquin and Keahi Tucker 
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Keahi: Alex O’Loughlin, ladies and gentlemen.
Tannya: Say aloha to all your fans.
Alex: Aloha.
Tannya: You know there are some at the end of the red carpet that has been here overnight. They have signs that saying, “I’ve traveled 5000 miles to see Alex”.
Alex: REALLY? I don’t know what to say to that. I love them in a way that I can’t explain. 
Keahi: Well, you know, you are in 200 countries.
Alex: Is that right?
Keahi: You’re global, according to Peter Lenkov.
Alex: It’s a lot.
Keahi: It’s kind of a big deal.
Tannya: [Laughing]
Keahi: Speaking I guess who knows how many languages. You’re a bonafide global TV show now. You are the face of it. And a lot of these people are really appreciative that you made the time to come here, after a long day at work.
Alex: Yeah, it was a long day. We were horse riding on the North Shore. So I can’t really complain. It was kind of pretty. But, yeah, we all bustled to get here on time. But we made it. Yeah
Tannya: Did you use Five-0, you know, little sirens to help you get here a little faster? Unique tricks of the trade.
Alex: No, I broke the law. I sped. It’s really the old fashioned method. Which I don’t condone.
Keahi: You don’t drive yourself, do you?
Alex: No, that’s right. We should start those rumours. “Hasn’t driven himself since ’94. Always chauffeured.”
Keahi: Yeah.
Alex: No, we had a big day at work today. Like I said, we had to do a lot of horse riding. Crazy … awesome stuff. I think it’s Episode 8. And Chi and I were horseback galloping through the North Shore, shooting our guns at people in a Jeep. It’s going to be good. 
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Keahi: We’re always trying to get a little glimpse of the premiere coming out – what it involves. We know there are layers upon layers here.
Alex: Right. 
Keahi: Tons of action. But what’s up with you and Wo Fat? Your characters I mean.
Alex: Oh man.
Keahi: You’re trying to figure out your DNA here.
Alex: Yeah, look, I mean, there’s …. first of all this guy won’t die. I mean, I suggested to Lenkov that I just shoot him with my gun, because I have one. 
Keahi: Right.
Alex: But he probably still wouldn’t die. But Wo Fat is  … you know, I think there’s so much suspicion going on with McGarrett’s mom. And you know, she faked her own death and disappeared for 20 years – I mean, he’s got some stuff  …
Tannya: He’s got some issues.
Alex: … he’s go some trust issues. And now she’s back and she’s lying again. And she let Wo Fat get away. And it’s like, “Why would she do that?” And so, McGarrett is starting to suspect that maybe he and Wo Fat are bonded a little more tightly than he could ever have imagined.
Keahi: Yeah
Alex: So, that’s sort of what he’s …. that’s his new obsession.
Keahi: That’s where it gets interesting, really.
Alex: Yeah
Tannya: Remember when I talked to you at the Blessing, you said you like Sunset on the Beach and that you’ll keep doing it ….
Alex: I love it.
Tannya: ….. as long as people come and cheer. So, pretty good turnout.
Alex: Yeah, man, Yeah. It’s so great. I mean it would be a bit sad if we were here and there was just a couple of drunk tourists, you know.
Keahi: It would be a little sad for all of us. That is not the case.
Alex: Yeah, it’s terrific. I am never … I’m never, not amazed at what I see when I come down here. And the commitment from fans. And I mean without fans and without, you know, the people that are willing to show up, we don’t have a show. I don’t have a job. So, I don’t know what to say. It’s always overwhelming. And I’m always …. I feel so blessed and grateful. 
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Keahi: Well, really quickly on your non-TV life. Congratulations again on your new child.
Alex: Thank you.
Keahi: And on your growing family.
Tannya: [Joking] He’s driving now isn’t he?
Alex: Thank you. Yeah, he’s almost driving. He’s pretty advanced. He won’t crawl anymore. He just walks everywhere. Won’t crawl.
Keahi: You feel like a Kamaʻāina these days? I mean what happens one day when this is all over? Are you sticking around? You got a plan?
Alex: Look man, you know, it’s … there’s not exactly a huge film industry here in Hawaii, but my … I was in LA last week doing press for this and I was talking to my agent. I was like, you know, “I don’t … I don’t ever want to give up my place here. I don’t want to move my kids to LA. I don’t want to …. I love it here for the family. I love it”
And so, we’re going to  … look I don’t know how long … it’s so, so speculative talking about it now, but in my heart of hearts, if it happens tomorrow – touch wood –  I would do everything I can to keep us here. And just do what I have to do, and travel as much as I have to. Because this is a  ….
Keahi: That’s why they have airplanes, right.
Alex: Yeah, man.  This is why … I got a Hawaiian son, I got a Hawaiian name. You know, I have a Hawaiian Hānai family, and also like, I’m married into a Hawaiian family. It’s like this is another home.
Tannya: You’re ours. You can’t leave.
Alex: And happily, my dear, happily.
Keahi: Well, congratulations.
Alex: Thank you, brother.
Keahi: It’s great to see you again.
Alex: Thank you.
Keahi: Enjoy this night.
Alex: I will. 
Keahi: And Jonas Brother
Alex: Yeah, man. How cool is that? They’re great kids. It’s going to be fantastic.
Awesome. Aloha. Thank you. 
Keahi: Thank you, have a good one.
Tannya: That’s for all the fans out there. Aloha.
Alex: Aloha!
Tannya: It is the only time he actually watches the whole show.
Alex: I cannot see anyone. The lights are so bright. 
Oi, oi, oi

Link you to our edited version:

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Some thoughts:

  • At the time of the interview Alex and Malia were not officially married yet. They only got married on 17 April 2014, but in his own words, Alex already saw himself as married and adopted into her family in Hawaii. 
  • Hānai – means adopted family
  • Kamaʻāina ‘child or person of the land‘ – is a word describing Hawaii residents regardless of their racial background
  • Lion was born in October 2012 – he was 10 months old at the time of this interview.
  • They have talked about the 200 countries with Peter Lenkov a few times before, but as we have also mention before, there are only 195 countries in the world. What they most probably actually mean is that the show is sold to 200 networks or TV services around the world. Many countries have more than one network and some of the countries have a wast number of TV stations. All these stations or networks that buy the show, make up the 200 they keep talking about – not countries. 

Link to the AOL Journal edited video from the live stream:

.Link to full Video of the interviews posted by Hawaii News Now

Join Tannya Joaquin and Keahi Tucker as they interview Alex O’loughlin, Daniel Dae Kim, Mark Dacascos, and the Jonas Brothers and more at Season 4 Sunset on the Beach Premiere – Hawaii News Now  – Published on Sep 27, 2013



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  1. Always such a treat to see Alex’s live interviews!

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  2. coby Duijn van

    Love to hear him speak in his own Aussie accent.

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  3. Like those old interviews. He comes across so real and authentic even though he is doing press at an official event. Good guy.

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