240 Days of #AlexOLoughlin as #H50 Steve McGarrett (Part 10)

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But let us continue sharing the other social media posts of the past week.

Remembering the 240 episodes of Hawaii Five-0 by sharing a picture from each episode together with some thoughts shared by Alex and others at the time and over the years ……

Day 74

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is alex-oloughlin-as-steve-in-h50-s04e03.jpg

240 days of #AlexOLoughlin on #H50

(Pic 74/240)

“It is astonishing. This is my 4th ‘Sunset on the Beach’ and I never ever feel ….. I am always surprised. I am always surprised. I can’t believe the turnout. I can’t believe the constant commitment – I’m just so grateful man. This is my job, it’s what I know. This show is just what I do every day, you know in between living my life. But I do it with all of my heart. And these people come here with all of their hearts. So, I don’t think they will ever understand what it means to me. It means the greatest deal ever.”Alex O’Loughlin, Sunset On The Beach 2013

Picture from #HawaiiFive0 Episode 4:03

Day 75

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is alex-oloughlin-as-steve-in-h50-s04e04.jpg

240 days of #AlexOLoughlin on #H50

(Pic 75/240)

“And we get to keep money in the local economy. And we get to feed young Hawaiian families. And we get to pay young Hawaiian mortgages. And we get to send young Hawaiian people to good schools, because their parents are working, right? That’s the most important thing about the show.” Alex O’Loughlin, Star-Advertiser interview at Sunset on the Beach, 26 September 2013.

Picture from #HawaiiFive0 Episode 4:04

Day 76

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is alex-oloughlin-as-steve-in-h50-s04e05-b.jpg


240 days of #AlexOLoughlin on #H50

(Pic 76/240)

“And I said it in the press line here tonight, that all of you people that come here every year to support us, the show and the Hawaiian economy – especially those of you from other sides of the world. You are all representatives of the giant fanbase, that is the fanbase of Hawaii Five-0.

So thank you all very much. I hope you enjoy the show. See you next year.” – Alex O’Loughlin, Speech at Sunset on the Beach, 26 September 2013

Picture from #HawaiiFive0 Episode 4:05

Day 77

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is alex-oloughlin-as-steve-in-h50-s04e06-a.jpg


240 days of #AlexOLoughlin on #H50

(Pic 77/240)

“Listen, with a TV show. I mean success in Television is people coming and turning on their television and watching. That’s what success is. It doesn’t matter what happens on set. Doesn’t matter what the papers and tabloids say. It’s people tuning in and watching. And what we do every year. The turnout we get.

Like, I don’t know what we’re doing right? But we love our jobs. We get to employ like hundreds of people locally. And feed families and help pay mortgages and all the rest of it. And people watch us as well. Every single day that goes by, especially these days, I’m indebted to the universe, man.” – Alex O’Loughlin, on the red carpet at Sunset On The Beach, 26 September 2013

Picture from #HawaiiFive0 Episode 4:06

Day 78

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240 days of #AlexOLoughlin on #H50

(Pic 78/240)

“I’ve never played one character for this long. And it’s network TV, too, so it comes with its own set of challenges from the artist’s perspective. But I’m very lucky. My kids will get to go to good schools, we all eat organic food, and I live in Hawaii.” – Alex O’Loughlin, Associated Press interview at AIF Awards, 25 October 2013

Picture from #HawaiiFive0 Episode 4:07

Day 79

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is alex-oloughlin-as-steve-in-h50-s04e08.jpg

240 days of #AlexOLoughlin on #H50

(Pic 79/240)

“Let me tell you, if Alex O’Loughlin ever offers you a ride somewhere, RUN. Run in the opposite direction, because Six FlagsDisneylandMagic Mountain, got nothing on this brother. And he always hits his mark, but not before you feel your heart palpitating and you think you’re gonna have a major heart attack.”Chi McBride, Hawaii Five-0 Episode 4:08 DVD commentary.

Picture from #HawaiiFive0 Episode 4:08

  • One of my favourite DVD extra features was the commentary for Episode 4:08, done by Alex and Chi McBride. You can read the full transcript here. On there you will also find the answer that Alex gave Chi on the statement he made about his driving. 🙂

Day 80

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is alex-oloughlin-as-steve-in-h50-s04e09.jpg

240 days of #AlexOLoughlin on #H50

(Pic 80/240)

Carol Burnett, that was, oh man I mean. It was kind of like a dream for me. She’s a generation ahead I didn’t grow up with her show, but of course I’ve seen it. I’ve seen so much of her work over the years. Working with an icon like that is …. It really makes you sort of feel so humble. It brings you back to your own size. I had to do one scene with her, that was an emotional scene for McGarrett, and it’s funny. She’s like, when you have to do a scene that is emotional and heavy, a lot of it’s about the actor you are working with, whether or not you can trust them. I was 100% safe and 100% of the time with her. So I think that scene is going to be good. But she is incredible, man.” – Alex O’Loughlin, TéléStar, January 2014

Picture from #HawaiiFive0 Episode 4:09



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7 responses to “240 Days of #AlexOLoughlin as #H50 Steve McGarrett (Part 10)

  1. coby Duijn van

    Love the pictures and love the comments. Great idea to post a picture every day with comments. Thanks very much.
    Mahalo and Aloha from the Netherlands Coby

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you for the follow up. I like those posts. Those comments are part of the reason why I like Alex so much. 🙂
    Again I´m struck dumb how realistic and down to earth Alex is. He talks about the challenges of a procedual tv show and that the only thing that matters are the ratings regardless what is going on on set. I like H5O. It was imo more than just a procedual cop show dealing with terrorism and crime because it also adressed several important topics and gave some insight into the Hawaian culture and community. But it was of course a show which main interest was the ratings and I understand this made it an even harder job for the people involved and caused situation that should not have happened. It´s unfortunate and many fans are not aware of or didn´t think about what actors have to go through to make a show like that. I want to believe, many of us fans do care and don´t want that to happen just because of a tv-show.
    He emphasizes how important supporting the economy of Hawaii and the people is to him. Many actors would only care about themselves, their families and maybe their cast mates. He is a good, awesome man.
    Watching Alex play with Carol Burnett was incredible. They fit so well and it´s awesome to read his thoughts on working with her. Their relationship caused some of the moments that truely shined for me.
    And I just had a good laugh listening to that audio with Chi McBride again. It´s hilarious. He can´t convince Alex to not drive like a maniac. 😅​ Thanks for posting again.
    I hope, Alex will keep on acting and maybe being able to do projects that speak to him because he is good and he could achieve a lot and inspire people. But most important is that he is doing good and I´m happy for him when he is happy with his life.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Cassiopea 1000

      His constant concern for the Hawaiian people and economy has always touched me. It’s as if he cared less about the show than about keeping the Hawaiian people benefitting from it. He must be really pleased that Magnum and now NCIS Hawaii are keeping so many people employed.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. The commentary for 4.08 is the best thing ever. Watch, listen, laugh – if you haven’t already. That is the good thing about DVDs/bluRays.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. lindae5o

    Thank you for all these gorgeous photos of Alex!! I love all his comments, too.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. CassG

    Alex has such depth in caring for others. It is/was not in just the working aspects but in all the various causes he has and is a part of. He is unique in so many ways as we know. He truly is amazing and we know that too!🥰

    Liked by 2 people

  6. Rhonda Hatch

    I sit and watch Hawaii- 50 all the time. I’ve been through all 10 seasons so many times I just can’t count. When I seen Alex for the first time my heart beat so hard. Man!!!! He is fine. Then I had to go look to see if he was married because if so I can’t do that. Jesus doesn’t like that. As a widow I miss my husband and have for 20 years. Alex reminds me of him so much. I still drool every time I see him on screen. Alex this world doesn’t have very foxy men in it but buddy let me tell you I believe that you are in the top 3. Maybe even number 1. I love all the cast and you and Scott are so funny. I love his dad as well. Just know that I feel I know you all from watching this show every day. God bless all of you.


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