They Say ….. #AlexOLoughlin – Drive, Passion & Hard Work

His drive, passion and hard work have turned him into one of our hottest acting exports of all time, starring in the hit crime fighting television series Hawaii Five-0

He describes himself as ‘not massively talented‘, but that is rubbish.

Jack Thompson talking about Alex O’Loughlin when he handed him the GQ Australia Actor of the Year Award on 22 November 2011

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16 responses to “They Say ….. #AlexOLoughlin – Drive, Passion & Hard Work

  1. lynxstch

    Quoting the above–He describes himself as ‘not massively talented‘, but that is rubbish.
    I agree that it’s pure rubbish, and we were talking about that on another post on FB the other day. The man is a lot more talented, and smart, than he gives himself credit for. He gives all of what he has, to every role he takes on. If he weren’t very talented, I doubt if H5O would have stayed on the air for 10 years!

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  2. amytemple9815

    I agree with Jack Thompson. Alex is a very, very talented individual 😊👍.

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  3. Oh Alex… you silly man…
    I can tell you that I wouldn’t still be fangirling after ~ 17 years if it was only for your good looks.

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    • Exactly my thoughts. Good looks are nice but can`t make me stay a fan/follower either. There are lots of good looking men in Hollywood but only good looks are not enough for me either to make or keep me interested.

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      • Yep, although I have to say I don’t know anyone looking as good as AOL. Most of them are not my taste, too annoying, too short, too big, too ‘pimped’… you wouldn’t look twice if you see them in the Fußgängerzone. (What’s the English word? The mall outside, lol. Pedestrian zone…)
        Or as Mr Lenkov once said: Alex won the lottery in the DNA departement.

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        • Sure he is. But that was not what I wanted to say. I certainly would look twice at some men but to make me interested it needs more than “just” good looks.


          • If it as “only” because of his looks I ´d been hooked when I watched the H50 trailer. But back then I watched a couple of episodes and quit watching the show on a regular basis because I´m actually not that much into action and H50 was just not that interesting for me. So Alex´s looks didn´t get me hooked. I got hooked when I watched the episode when McGarrett met his mother for the first time because there was something in Alex´s acting and the way his character came across that I liked and I wanted to know who that actor is who can portray a character like this. When I started my research a came across a very atractive man and awesome person. So it was not his looks which made me interested in him in the first place.

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            • It have been his eyes that got me hooked, I confess. I saw Mary Bryant on a Dutch channel per chance (OV with Dutch subtitles 😉 ). I was blown away by his facial expressions, but didn’t know him and the internet was young those days.
              Then, years later, I saw a big picture promoting Moonlight and the first thing I thought was ‘I know these EYES!’.

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  4. lindae5o

    I agree with all the above comments. Alex is simply one-of-a-kind. No one else need apply. I hope he knows how much his fans love him.

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  5. Cassiopea 1000

    I can’t help starting to purr when I read the “They say…” posts. Sound words from Jack Thomson indeed!

    And, most important, if I’m not mistaken, it’s your birthday today, isn’t it, FOYeur? So even if it’s late in the evening, Happy Birthday, dear FOYeur!

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  6. lynxstch

    Happy Birthday FOYeur!

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