#AlexOLoughlin & #MaliaJones Visiting Kapiolani Community College

Thank you to the people from Kapiolani Community College for posting the picture of Alex and Malia.

Got a chance to help #MaliaJones#AlexOLoughlin out with some #passport stuff here @ #KapiolaniCommunityCollege #HOSTdepartment. Super nice people. #H50 #hawaiifiveo

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  • From Kapi’olani Community College
Hospitality & Tourism Program, Kapi’olani Community College is at Hospitality And Tourism Department Building.Honolulu, HI, United States 
We keep getting starstrucked here at Hospitality and Tourism Dept. Thank you Malia and Alex 🥰
#kapiolanicommunitycollege #kapcc #kcc #hospitality #tourism #host #hawaii #starstruck
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14 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin & #MaliaJones Visiting Kapiolani Community College

  1. coby Duijn van

    🥰🥰 They look good, the Happy Couple
    Mahalo and Aloha from the Netherlands Coby


  2. Great to see Alex and Malia looking happy and healthy. Life is good!


  3. Kathysr

    Passports…hmmmm…going somewhere? Wonderful to see Alex and Malia. Have a great trip!!


  4. Let’s talk about the really important stuff here: What’s in his right pocket?
    (See, B, that’s how my brain works. Told you so.)
    My guesses:
    – the new kind of car keys.
    – plain old wallet (boooooring)
    – the letter I once wrote to him (the most possible guess, because it was wonderful and I didn’t add a return address)
    – a note with a reminder to get the address of one special leiCa
    – last two all together.

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    • Cassiopea 1000

      Dear leiCa. Your guesses are all wrong.

      – The new kind of car keys: No. Too large, unless he has bought an excavator.
      – Plain old wallet: No. Too thin. As time goes by, leather wallets get thinner and thinner. By the look of his pocket, he would have been using the same wallet since he was in diapers.
      – Your wonderful letter. No. I’m sorry to say that YOU think it was a wonderful letter. MINE was extremely wonderful, I did add a return address, and I’m still waiting for an answer. I’ve read somewhere that now that he is not working, he is spending two hours a day to answer late mail. He is now dealing with letters he received in 2014. When did you send your so-called wonderful letter? No offense meant.
      – The reminder for the one special leiCa. Whereas there is only ONE special Cassiopea this side of the Milky Way, there are myriads of special leiCas in our solar system. How do you suppose he’s going to find you? Please drop your wild dreams, my dear. I’ll get my answer first!

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      • Oh dear Cassiopeia, dream on. Dreams are good, and sometimes they come true. Sometimes. 😉 I hope you share with us if you get your letter answered?
        I sent the letter right after Ina Paha aired. Some fans came together and did that because we’ve been so flashed with his performance that we wanted to thank him for elevating H50 on another level with his talent and dedication. I did not add an address because I didn’t want it to look like I sent it and said what I said because I wanted an autograph.
        Some time later a friend gifted me a very special Nail Polish for my birthday! ❤ I hold it dearly, I can tell you that!
        Re: wallet. My husband has such a very very thin wallet made of a special material (kind of vegan lether) and I love to think Alex has one of those. As I said: I am twelve.


        • Cassiopea 1000

          I promise I’ll share anything I get from Alex with you 😄😄😄!

          Now you’ll have to explain about the nail polish. I don’t make the connection with Ina Paha.

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          • It has nothing to do with Ina Paha.
            Alex supports Taylor’s Gift Foundation. Taylor died with 13, and her parents decided that she became an organ donor. Honoring their daughter they started this charity organisation to raise attention to organ donation. Taylor’s most favorite color was a kind of greenish blue. They made Nail polish in this color, Alex signed some of them and they sold them for charity.
            A friend got me one of the signed ones!


  5. Madeline

    Why do I have mixed feelings with these pictures?
    On one hand it makes me smile and nice to see, how approachable and grounded Alex & Malia seem to be. On the other hand, isn’t this to personal? As we don’t know the reason of their presence. It could be business, personal related or may be involves other obligations. You never know what others off-/online shall do with that kind of information. Maybe I’m overreacting and have different boundaries. To be clear I’m not here to attack anyone or cause any trouble, and don’t want to spread any negativity around. And leave it at this.

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    • Alex (and Malia) have been in the public eye for a long time. They know when people ask them for pictures that it will be posted. If they did not want it to be shared, they would not pose for it.
      The same guy also posted a picture of Nick Lachey and Vanessa Lachey as well in August when he helped them.
      But I do understand what you say.
      There is always a question with us about when to repost of not. We have deemed many pictures to be too personal and have never posted them.

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      • I assume (maybe I shouldn’t, but I do) that since Alex & Malia are posing for the photo, they know it is likely to end up on social media; as you say, they aren’t new to the celebrity game. And this is def not a clandestine shot.

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  6. Madeline

    That’s true what you’re saying. I do appreciate it though, that you and Paula are reasonable and careful. By setting boundaries and making decisions whether – not – to post photos or any other content online 😊

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    • 🙂 Foyeur might kick my butt for writing this 😉 : Feel free to complain if you feel you have to. I do that all the time and the two ladies are probably like this 🙄​ already when they read my comments. They are usually very patient. ​🤗​ 🙂 —-
      And I would love to start speculating what Alex and Malia did at the College. I´m just afraid speculationd wouldn´t leed anywhere and it´s their bussiness. So I´m putting a big “STOP” sign on my screen. 😷​ 😉


    • I like fans like you are way more than those so-called ones who have no problem sharing and posting paparazzi pics, pics Alex said clearly he doesn’t want them to be shown, pics made secretly… Respect is what I see in your comment.
      In this case, Malia and Alex are asked nicely and agreed that their picture was taken. They were well aware that it will be posted online. So it is okay like the million other fan pics.

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