Best Wishes To Fellow #AlexOLoughlin Fans For 2023!!

Once again we have reached the magic reset button …..  saying goodbye to one year and looking in anticipation at something new and fresh for the year ahead.

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Happy New Year to our fellow fans!!

We wish you all happy moments to fill up your year……

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34 responses to “Best Wishes To Fellow #AlexOLoughlin Fans For 2023!!

  1. Happy New Year to all of you! I feel like this will be the year that Alex reappears with a new project. Let’s hope!

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  2. lynxstch

    Happy 2023 to all of you. Thank you for being our outlet for legitimate information about Alex. The pictures you share every day keep all of us from missing him– just a little bit–
    Happy New Year!

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  3. rafaelsonia17

    Happy new year.
    I wish all of you all the best.

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  4. Cassiopea 1000

    Yes, let’s say goodbye to 2022 and let’s give a warm welcome to 2023. It will be, it MUST be, the year of Alex’s comeback!

    With my best wishes for a very Happy New Year, dear fellow fans, and a huge mahalo to you FOYeur and Paula for holding out!

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  5. coby Duijn van

    Best Wishes and Good Health for 2023 to all of you.
    Thank you for all the pictures that keeps our hero Alex alive 🍾🥂🤙

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  6. CassG

    Happy healthy and safe New Year to all and to Alex and family!! Thank you FOYeur and Paula for keeping this site alive and well! It is the perfect retreat.
    I will always keep hope alive that Alex will be back to us when the time is right for him….a much anticipated moment for sure.

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  7. amytemple9815

    Happy New Year everyone 🎊🎊!

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  8. Karen

    Happy New Year to you too. Also, thank you for all the wonderful work you do on this site about Alex.

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  9. Nancy 13

    Happy New Year to everyone who comes here, & to Paula & Foyeur. Thank you for continuing this site. Hope for good health for us all, & an end to the war in Ukraine.

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  10. Happy New Year to all of you and to Foyeur and Paula: Thank you for keeping this site alive.
    Wish all of us a more peaceful year with the end of war in Ukraine, health and strength for the new year. May it be a good, fruitful, one. Be blessed and all possible best to all of you.

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  11. Bunty Kernot

    Best wishes to all Alex Fans. Here’s to 2023!!


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  12. Yobre

    Happy New Year to all of you!

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  13. Susan

    Happy New Year to You! Hoping to see and hear more on Alex in 2023. Be safe and well.

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  14. Happy New Year! Thanks for being our link to Alex every day! We appreciate you so much!

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  15. lindae5o

    Happy New Year to everyone!! I hope 2023 will mark the return
    of our Alex.

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  16. Bea Trainer

    Happy New Year !!

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  17. Tanya Long

    Happy New Year and Thanks for all the Alex needs You brought us. I am looking to see more in 2023. I never get tired of seeing his pictures or hearing about how he is doing. Keep up the good works.

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  18. Happy new year to all the Alex fans, Alex and his family and friends and especially to Paula and FOYeur for all their hard work and dedication. A bright spot in every day. Thank you and may all your dreams come true in this brand new year. Lots of love

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  19. A very happy and healthy New Year to all. May the New Year bring peace and hope to all the world with an end to the needless suffering we witness every day. Blessings for a better 2033.

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  20. Happy New Year!
    May all your troubles last as long as your New Year’s resolutions.

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    • Cassiopea 1000

      Then I’ll have a peaceful year, as my chief New Year’s resolution is to quit chocolating, and this resolution won’t last until the end of the month 😂!



    Happy New Year!!!

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  22. Danielle Barto

    Happy new year
    Greetings from the netherlands


  23. Madeline

    Happy New Year fellow AOL fans! The best wishes to all of you for 2023 😃

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  24. Madeline

    Thank you! It feels good to be back. 😊


  25. Feliz ano nuevo y gracias para esta website!

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  26. Sonia

    I hope this year Alex will come out of his secluded home and return to acting eventually. I know he took his time to rest and be with his family for like 3 yrs also due to the pandemic noone could do anything anyway and that is total understandable, but I hope this year he decides it is time to return to acting. Fans miss seeing him on the screen again because his good talent is being wasted

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