Lucky Aussie Fans Running Into #AlexOLoughlin In Hawaii.

Thank you to Michelle Ebert for sharing her pictures with Alex on her Facebook page!

  • From Michelle Ebert on Facebook

Michelle Ebert is with Meryl Andrews and 2 others at Oahu, Hawaii.Honolulu, HI, United States 

It is so great to see Alex so relaxed with fans while he is out and about with Malia. 



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27 responses to “Lucky Aussie Fans Running Into #AlexOLoughlin In Hawaii.

  1. lynxstch

    As always, Alex is/was always so kind and friendly to fans when they run into him. Nice to know he hasn’t changed!

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  2. coby Duijn van

    You’re so lucky and what a lovely pictures. Thank you for sharing Michelle, have a nice holiday.
    Mahalo and Aloha from the Netherlands Coby

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  3. CassG

    Many thanks to Michelle for sharing! Alex of course would be the always true to fans and take a photo op. Imagine on vaca in Hawaii and out and about shopping and running into Alex of all people! I’d truly be affected for life.🥰 Of course he looks relaxed and amazing.😍
    Thanks FOYeur for this treat!😊

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  4. murieloliverspo

    Merci pour ces jolies photos 📸 et de les partager ♥️


  5. Thanks for sharing Michelle and for posting FOYeur. We are truely spoiled with pictures those last few weeks. 🙂
    Good to see Alex having a good time. He seems to be one of those rare speci of men who like shopping. 😉
    And on a shallow note: He looks really good.

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  6. Diane

    Alex looks looks happy and fit! On third rounds of H-50 reruns.


  7. I would absolutely stalk Alex to get a picture like this! Can you see me drooling?


  8. Kathysr

    Alex looks wonderful, what a grey fox! I love the grey hair and beard. Everyone who’s had the honor and pleasure of meeting him and posing for photos with him is really lucky.

    We miss you, fella!

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  9. amytemple9815

    Love the photos😊👍. Really digging the grey hair and beard too 👍😊!

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  10. Dawn Russell

    Lucky guys fancy bumping into him shopping. He would not ignore anyone asking for autographs or snapshots.

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  11. rafaelsonia17

    Can someone explain to me, how is it possible to get sexier with each new photo that appears?
    So charming ….

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  12. Isn’t he just a treasure! Lucky Aussies.

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  13. lindae5o

    Such lucky fans! Alex looks fantastic.

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  14. I’m impressed because he/someone in his household is ironing plain grey shirts (don’t look, hubby). Or… he is always buying new ones when he had made them sweaty, making millions selling them.
    *raises hand*

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  15. Madeline

    We are truely blessed with all these photos lately 🙏 It’s great to see Alex out and about. I’m no fashionista but those softer (outfit) tones, with natural grey hair compliments his eye color 😃

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