The Perfect Holiday Pair – #AlexOLoughlin and #H50 Eddie

For some years now since Eddie joined the cast of Hawaii Five-0 in 2017, his owner/trainer,  Sue Chipperton, has been posting Christmas pictures of the adorable Alex & Eddie pair, all taken some years ago on the H50 set.

For some Holiday fun, we share them with you again …..

  • 2022
Late Christmas post. I think I have about two more years to go with this series of images 🎄🐕🎅🏼
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  • 2021
You’re welcome…From the archives.
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  • 2020
Dug one out from the archives…I think I have enough saved for the next decade 🎄
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  • 2019
Here you go – all you lovely people!
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  • 2017
Here we go!! Christmas Eve!! Day Eleven of my Christmas posts!! Alex and I getting into the spirit of the holidays (well I am. Alex…not that sure about) 🎄🎄🎄 #H50#hawaii50#christmastree#christmaseve#presents#isitsnowingyet#whitechristmas#lalaland#alexoloughlin#stevemcgarrett#eddie50
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Okay people. You didn’t get to watch the show tonight so I’m a gonna throw you a bone. I have to admit I’m not looking my finest in this particular shot – something to do with bad light. But I thought you’d all enjoy a little ✨Steve & Eddie✨on Day Nine of my Christmas posts!! 🧡🎄 #H50#hawaii50#alexoloughlin#eddie50#santababy#onset#bts#oahu#hawaii#stevemcgarrett#christmas#melekalikimaka#rockinaroundthechristmastree#jinglebellrock#haveyoubeennaughtyornice#dontworrytheresmore#😍#latepost
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You can read the adorable story of how Eddie joined the cast of Hawaii Five-0 here:


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13 responses to “The Perfect Holiday Pair – #AlexOLoughlin and #H50 Eddie

  1. CassG

    The absolute best!!! Two of my most favorite guys together!!!😍😍 Doesn’t get much cuter than this!!♥️♥️

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  2. Love the story about female “Eddie” joining the show. It´s hilarious but I still don´t get why they were so insistant to have a female dog? Eddie is such a friendly, beautiful dog and seemed to have accepted Alex as kind of his “show dog-daddy” since he always looked at Alex in scenes when he had to be active. They were an awesome pair and worked so well together. Love the pictures. Such nice memories. Thank your for sharing.

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  3. Tanya Long

    Love this picture of Alex/Steve and Eddie.

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  4. Mónica

    Such a beautiful collection of pics… I love them all… Miss too much these two, their bond was completely genuine.

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  5. lindae5o

    Two handsome dudes! I love this. Thanks, Foyeur.

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  6. Cassiopea 1000

    I loved the Alex-Eddie duo! They both seem to enjoy working together, as if they could not care less about the cameras. Eddie’s face when Steve bade him farewell in the last epi was really heartbreaking! I wonder if Eddie and Alex have met after H50.

    Like antjekreutz, I am surprised at their insistence in having a female dog. The only explanation I can think of is that male dogs cannot avoid showing “a pretty huge dick” (Alex’s words, not mine 😂) if they are in the mood.

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  7. The moments Alex had a say in what happens in this show he made it a better one. Yes, he made it a better one with his acting, really good actors elevate the material they are given, “but the script” is no excuse phoning it in – but the best episodes are his episodes (8.24 and esp. 10.07). And one of his wishes was giving Steve a dog, so the ptb made the wise decision to follow their leads wish. McEddie was a perfect. Finally Steve had a BFF. The one and only.
    Best Furry Friends.
    (And for the cat lovers, yeah yeah, McPussy wasn’t bad either but fails in comparison to McWoof.)

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    • Well, me – cat lover- has to agree this time: McWoof was a tiny little bit more gorgeous than McKiddy. 😇 😘  And picture McGarrett always running around with a McKiddy on a leash or on his arms which runs away every time they encounter a dog or having bullets flying around them and McGarrett constantly being on rescue missions for her. I´d bet, H5O had been much different – on the funny site. 😅 
      And yes, you are so right: The moments that Alex had a say in the show and his acting made the show better. Well said! 👍 👏 

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  8. Madeline

    Ignore the random fact that I’m a crazy cat lady, who likes Mr. Pickles and Steve .. The storyline of McEddie is awesome and one of my favorites! It’s fun(ny) and touching at the same time. As these pictures and other behind the scenes snippets portray that. By watching them it genuinely distracts me when I’m overstimulated, or cheers me up also when I’m sad. As an animal lover I admire how respectful Alex is towards Eddie. – Like with any other guest star that’s been on H50. – A bond between human and animal is one of a kind though ❤️

    @ leiCa, A big thumbs up for the nicknames McPussy and McWoof 😄 👍

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thank you, Madeline. 😊
      Yes, Alex was respectful towards Eddie and towards Mr Pickles too. ( Steve too, btw, unlike someone else 😉).
      Respect is something one can always see/hear/feel when it comes to AOL. You can’t fake that. It comes from the heart.

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